Chapter 326 Jia Qiu's Apology

I looked at Jia Qiu and the others walking in front of me, and then at Yin Peipei. I was a little nervous after all.

"Yin Peipei, let's just forget about this!"

I hesitated for a moment, but still didn't have the nerve to say that I was a little flustered. I just pretended to be magnanimous.

However, Yin Peipei didn't look at me, just said coldly, "You just sit here and don't have to do anything. Just look!"

I laughed bitterly. Although I didn't know why Yin Peipei wanted to find a place for me, I couldn't run away now.

I watched Jia Qiu walk to the front of the car and say to Yin Peipei, "Yin Peipei, you're looking for me. Hey, Zhang Tao is here, too. I said I'll look for you tonight!"

Jia Qiu looked at me and smiled.

I looked at Jia Qiu and didn't understand why Jia Qiu was looking for me at night.

Yin Peipei looked at Jia Qiu impatiently and said, "You know why I'm looking for you, why I'm looking for trouble with Zhang Tao!"

Yin Peipei asked Jia Qiu in a cold voice.

Jia Qiu smiled bitterly, "I knew you would be angry if you knew about this, but what happened today really had nothing to do with me. It was Qi Yang. Seeing you with Zhang Tao at noon, he felt sorry for me, so he did something wrong because he was concerned!"

After Jia Qiu finished speaking, Qi Yang walked over with his neck held high, "I hit you. It really has nothing to do with Brother Qiu. Zhang Tao, you just want to get back at me when you complain. Come on, I hit you at noon. Just come back and stir up Brother Qiu's relationship with his sister-in-law!"

Qi Yang still looked down on me.

I'm a little angry.

Damn it, I was beaten by you, but now it's all my fault.

I looked at Qi Yang angrily, a little speechless.

Yin Peipei, on the other hand, looked at Qi Yang with an ugly face, "Who are you and why do you care about me?"

Yin Peipei's words made Qi Yang's face turn blue and white, very embarrassed.

Jia Qiu, on the other hand, immediately said, "Peipei, Zhang Tao, I promise you both that I really didn't know about what happened at noon today. I only knew about it when Zhang Tao called me and told me about it. But Zhang Tao is your friend, and naturally my friend, I won't let Zhang Tao suffer!"

Yin Peipei looked at Jia Qiu and sneered, "Don't let Zhang Tao suffer? Why not let Qi Yang be beaten up by Zhang Tao?"

Hearing Yin Peipei's words, Jia Qiu smiled helplessly.

"Peipei, you're making things difficult for me. After all, Qi Yang is also my brother. It's not right that he hit Zhang Tao, but it's all for me. If you have to say it, it's all my fault this time. So, Zhang Tao, I apologize to you. Can you forgive Qi Yang?"

Jia Qiu's words stunned me.

What's going on?

Jia Qiu actually apologized to me?

I looked at Jia Qiu in surprise and observed carefully. There was no displeasure on Jia Qiu's face, as if he really wanted to apologize.

I looked at Yin Peipei in a daze.

When Yin Peipei saw Jia Qiu's face, his eyes became even colder, "Is acting fun? Jia Qiu, people don't know about you, don't I?"

Sure enough, there was a conflict between Yin Peipei and Jia Qiu.

Jia Qiu heard Yin Peipei's words and smiled bitterly, "Peipei, I know you misunderstood me, but I really didn't plan that. I really don't know anyone from the Qinggong. Just trust me!"

"Hehe, believe you? Aren't you going to apologize? Apologize first!"

Yin Peipei glanced at her mouth and said coldly.

I was still sitting in the car, and Jia Qiu walked to the door of my car, "Zhang Tao..."

I want to get out of the car. After all, it's rude to talk to people in the car.

At this time, Qi Yang also said coldly, "Zhang Tao, don't be shameless. Trash like you deserve an apology from Brother Qiu?"

My face was burning and I wanted to get out of the car.

But at this moment, Yin Peipei ordered coldly, "Don't move. Sit in the car!"

I don't know why, but I listen to Yin Peipei better than Jia Qiu.

I didn't understand at once.

The smile on Jia Qiu's face was a little stiff.

Yin Peipei, on the other hand, got out of the car.

Before anyone could react, a slap landed on Qi Yang's face.

The crisp applause stunned everyone.

"Since you can't speak human language, I'll teach you well!"

Yin Peipei said with a sneer and turned back to the car without looking at Qi Yang.

And Qi Yang, in front of so many people, was slapped by Yin Peipei, lost such a big person, so angry that he became red.

There was an angry look in his eyes, but he didn't dare to get angry. Instead, he looked at Jia Qiu.

Jia Qiu frowned solemnly, "Peipei, are you going too far?"

"Am I too much? First teach you how to speak human language, don't you want to apologize? Apologize for being late and get out of here!"

Yin Peipei didn't give Jia Qiu any face.

Jia Qiu was a little upset, but he was patient. He looked at me in the car and said, "Zhang Tao, this is all my fault. I apologize to you. After I go back, I will tell Qi Yang well. Don't worry, there won't be another time!"

I smiled dryly and nodded quickly.

It's just that my heart feels awkward. There won't be another time? Are you kidding me? Qi Yang was slapped by the silver pendant and didn't dare to deliver the goods to Yin Peipei, but his angry eyes glared at me.

It was obvious that he was picking up a soft persimmon.

I feel a little aggrieved, but Jia Qiu, the third oldest, has apologized to me. What else can I do?

If it was right or wrong, it would be that I didn't appreciate it.

I laughed bitterly and sat in the car, not wanting to move.

Jia Qiu, on the other hand, looked at Yin Peipei, "Peipei, come to dinner with me tonight!"

Yin Peipei sneered, "I don't have an appetite. Now that the apology is over, get out of the way! I still have something to do!"

Jia Qiu sighed helplessly, "Slow down. Don't drive too fast. There are so many people on the street these days!"

Yin Peipei didn't listen at all. He stepped on the gas and drove away.

I sat in the passenger seat and looked at Jia Qiu, Qi Yang and the others who were left behind, feeling helpless.

"I don't want to give up. I was beaten, but it was just a light apology!"

Yin Peipei looked at me and said.

I laughed bitterly.

So what can I do?

"Jia Qiu, hypocrite, self-righteous, think how much face you have, your men beat people up, and I apologize to make others believe me, Zhang Tao, don't worry, you were beaten because of me, I will definitely help you get this justice back!"

Yin Peipei's actions are getting more and more confusing to me. Why is she so insistent on getting justice for me?