Chapter 348 Brother, Settle the Score

Seeing Jia Qiu, I was a little flustered. Did jia qiuyin not want to let me go after Li Tian?

Looking at Jia Qiu parked in front of me, he said, "Get in the car. I have something to ask you!"

Jia Qiu said of course.

I resisted in my heart, but after thinking about it, I didn't refuse and opened the door.

"Is Li Tian dead?"

Jia Qiu stepped on the gas and asked softly.

I didn't expect Jia Qiu to say that so easily.

I looked at Jia Qiu, wondering how gloomy this guy was.

"No, but that knife might ruin his life!"

I said to Jia Qiu.

Jia Qiu heard me and curled his lips, "Really? It's good not to die!"

After that, Jia Qiu asked me about Yin Peipei while driving.

I was relieved to see that Jia Qiu was driving to school again.

"Does it make sense for you to do this?" As long as it's a person, you can guess it was you who did it. Although you have an alibi, Yin Peipei is definitely under your command. He won't be with you in the future. There's no point in doing this."

I looked at Jia Qiu and couldn't figure it out.

When Jia Qiu heard what I said, he clenched his hand tightly on the steering wheel, revealing white bones.

"It doesn't matter. I can't get it. He, Li Tian, can't get it. He's lucky he didn't die this time. But this guy is so proud. He must have no face to go back to school after such a big thing. That's enough!"

Jia Qiu's words made my hair stand on end.

If you can't get it yourself, no one else can.

This kind of mentality really made people shudder.

I looked at Jia Qiu and really wanted to stay away from this kind of person.

He was a complete psychopath.

Jia Qiu, on the other hand, smiled faintly and said to himself, "Zhang Tao, in the future, I will be the boss of this school. I can see that yin pei is quite dependent on you. So, you have to tell me everything about Yin Peipei in the future!"

Jia Qiu didn't threaten me, just took it for granted.

I looked at Jia Qiu angrily.

Jia Qiu sneered, "If you're not convinced, can you try? If I can destroy Li Tian's life, I can also destroy yours. It's better to be obedient, or else..."

Jia Qiu didn't finish, but I understood what Jia Qiu meant.

I looked at Jia Qiu angrily and couldn't say a word.

At the school gate, Jia Qiu let me out.

I got out of the car, stood outside, and took a deep look at Jia Qiu.

Then I turned around and left.

In the future, I would rather hide from Jia Qiu than see this psychopath again.

Jia Qiu didn't care, just smiled and drove away.

He didn't go back to school and didn't know where he was.

When I got back to the store, Duan Xiaobin and the others were still awake and asked me what was going on when they saw me.

When I said that Li Tian might have been destroyed by this knife for the rest of his life, he was stunned.

"I'll go. Jia Qiu is too cruel, really too cruel!"

Duan Xiaobin was a little flustered.

I smiled bitterly, "Yes, I will still stay away from jia qiuyuan in the future. This kind of person, whether he can fight or not, is too frightening!"

Duan Xiaobin and the others nodded in agreement.

The next day was the weekend, and we packed up briefly. When Liu Chenbin came over, we had a meeting in the store.

"In short, everyone in this shop pays for it and does their best to deal with it. Tell me in advance who will be responsible for it in the future and how to divide it. I don't want everyone to split up because of their interests in the future. Do you have any opinions?"

I looked at the four people present and said.

The dead, of course, had no objections.

"Liu Chenbin paid fifteen thousand and you got twenty percent of the profits!"

"Duan Xiaobin only paid five thousand, but Duan Xiaobin's relationship made no one bother us. Even the police would relax. So Duan Xiaobin took 20 %!"

"And Xu Ke, and I, this store was rented by us before. Xu Ke paid a lot of money and took 20 %. Although I didn't pay a lot, I will manage the store in the future, so I also took 20 %!"

"In the end, it was Zhao Yuchen. Although he didn't have any money, Zhao Yuchen was the one who contributed the most from the billiard hall to this mahjong parlor, so in the end, 20 %, ghost Zhao Yuchen, Zhao Yuchen will work in the store from now on. The rest of you will come over to help when you have time. You can't wait for the money to be divided!"

"Do you have any objections?"

I only said what I was thinking, and it was probably a split.

The five of them pondered for a moment, and there was nothing wrong with it.

"Okay, that's it. I usually go to the railway vocational high school, and I don't have much time to come over. That's just right!"

Liu Chenbin nodded first.

Duan Xiaobin had no objections.

Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen, of course, would have no objections.

But Zhao Yuchen was a little embarrassed, "Brother Tao, I think I took a little too much. After all, I didn't pay a penny. I just spent some time and effort, or I'll get paid later!"

Hearing Zhao Yuchen's words, I rejected Zhao Yuchen's proposal without hesitation.

Without further discussion, it was decided.

After that, it was time to buy a water dispenser and sell tea.

They went to the market and made an appointment to open for business tomorrow.

After going out for a meal, the owner of zhou wei's shop heard that we were opening tomorrow and greeted us with a smile, saying that he would definitely support us.

After all, there are not many mahjong parlors with police connections.

Most of the shop owners in Student street were dressed average, but they were actually quite rich.

These people didn't have any sense of financial management, plus they were in their 30s and 40s, and they didn't have any entertainment, so they all played cards together.

They didn't dare to play too much, because if they were reported, they would have to be detained.

There's no need to worry now in our shop. It's just a small fee. It's nothing.

Looking at this, I am very happy.

In the afternoon, I received a call from Yin Peipei.

"Zhang Tao, can you come over?"

I heard Yin Peipei's voice and frowned.

To be honest, I don't want to see Yin Peipei anymore.

Because that Jia Qiu guy was a little scary.

I don't want miming to be targeted by Jia Qiu.

So I asked over the phone, "What's the matter? I'm a little busy this afternoon!"

Yin Peipei said in a pleading voice, "Please, Zhang Tao, come over. Li tian woke up and said he wanted to see you!"

Yin Peipei's pleading voice made me helpless.

Is it really because genius li begged me to come over? I narrowed my eyes and didn't understand why Li Tian wanted to see me.

Wasn't he busy with revenge or the police reporting Jia Qiu?

I don't understand. I hesitated.