Chapter 30 You Have Guts!

I asked him to go back to the classroom first. I took out his cell phone and called Xu Ke to make sure how Wu Zhihong was like. It would be bad if he was a two-faced man.

I told xu ke about Wu Zhihong's current situation, and Xu Ke was a little surprised that Wu Zhihong didn't tell him about it.

But he told me that wu zhihong was not a bad person. If anything really happened, he would come and help me clean up Wu Zhihong.

With his words, I feel at ease.

When I got back to the classroom, I thought about Lin Keer's promise to eat with me every day, and I felt like I was bleeding a chicken.

After the last class, she and I seemed to have a tacit understanding as we walked to the canteen one after another.

Halfway there, Lin Keer suddenly handed me her meal card and I asked her what she was doing.

She said to use my lunch card for lunch and hers for dinner.

How could I use her money? I just shook my head and said to use mine.

Even if I ran out of money, I borrowed it from a friend and invited her to dinner.

Lin Keer disagreed, saying that she didn't like to owe others, or else she wouldn't eat with me.

I had no reason to refuse, so I had to take her meal card.

Although I was feeling a little uncomfortable, I could only think that Lin Keer was thinking for me and didn't want me to be financially stressed.

Lin Keer did not speak again and walked quietly.

After knowing her for more than a week, I realized that she would never speak until she had to.

Besides, she didn't see any friends and was always alone.

The more she did this, the more I wanted to know how a beautiful girl with a rich family and good grades could have such a personality.

When we returned to the classroom after dinner, Li Hongjian suddenly walked over from the side and stopped us in front.

There was still a smile on his doll's face. He nodded and said something to lin Keer to say to Lin Keer.

Logically, I should have avoided it at this time.

I was wondering if I should do this when Lin Keer calmly asked Li Hongjian to speak up.

Li Hongjian looked at me and asked lin Keer, "Keer, did I do something wrong? If that's the case, you can tell me directly, and I will change."

"No." Lin Keer shook his head lightly. "You did a good job, but we weren't suitable, so don't come to me again."

Although I don't know what happened between the two of them, this kind of determination made me feel good, and the smile on Li Hongjian's face froze.

After Lin Keer finished speaking, he continued walking. I was just about to follow him when Li Hongjian suddenly stopped me and said that he wanted to talk to me.

I said I had nothing to talk to him about, so I just left.

"I know you're having a conflict with Sun Yu, and he's blackmailing you. I can help you settle this." Li Hongjian said behind me.

Is he trying to show off his ability in Lin Keer?

I smiled disdainfully and said without looking back, "No need. I can handle it myself!"

"Do you have nothing to do but stir up trouble every day?" Not far away, Lin Keer suddenly turned around and asked me.

This really caught me off guard. Did she take the initiative to care about me?

With joy, I shook my head and said, "No, I don't usually provoke others if they don't provoke me. But I'll study hard when I'm done with this."

Lin Keer nodded and said, "Well, spend more time on your studies. I didn't mean anything else, but when I saw your father at school that day, we should cherish those people who care about us."

I don't know if she saw my dad pleading with Su xue in the office the other day, or what she meant by that last sentence.

But I could feel a hint of concern in her words, which warmed my heart.

After the evening self-study, I wanted to send lin Keer back to the dormitory. She didn't let me pick her up in the morning.

The next day, it was the day Sun Yu said he would come to me to get the money.

In the morning, I called Wu Zhihong and said he might need help with something today. He answered in one breath and said that he would only need to inform him that he would bring all his brothers over.

I went to class during the day and had dinner with lin Keer, but Sun Yu never showed up.

It wasn't until the first night of self-study that I saw one of Sun Yu's boys calling me outside.

I knew that if I didn't pay today, Sun Yu would definitely beat me up, so I had already made a stool and hid its feet on my back and covered it with clothes.

I told Li Gang beforehand that he would inform Wu Zhihong if sun yu came to see me.

Walking out of the classroom, I saw Sun Yu standing in the corridor with his head down and playing with his cell phone.

He only said one word to let me go with him, then he played with his cell phone and led the way.

I looked at them. There were only seven of them, and there were more than twenty of them on Wu Zhihong's side. I couldn't afford to lose anything in front of me.

When he came to the playground, sun yu didn't lift his head. He stared at his phone and reached out a hand to let me give him the money.

"You're doing a good job. Zhao Hualiang took the money, but he still got beaten up. Now I have the nerve to say that I'm collecting Zhao Hualiang's medical bills. I have a big appetite, and I'm not afraid to die." I sneered.

Sun Yu put away his phone, held his glasses, stared at me and said, "Stop talking nonsense, even if this money is what I want. Give me the money!"

"You're the boss. I wouldn't dare do anything to you. But I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you today. I don't have any money." I spread my hands.

"What do you mean? No, right?" Sun Yu approached me step by step, his face getting darker and darker, and in the end he was almost on me.

I stood still and replied with certainty, "Yes! No!"

"Are you sure?"


"Well, you have guts!" Sun Yu suddenly nodded heavily, then took out his cell phone and played again. As he walked back, he said, "There aren't many of them in this school who have the guts anymore, because they have been beaten up by me."

His brothers seemed to have gotten a signal and were about to start attacking me.

I still didn't move. I just said to a group of people who rushed over to the side, "You guys can take a look there."

Sun Yu looked up at me and asked, "Did you call me here?"

I nodded, thinking that Sun Yu would be a little flustered when he saw me coming to help him, and then called for help.

However, not only was he not flustered, he did not call for help. Instead, he looked for a stone and sat down beside him. He crossed his legs and played with his phone. He said to himself, "Yes, we can find so many people in such a short time."

Now it's my turn to be a little restless. At this point, it's unlikely that the goods will be reloaded.

But what confidence does he have now?