Chapter 32 Young And Frivolous

I knew that people like Sun Yu would not be soft on their hands. When they saw the brick in his hand being knocked down, they suddenly felt a little nervous. They were afraid that they would be hit in one fell swoop.

"Wait a minute!"

At this moment, Zhao Yuchen suddenly spoke, and Sun Yu stopped moving and looked at Zhao Yuchen.

As Zhao Yuchen walked towards me, he said to Sun Yu, "You can bully him more than you can bully him less. Now that he has lost, there is no need to be ruthless, right?"

Zhao Yuchen's tone was calm at first, but when Sun Yu heard it, he bristled and scolded, "Who are you? You want to take care of my business? Get lost!"

I wanted Zhao Yuchen to stay out of it. Even if Sun Yu threw a brick at him, I would admit it. I would seek revenge on Sun Yu later.

As a result, when Zhao Yuchen heard Sun Yu's words, he immediately rushed over and said with gritted teeth, "I have long disliked you. I really thought I was the boss of the school. Go to hell!"

With that, Zhao Yuchen kicked Sun Yu.

Sun Yu was squatting on the ground, and he probably didn't expect Zhao Yuchen to hit him. Before he could stand up, he was kicked hard and fell to the ground, and his glasses dropped.

I wanted to stop Zhao Yuchen, but he was too impulsive, too sudden, too fast, and I didn't have time to talk.

Sun Yu's two fighting brothers saw him being beaten and rushed at Zhao Yuchen at the same time.

Only a few of the dozen boys Zhao Yuchen brought over rushed out to help him.

I think these are all his best friends, just like Xu Ke and I, no matter what, make sure that my people don't suffer.

However, Zhao Yuchen's remaining brothers may have been inspired by the people in front of them, but they finally rushed out and beat up Sun Yu's two brothers.

Zhao Yuchen wasn't idle either. After kicking Sun Yu down, he didn't give Sun Yu a chance to breathe and landed his foot on Sun Yu's stomach.

Sun Yu screamed, his face flushed and his facial features twisted. After a long time, he calmed down and glared at Zhao Yuchen, "You're so numb. If I don't kill you, your surname won't be sun!"

"How dare you be stubborn? You think I'm afraid of you. I really think I'm a big deal if I don't deal with you today!"

Zhao Yuchen had just been promoted from junior high to senior high school. Perhaps no one had spoken to him like this before in junior high school. He looked around and picked up the brick that Sun Yu was about to use to pat me.

He looked like he was going to hit Sun Yu.

I didn't want Zhao Yuchen to offend Sun Yu because of this. It would be hard to end it.

Now that I see Zhao Yuchen acting so impulsively and ruthlessly, I feel a little anxious.

If this brick were to fall, the enmity would deepen. Not to mention social relations, Zhao Yuchen would not be able to compete with Sun Yu at school.

I had regained some strength and immediately stood up and pulled Zhao Yuchen.

Zhao Yuchen asked me why.

I wanted him to stop being so impulsive, but now he's helping me. If I said that, he might think that I didn't accept his kindness, and even others might think that I was afraid of Sun Yu and admitted defeat.

We came out to play, whether it was a fight or something, it was all for face.

I can't save face for zhao yuchen now. After thinking about it, I took the brick in Zhao Yuchen's hand and told him that I would handle it.

Zhao Yuchen didn't say anything. He just stood there.

I walked to Sun Yu with a brick and said, "I've never provoked you. You've been looking for trouble. I won't make things difficult for you today. Apologize to me and I'll let you go."

"Apologize for your paralysis! Who are you, I apologize to you? Do it if you have the guts!"

Sun Yu immediately screamed, then snorted coldly, "Even if you have the help of the freshmen in high school, I can play you to death. In society, I have my cousin, Hong Biao, who kills your brothers every minute. You can't play with me. You have the guts to try!"

I wanted to give him a step down. I was so angry when he provoked me. Who hasn't lost their temper?

"Go to hell, Hong Biao. I can hit you the first time and I can hit you the second time! Go to hell, idiot!"

I cursed and threw a brick at Sun Yu's head.

Anyway, I have no other choice now. If I don't smash it, I won't have any prestige in the hearts of Li Gang and Wu Zhihong.

The brick hit Sun Yu on the head, shaking my hand a little.

Red blood flowed out of Sun Yu's head, wetting the bricks, and his eyes slowly lost focus.

I threw the brick away and took the lead outside the playground.

Although I was beaten up a little badly today, I also let a few of them down and hit Sun Yu, which was a sigh of relief.

But none of us said anything, and we were probably worried that Sun Yu would retaliate in the future. After all, Sun Yu's power in school was not something we could fight against now.

When they got under the teaching building, Wu Zhihong said they would go back to class first.

I nodded and stopped Zhao Yuchen.

Zhao Yuchen asked me what was wrong. I walked over to pat him on the shoulder and said sincerely, "Thank you for today, but don't be so impulsive in the future."

Zhao Yuchen shook his head and said, "Brother Tao, I'm really not an impulsive person. I didn't have a chance to be the boss of the first year of high school, but today in our dormitory, you asked Wu Zhihong to cooperate with me. I know you wanted to help me, and I do feel a little grateful to you. Just now, in order not to implicate us, you beat up six of them and knocked down several of them. Seeing that you are still holding on at the last moment, I have already recognized you as my brother in my heart."

"No matter what, I won't stand by and watch my brother get beaten up. And Sun Yu had come to me a long time ago. He couldn't pretend. I did see him upset. If no one comes out to stop you today, Sun Yu will definitely throw a brick at you. So even if Brother Tao didn't take the brick over, I would definitely hit him. I just wanted to fight for breath. Why should he hit someone else? Why shouldn't someone else hit him?"

Hearing these words, I was stunned and moved.

It seems that today's fight was worth it, at least a righteous brother.

"Brother Tao, I don't know if you'll blame me. I'm just like that anyway. No matter how Sun Yu retaliates in the future, I won't regret it!" Seeing that I was silent, Zhao Yuchen added.

"It's impossible to blame you. No one is young and frivolous. He's going to come after us if we don't smash him." I shook my head and said.

"That's all. I'll go back first. Brother Tao can call me whenever he wants." Zhao Yuchen nodded heavily and left.