Chapter 307 Fierce Zhu Cong

To be honest, I was still thinking about why Li Tian would help me.

Just a favor? However, I am very self-aware. I understand that my favor is worthless.

And Li Tian, the uncrowned king of the University of technology, wanted my favor and what he wanted.

"So, do you agree or not?"

Li Tian didn't give me much time to think about it, he said bluntly.

I looked at Li Tian. Although I was still guessing, at this moment, Li Tian seemed to be the only one who could help me.

Yin Peipei may have the same ability, but I don't want to ask Yin Peipei for help.

"Okay! I agreed, but can you tell me what you want me to do?"

I asked Li Tian.

Li Tian nodded with satisfaction when he heard my promise.

But when he heard my question, he shook his head, "You will know then!"

After that, Li Tian gave me his cell phone number and asked me to write it down. Then he stood up and said, "All right, call me when Zhu Cong asks you for trouble!"

With that, Li Tian turned around and left.

I sat alone in my seat, feeling mixed.

Yesterday, I had a headache. Today, it seems that Li Tian solved it in one sentence.

But I didn't feel relaxed at all. Instead, I felt something was wrong.

But the specifics are hard to say.

When they went downstairs, they found Duan Xiaobin and the others still sitting there.

"Are you okay?"

Duan Xiaobin asked when he saw me.

Obviously, they were worried about me, so they didn't leave until after dinner.

I shook my head, feeling a little warm in my heart, and said to them, "Li Tian promised to help us. When Zhu Cong finds trouble, I will call Li Tian and Li Tian will help us solve the problem!"

My words surprised Li Xu.

"Why? How can Li Tian help you?"

I laughed bitterly.

I also want to know what Li Tian wants me to do.

But I didn't explain, I just shook my head.

In the morning, Duan Xiaobin and I went to class. Qin Qingqing was checking people before class. Her perfect body walked by me, bringing with it the fragrance of body wash.

But Qin Qingqing didn't look at me.

At the same time, I feel a little bored.

This woman is always making trouble for me, one after another.

I've given her many chances, but she just doesn't know how to repent and is bent on getting me into trouble.

This made me especially unhappy.

As long as I have the chance, I must teach Qin Qingqing a lesson so that she won't dare to trouble me in the future.

In my heart, I have been waiting for Zhu Cong's arrival.

Zhu Cong's temper had suffered such a big loss yesterday, and he will definitely cause trouble for us today.

This kind of waiting is the most difficult.

And now I'm starting to doubt Li Tian.

It's not that I doubt if Li Tian will help me, but whether Li Tian is capable of dealing with Zhu Cong.

Every day, I only see Li Tian alone, and I don't seem to have any subordinates.

Zhu Cong himself was strong, and his underlings were all from the sports department, especially good at fighting.

What if Li Tian is no match for Zhu Cong?

When the time comes, I think a lot.

Until noon, Zhu Cong surprisingly didn't bother us.

Duan Xiaobin and I both felt a little strange. After eating in the canteen, we felt sleepy and planned to go back to the dormitory to rest.

However, the moment we returned to the dormitory and saw the dark, muscular man in the dormitory, the two of us were stunned.

But we didn't even have time to react. There was a huge force behind us, and we both fell to the ground.

The uneven ground was so rough that I lost a layer of skin.

I looked up to see if it was Zhu Cong's revenge.

But before I could raise my head, a terrifying force hit me directly on the head.

In an instant, I was stunned.

All I heard was a bang, as if my head was shaking.

The terrible pain made my head explode.

I couldn't speak at all, rolling on the ground in pain with my head in my hands.

"Zhang Tao, Duan Xiaobin! I'll start with the two of you!"

In the pain, I heard Zhu Cong gnashing his teeth.

There was a chill in that voice, and it made me shudder. I shook my head hurriedly, "Zhu Cong, you can't touch us. Li Tian wants to protect us!"

I shouted.

Because I saw that Duan Xiaobin was suffering as well, and there was blood flowing from the front of his head.

It was terrible. Obviously, zhu congshi was really angry. Today, he was so ruthless.

As soon as I finished speaking, there was a sudden silence in the messy dormitory.

Obviously, Li Tian's reputation was not small, and these second-year pe students were a little afraid.

I felt a little calmed down. As long as I called Li Tian, I should be fine.

But still, without giving me the chance to look up, my hair was grabbed by a big hand and pulled up with great force.

The terrifying force made my body tremble, and my scalp seemed to be torn apart, heartbreaking in pain.

I could only obey this force and make my head hurt a little less.

My head was pulled up, and it was then that I saw Zhu Cong.

Zhu cong squatted down and squinted at me with a ferocious face.

His eyes were bloodshot, and he obviously didn't have a good rest last night.

Zhu Cong's face was bruised and swollen, and there was a large bandage on his forehead.

Obviously, we couldn't beat him up yesterday.

"Zhang Tao, what the hell did you just say?"

Zhu Cong looked down at me with a gloomy face.

My heart trembled and I hurriedly said, "Li Tian said he wanted to protect us. You can't touch us!"

"You're such a fart. Li Tian was at a play last time!"

Zhu Cong roared angrily.

The hand that was pulling my hair smashed down hard.

Suddenly, my forehead hit the floor hard again.

This time, all I could feel was that my head was in a whirl and I was in a daze, and there was a constant roar in my ears. The pain made me lose consciousness.

When Duan Xiaobin saw that I was beaten, he screamed, "Zhu Cong, Li Tian has promised to protect us. If you touch us again, Li Tian will not let you go!"

Duan Xiaobin threatened Zhu Cong, hoping that Zhu Cong would let go first.

As long as we get a chance to take a picture of Li Tian, everything will change.

However, Duan Xiaobin's words, not only did not threaten Zhu Cong, but also seemed to add fuel to the fire, making Zhu Cong even angrier.

"Take li tian over me, right? I'll tell you today, he Li Tian, even if he really wants to protect you, I don't care who I want to deal with. It's not something he can handle as an old gangster!"

Zhu Cong was very angry.

The meaning of Zhu Cong's words made my heart sink.

Zhu Cong had no intention of retreating.