Chapter 31 A Pair of Six

Not long after, Wu Zhihong brought more than 20 people to my side and called me Brother Tao.

Besides him, I saw Zhao Yuchen and his gang coming.

Wu Zhihong glanced at Sun Yu and the others and asked me, "Brother Tao, are these people bothering you? Should we fix them now?"

I'm not sure what Sun Yu is up to right now, so I'm not in a hurry to let Wu Zhihong and the others do it.

Instead, Sun Yu suddenly asked, "Are you from grade one? Now that so many people have come to interfere with our senior year, do you represent the entire senior year and declare war on our senior year, or just a few of you?"

"We represent ourselves. What's wrong?" Wu Zhihong replied scornfully.

"If you represent the entire senior year and now dare to interfere with our senior year, then I will declare war on your senior year on behalf of the entire senior year. Since you only represent yourselves, then measure your strength against our entire senior year three. If you have the strength, do it now. If you don't have it, get out immediately." Sun Yu said slowly, not even looking straight at us.

I only now know what he's up to. It turns out he's trying to use his status as the senior three boss to make Wu Zhihong and the rest of them retreat.

After listening to sun yu's words, Wu Zhihong sneered and said, "Can you represent the entire senior year?"

"Can I represent the entire senior year? Just ask yourself." Sun Yu said casually.

Wu Zhihong froze and cast me a questioning look.

I know that sun yu can represent the entire senior year, because there are only two bosses in the senior year. Zhao Hualiang is not here right now, so it will be no problem for sun yu to call everyone.

Although they were all in the same school, each grade had its own collective idea.

If the third year students go to the first year of high school to look for trouble, the first year of high school students will definitely put down their internal conflicts and deal with the third year of high school.

I didn't hide it. I nodded at wu zhihong, and he was obviously hesitant.

But now, even if Wu Zhihong left with someone, I don't blame him.

After all, they only have so many people now. Even if there are a lot of people in the third year of senior high school who don't want to hang out, it will be no problem to call fifty or sixty people out.

This was not something Wu Zhihong and the others could resist.

Moreover, Wu Zhihong and Zhao Yuchen are still fighting for the boss of the first year of senior high school. If they fight with sun yu here again, there must be no hope of fighting for the boss.

"Brother Tao, look at this..." Wu Zhihong looked at me with a little difficulty, wanting to say something but stopping.

I pouted at him. "You guys go ahead. I'll handle it myself."

"Then I'm sorry. After we finish the first year of senior high school, I'll help brother tao with the rest of them." Wu Zhihong gave Sun Yu a hard look and was ready to leave.

"Brother Tao, our brothers are not leaving. Regardless of whether he's a senior or a senior, let's put them down today and talk about the future later!"

At this moment, Zhao Yuchen came out and looked at me firmly.

I really didn't expect him to stand up at this time, which means I really didn't see the wrong person.

But asking him to help me at this time is a drag on him. I won't do such a thing.

No matter how badly I was beaten up today, I had to take it on my own!

I patted Zhao Yuchen on the shoulder and said with some relief, "I appreciate your kindness to Brother Tao, but don't worry about any of you today. Anyone who interferes will not give me face!"

After that, I turned to Sun Yu and said word by word, "Come on!"

Sun Yu still crossed his legs and stared at the screen of his cell phone, "He's a little bit of a stud. Go and give me a try."

There were seven of them on his side, and all six of them rushed towards me except for him.

They probably didn't expect me not to give money to cause a fight, so they didn't bring the guy, they were all unarmed.

The man at the front raised his fist and threw it at my head.

I quickly pulled out the leg of the stool that was hidden behind me and slammed it hard on this man's knuckles with lightning speed. I immediately heard a scream.

His lower arm dropped, obviously dislocated.

It was a complete solution to a person.

One against six, and I know that the only thing I can rely on is the legs of the stool in my hands, so I have to make full use of them, and I have to be ruthless.

I had just retracted the leg of the stool when someone next to me kicked me in the stomach.

Without hesitation, I smashed the leg of the stool down. With a "Click," the leg of the stool broke. The man immediately rolled on the ground with his leg in his arms, and his mouth kept groaning in pain.

The second one lost its combat effectiveness.

However, I was still heavily kicked in the stomach, and my body involuntarily bent down.

Before I could react, a knee hit me hard on the face, and the impact was so strong that it sent me flying backwards.

I am ruthless, so are they.

The nose was the most vulnerable part of the human body. Under the strong impact, the pain almost made me lose consciousness.

My body had just landed on the ground, and I felt that everything in front of me was a little blurry. I could vaguely see a man stepping on my face with his foot.

I clenched my teeth and rolled in the direction of the man. I held his foot and broke it with force, and I prostrated him on the ground.

The moment he fell to the ground, I threw myself at him, one hand around his neck, and the other hit him hard on the head.

At this moment, someone grabbed my neck from behind and pulled me up from that person, while the other two punched me in the stomach.

I've never had a fight like this before. My nose was bleeding all over the floor and my clothes were stained. My body felt cold and painful.

I clearly felt myself getting weaker and weaker. With my last bit of strength, I turned my hands around and grabbed the hair of the man who had stuck me in the neck. I pulled his head down and pushed it up with my own head.

The screams started again, and a warm liquid sprayed on my head.

The fists on my body continued, and I was completely exhausted. My whole body was lying on the ground like mud.

"What a mess! A bunch of rice buckets! Shame on you! Get out of my way!"

In a daze, I heard Sun Yu's angry voice, and then I vaguely saw him walking towards me with a brick in his hand.

He walked up to me and didn't do it immediately. Instead, he squatted down and asked if I was happy with the fight.

I really didn't have the strength, so I twitched my lips and gave a cold smile.

"Give you another chance. Will you pay or not?" Sun Yu shook the brick in his hand, as if to say that if I don't pay, I will be smashed.

I shook my head without hesitation.

"Since you don't give face, don't blame me for being rude! If you are not convinced, come to me anytime in the future! Grass!" Sun Yu snorted and threw a brick at my head.