Chapter 347 The Vicious Jia Qiu

I looked at Yin Peipei and Yin Peipei told me what she knew.

It turned out that Yin Peipei knew that Li Tian was going to fight Jia Qiu this afternoon.

However, Li Tian did not let yin peipei come, saying that the matter between men should be resolved by himself.

Although Yin Peipei was still worried, he still listened to Li Tian and stayed at school waiting for news.

It didn't take long for Li Tian's men to call Yin Peipei and tell Yin Peipei that Li Tian had been stabbed.

Yin Peipei was startled and asked as he drove.

It turns out that Jia Qiu did bring someone to fight with Li Tian, but Jia Qiu didn't show up at all.

It was all Jia Qiu's hands. Li Tian was furious and took his men to deal with them.

Suddenly, a group of Qinggong members appeared. There was a very thin guy inside. Suddenly, he rushed out and stabbed Li Tian.

This time, everyone ran away. Only Li Tian fell to the ground, and his men were left behind.

But at that time, Li Tian told them to leave, leaving only the four heavenly kings by their side.

This was the whole story.

"It must be Jia Qiu!"

I said without hesitation.

However, Yin Peipei's eyes were red, "There's no way. Even if Jia Qiu ordered us to do it, we don't have any evidence at all, and those students are hard to find!"

I panicked when I heard Yin Peipei's words.

I didn't expect Jia Qiu to be so shameless that he didn't show up at all.

If Jia Qiu showed up, the police would have taken him away to investigate.

But Jia Qiu didn't show up all day.

But before, I clearly saw jia qiu walking back with people.

It was obvious that Jia Qiu was watching around the fight.

This trick made my heart tremble involuntarily.

When we got to the hospital, I stopped and Yin Peipei came to the operating room!

Actually, I wasn't too worried. It was just a cut. It wasn't a big deal.

And when Li Tian's men saw Yin Peipei and I coming over, they were just squatting at the door of the operating room in pain.

I frowned and hesitated when I thought about what could happen to li tianke.

"How's it going?"

Yin Peipei asked hurriedly.

Li Tian's men looked at Yin Peipei as if they were dying.

"The problem is very big. The doctor said that the knife stabbed brother tian's liver. If he came a little later, brother tian would definitely die.

And even now, it may not be able to be saved! "

The other party's words stunned me.

How could it be so serious?

Yin Peipei, on the other hand, seemed to have lost all his strength in an instant and his body was so soft.

I quickly stood beside Yin Peipei and helped Yin Peipei's arm.

"Why is this happening again? How could this be? It's all my fault, it's all my fault!"

Yin Peipei said helplessly, covering her face in pain and tears.

My heart ached when I saw Yin Peipei's sad face.

However, she did not know how to explain Yin Peipei, so she could only help her to the seat beside her and sit down.

"What should we do? What should I do?"

Yin Peipei asked helplessly.

However, I never experienced such a scene.

To be honest, my understanding of the kidney is nothing but the waist.

"Wait, I don't think there's a problem!"

After staring for about an hour and a half, the lights in the emergency room changed from red to green.

He came out, sweating and wearing a mask, "Hoo..."

Very tired.

But Li Tian's men, who were waiting at the door, had reached their limit and rushed over, "How's it going?"

"It's basically under control. It means that there is damage to the kidney, which may affect fertility, and there will often be urine and blood phenomenon. Chronic treatment is needed, and no strenuous exercise can be carried out in the future. For specific matters, please let the family members of the party concerned come. I will give them instructions!"

After that, the doctor left.

Everyone present was stunned.

According to the doctor, Li Tian was useless.

Unable to exercise, urinate blood, or even affect fertility.

This is simply...

The men were silent.

Yin Peipei, on the other hand, stood up to ask the doctor, but when he heard the words, he fell back into the chair.

I gave a wry smile as I watched Yin Peipei suffer.

The nurse pulled Li Tian out of the operating room.

Li Tian was unconscious and pale.

Yin Peipei sat on the side, unable to move at all, and could only sit in place trembling.

"It's all my fault. If it wasn't for me, why would Li Tian do this? It's all my fault, it's all my fault!"

I shook my head, "I don't blame you. I really don't blame you. I blame Jia Qiu. If it wasn't for him, you two wouldn't have had such a misunderstanding, let alone something like this!"

I don't want Yin Peipei to blame himself for pointing the finger at Jia Qiu.

Jia Qiu did not say a word, but cried, "Li Tian is so arrogant, how can he tolerate such a serious injury, and may not even be able to recover for the rest of his life!"

I kept silent. No one could accept that they were hurt like this.

Besides, Li Tian was the uncrowned king of the school, and now he couldn't even do strenuous exercise.

No one could accept it.

"Now that science and technology are so advanced, maybe there's a chance?"

I persuaded Yin Peipei,

When Yin Peipei heard what I said, he seemed to be energized.

"Come with me to get the money. We'll give you a red envelope. It will be saved. It will be!"

Yin Peipei seemed too impulsive to say such a thing.

I was a little speechless, but I didn't say much, as long as yin peipei didn't do anything stupid.

As for money, Yin Peipei didn't seem to lack it, so there was no need to care.

Yin Peipei withdrew twenty thousand yuan at once and went to the doctor, hoping for the best treatment and paying the hospital bill.

Neither Li Tian's men nor Li Tian were rich families.

Even Li Tian was an outsider. When he got into this university, his father died when he was in primary school, leaving only his mother to raise Li Tian.

When I knew this, I understood why Li Tian was so thrifty.

Yin Peipei didn't want Li Tian's mother to worry. Instead of letting Li Tian's men contact their parents, she paid for Li Tian's treatment.

In this way, until midnight, yin peipei was a little sleepy.

But Yin Peipei sat right next to Li Tian's bed and fell asleep.

Seeing this scene, I was a little relieved and a little disappointed.

Yin peipei could do this for Li Tian, but which girl would like me so much and do this for me? Maybe no one likes me that much.

I gestured to Yin Peipei and turned to leave the hospital.

He had just left the hospital and was going to take a taxi back to the store.

A car, parked right in front of me.

It was a car she had never seen before, and in the driver's seat, it was Jia Qiu.

This guy who didn't show up today and let Li Tian fall in the hospital.