Chapter 323 Despise Li Tian

I was a little stunned, and the fight started. Why?

And didn't Li Tian quit? Why did they suddenly start fighting again?

I thought about it strangely and didn't understand what was going on.

But just call me. It's none of my business.

"Why are you meddling in this business? It has nothing to do with you!"

I said to Duan Xiaobin.

Duan Xiaobin looked at me with disdain, "I didn't say it had anything to do with me, but it's such a big deal. If Li Tian really beats Jia Qiu down, then li tianke is the third oldest."

I nodded, thinking about the four people li tian came to help me with the last time.

Li Xu called them the four great kings, the second of which made me feel awkward.

Besides, I don't like Li Tian.

Li Tian looked too gloomy. Everything was hidden in his heart. No one could understand what he was thinking.

I can't be friends with someone like that.

In comparison, I feel good about Jia Qiu.

If I wanted one of them to win, it would be Jia Qiu.

He is generous and generous to others. He deserves to be the third oldest.

I thought, got out of bed, washed up, and went to class with Duan Xiaobin.

At this moment, Duan Xiaobin's phone rang again.

Duan Xiaobin picked it up and spoke with a smile on his face.

He quickly hung up the phone and winked at me, "Zhang Tao, Jia Qiu just lost a lot!"


I frowned.

"That's right. Li Tian suddenly brought someone to look for Jia Qiu. Jia qiu was out of place. Li Tian gave Jia Qiu a good beating. Jia Qiu was said to be so angry that he was about to explode! But Li Tian is really too mean in this matter."

I curled my lips. I never knew what was going on between li tian and Jia Qiu.

Although I vaguely understand that it was Yin Peipei, I don't know the exact situation.

I'm not sure who's right or wrong.

Duan Xiaobin explained to me, "It was said that Yin Peipei was Li Tian's girlfriend in the second half of the sophomore year. In the end, people from other schools stopped Yin Peipei at the bar when they saw how beautiful she was. That man is very powerful. He is said to be the boss of the Qinggong."

Yin Peipei called Li Tian. When li tian heard the name of the man, he didn't dare to go. Jia Qiu, who had been chasing after yin pei, did not catch up with her. As soon as he heard the news, he directly took people to save yin pei! After coming back, Yin Peipei was disappointed with Li Tian and broke up with Li Tian!"

"Then Jia Qiu chased after the silver pendant and finally caught up with Yin Peipei in his junior year!"

When I heard this, it suddenly dawned on me.

So much has happened between them? I didn't expect Li Tian to be such a person.

Hearing this, I looked down on Li Tian again.

No matter how well I do, I can't even save my girlfriend. I really look down on her.

And if this happened, what if Li Tian beat Jia Qiu and fought for the third oldest? Was it meaningful? Those who knew about this must still look down on him.

I curled my lips, "I didn't expect Li Tian to be like this!"

But suddenly, I remembered that time in the cafeteria, Yin Peipei spoke to Li Tian with rosy eyes.

No, there must be something wrong inside. Otherwise, how could Yin Peipei look for Li Tian again with such a sad look?

But I don't know them very well. They're just casual friends. I don't know what's going on.

I have no right to interfere.

When I got back to the classroom, I started to sleep.

But after school in the afternoon, Duan Xiaobin and I finished our lunch and saw Yin Peipei sitting alone in the seat where Duan Xiaobin and I were sitting at noon.

Seeing Yin Peipei, I hesitated and walked over.

Duan Xiaobin didn't follow, but patted me on the shoulder, "Zhang Tao, be careful. Yin Peipei is Jia Qiu's boyfriend. I think Li Tian is looking for trouble with Jia Qiu. It's also because of Li Tian. Don't feel like you're digging a hole in the wall and beating you up!"

I looked at Duan Xiaobin speechlessly. I really didn't want to talk to him. Why is it getting more and more funny?

I walked over and sat across from Yin Peipei. I saw that the silver pendant didn't have a meal. I beat myself up until the meal was gently placed in front of Yin Peipei.

Yin Peipei was in a trance and looked up at me in a daze.

"You haven't eaten. You eat mine first. I haven't touched it!"

I said to Yin Peipei.

Yin Peipei, you didn't answer. You just nodded in a daze. After a few quiet bites, you put down the plate and threw it at me.

"What's wrong?"

I didn't dislike Yin Peipei. Seeing that the silver pendant really had no appetite, I started eating.

Yin Peipei suddenly looked at me and asked, "Zhang Tao, in your men's eyes, is a woman just an item? Whoever is powerful, whoever can take it!"

Yin Peipei's words surprised me a little, but then I understood.

It must have been the recent battle between li tian and Jia Qiu, for Yin Peipei.

I looked at Yin Peipei, who was a little sad, and suddenly smiled, "Can you forgive Li Tian for betraying you?"

I looked at Yin Peipei and suddenly said.

After all, in my opinion, Yin Peipei would never forgive Li Tian.

Every woman, at her most dangerous moment, looks forward to her boyfriend saving her.

In the end, Li Tian became timid at that time.

If I were you, I would never forgive Li Tian. So what if Li Tian won Jia Qiu? Disappointment is disappointment.

So, I don't understand Yin Peipei's loss and sadness.

When Yin Peipei heard what I said, he suddenly smiled.

"You also heard that I was bullied outside the school, and then Li Tian didn't dare to save me, jia qiu saved me?"

I smiled sheepishly.

It's not good to talk about others behind their backs.

But I still looked at yin peipei and nodded.

Yin Peipei's eyes suddenly turned red, "It's not like this. It's not like this at all! It's me. I'm sorry, Li Tian!"

Seeing how excited Yin Peipei was, I froze.

What the hell is going on? Why was Yin Peipei, who should have hated Li Tian, so full of guilt for Li Tian when it came to this?

What the hell is going on?

I looked at Yin Peipei and didn't know what to say. I wanted to hear what was wrong.

But Yin Peipei shut his mouth and said, "Thank you for your concern. I feel much better!"

I was stunned. I didn't say anything. Why did you feel better?

But looking at the silver pendant, she didn't want to continue discussing this with me, so she nodded.

Yin Peipei blinked his eyes, "Zhang Tao, don't get involved in this!"