Chapter 33 Take Care of Yourself

After Zhao Yuchen left, Li Gang complained to me, "Boss, Wu Zhihong's people don't seem to be reliable. If you ask him to leave them alone, he really doesn't care. He doesn't say a word. He doesn't have any sense of loyalty."

I don't know Wu Zhihong very well, and I told him to leave him alone at first, so I have no problem with him.

"Didn't you care about it then? What do you think he's doing?" I choked on Li Gang.

Li Gang immediately lost his mind and curled his lips, "Boss, I really wanted to go up and help you. But you know, I've never been in a fight before, and I don't dare to fight. If this happens again next time, I'll go. I watched you fight so hard, boss. Your blood was boiling. I wish it was me..."

I wasn't in the mood to listen to him. I went straight back to the dormitory and took off my blood-stained clothes. Then I looked in the mirror and found that the bridge of my nose was swollen and a little scary. It hurt a lot when I touched it with my hand, but it didn't collapse.

Not long after the shower, I lay on the bed playing with my cell phone. The door of the dormitory was pushed open and Li Hongjian came in from outside.

It was still evening self-study time. I was wondering why he came, so I asked him what he was doing.

Li Hongjian smiled, revealing two dimples, walked to the bed opposite me and sat down, asking if I had just broken Sun Yu's head.

It's less than half an hour since this happened. I don't know how he found out so soon. Tell him what it was, what it wasn't.

"I heard that Sun Yu is not only greedy, but also vengeful. You must have thought about the consequences of having such a big relationship with him, right?"

Li Hongjian said unhurriedly, "The last time you were squatting with Zhao Hualiang, I heard that half of the friends you called over were scared away by the name of cousin Sun Yu. If Sun Yu retaliates against you, you won't be able to compete with him even if you have the help of the first year of high school, right?"

He actually inquired so clearly about my situation and said it in front of Li Gang.

I felt so humiliated, so I asked him what he wanted to do and rushed out.

Li Hongjian was not angry, but he smiled and said, "Do you need my help? As long as you open your mouth, I can settle this with just one word."

I know that Li Hongjian likes Lin Keer, and I already think of him as my rival.

When he saw that Lin Keer and I were so close, he probably didn't like me for a long time.

I thought he came here to taunt me and laugh at me, but I didn't expect him to say he wanted to help me.

He's a sophomore who just transferred here. How can he help me? Why should he help me?

Even if he had this ability, he would definitely be ill-intentioned. I couldn't possibly ask him for help.

This is a matter of man's face and dignity!

I told Li Hongjian without hesitation that I didn't need his help and told him to get out.

"I wanted to help you because you were Keer's friend. I didn't mean anything else. If you change your mind, I'll come to see you anytime. What I said today will always count." Li Hongjian left without saying that.

After he left, Li Gang was surprised and confused, "Boss, what does this person have to do with Lin Keer? How could he be so awesome that he could settle Sun Yu's problem with just one word? Also, why didn't you agree to him? If he's really that good, we'll be able to walk around the school in the future."

"You believe everything you say? Is he your boss or am I your boss?" I said angrily.

"Didn't I want to solve Sun Yu's problem earlier..." Li Gang curled her lips.

Damn, looks like this guy just listened to Li Hongjian and was worried that I couldn't handle Sun Yu. I ignored him and started thinking about how to deal with Sun Yu.

But after thinking about it, I didn't think of a useful method, so I could only wait for the results of the first year of senior high school.

Li Gang saw that I didn't speak and changed the topic. He leaned in front of me and said with a look of envy, "Boss, I think you used to be quite difficult with lin Keer. Why did you two eat together today? And after lunch and dinner, you won't catch her, will you?"

My mood brightened up at the mention of this. Although Lin Keer had just come to yunkai high school, he was definitely a campus belle.

Not to mention whether he really caught up with her, even if he only had a meal with her, it was not enough to be envious.

"What's a meal? I already did that to her." I said indifferently.

Li Gang froze for a moment. Seeing his dumbfounded look, I really felt a sense of pride.

When Li Gang came back to his senses, he kept asking me if I had slept with Lin Keer, as if he had discovered something important.

I smiled mysteriously, leaving the rest to him.

Anyway, I didn't brag. I kissed and touched Lin Keer.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still a little worried about Sun Yu, so I called Wu Zhihong and asked him when the boss of the first year of high school would be able to confirm it.

He said that he and Zhao Yuchen had already made an appointment to fight tonight. If he won again tomorrow, the boss of the first year of high school would be him and Zhao Yuchen.

With two more days to go, I can only hope that Sun Yu will stay in the hospital for a few days like Zhao Hualiang, and then come back when Wu Zhihong and the others become the boss of the first year of high school.

At that time, at least I don't have to be afraid of Sun Yu at school.

After the call, I went to the classroom to study early. Lin Keer had already arrived.

As soon as I sat down, Lin Keer turned around and glanced at me a few times, then asked tentatively, "What's wrong with your nose? Did Lin Xin trouble you again?"

She cares about my injuries!

I couldn't help but get a little excited and say it had nothing to do with Lin Xin.

Lin Keer looked relieved, "Oh," then turned away and said nothing.

My heart is so depressed. She cares if Lin Xin hurt me, but she doesn't care if others hurt me.

It seems that she agreed to have dinner with me because she was worried that lin xin would trouble me and show it to Lin Xin.

It's so sad.

After thinking about it, I decided to ask Lin Keer to help me with my tutoring. Only in this way could the two of them have more opportunities to talk and contact.

Anyway, Su xue can only help me with my english, and Lin Keer can do the rest.

I leaned over to Lin Keer and whispered to her about tutoring. She hesitated for a while before casually saying that there was something I didn't understand that I could ask her about in the future.

I really have a feeling of joy. There are so many things I don't understand that I can occupy all her spare time in the future. I don't believe that she won't fall in love with me for so long.

There were basically no teachers in the morning self-study, so the discipline was relatively loose.

After reading the book for a while, I found a math problem that I couldn't do. Then I put the book in front of Lin Keer and asked her to talk to me.

She took the book over to take a look, thought for a moment, and began to talk.

Many students were reading english. It was noisy and I couldn't hear clearly. So I leaned over and found that it was too close to her. Afraid that she would misunderstand, I had to stand up and listen to her with my head down.

She spoke very carefully, and I began to understand her, but when I smelled the faint fragrance coming from her body and was a little distracted, my eyes could not help but look at her.