Chapter 349 Li Tian Is Leaving?

I hesitated, but I couldn't bear to hear Yin Peipei plead.

"Okay, I'll go over later!"

I'm not worried that li tian will make trouble for me because there's no need.

And now that Li Tian has suffered such a great setback, the one who should hate the most should also be Jia Qiu. It has nothing to do with me.

So even though I don't know why Li Tian is looking for me, I'm probably looking for Jia Qiu to get back at and ask me what's going on.

I told Duan Xiaobin and the others.

Duan Xiaobin looked at me hesitantly, "Zhang Tao, they won't be bothering you, or I'll go with you!"

"Come on, it's impossible. There's no need for that. You stay here and busy with the store. It's open tomorrow. It's up to tomorrow whether our college life is good or bad!"

Duan Xiaobin was amused by my words and burst out laughing.

I took a taxi to the hospital.

When they got to the ward, they saw Yin Peipei sitting beside the bed, holding Li Tian's hand tightly.

Li Tian was lying on the bed with a pale face. His face was not as gloomy as I thought. Instead, it was like the sunshine of a big boy next door.

Li Tian was originally a tall and powerful body, just very ordinary.

When I walked in, I saw yin peipei smiling at me, "Zhang Tao, you're here. Come and sit down!"

Li Tian nodded when he saw me.

I looked at Li Tian. To be honest, I no longer resented them for using me.

Li Tian is like this, if I still hate each other, it would be a little petty.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Yin Peipei gently sit next to Li Tian, serving Li Tian tea and water, asking for warmth.

There's so much dog food.

Li Tian patted Yin Peipei's little hand and said, "Didn't you say you wanted to treat me to porridge? I want to eat now. If you don't help me bring two, I'll have a chat with Zhang Tao!"

I looked at Li Tian with some displeasure. This guy is really pushing his luck.

Even if such a beautiful woman takes care of you, she still orders the other party to go shopping.

There's only one porridge lady in our city. It's in the city center, far from here.

But Yin Peipei was not disgusted at all. Instead, he stood up and nodded, "Zhang Tao, you guys have a good chat. I'll treat you to some lean meat porridge with preserved eggs. It tastes great!"

With that said, Yin Peipei gently brushed the broken hair by her ear and swept behind her ear, revealing her fair earlobe.

This slight movement made me feel envious.

When will such a girl take care of me without any regrets when I'm sick and not get tired of it?

I suddenly thought of a lot of people.

Su xue, Zheng Tingyu, Lin Keer all appeared in my mind.

Unfortunately, they all dissipated slowly.

I've met a lot of girls before, but unfortunately, none of them came with me.

Some were my mistakes, but some were not.

I can't tell the details, but I'm still very sad.

"Zhang Tao! Come and sit down. I want to talk to you too!"

Li Tian waved at me.

I casually sat on the edge of li tian and looked at Li Tian.

Li Tian's voice was weak, and his body might have lost blood. His lips had turned a little pale, and he looked very weak at the moment.

He raised the bed and said to me, "You should know what happened!"

When I heard that, I nodded.

"That's good. Do you think I'm looking for you to get back at Jia Qiu or something?"

Li Tian smiled faintly.

I nodded, not hiding anything.

Li Tian shook his head, "To be honest, I plan to quit school after that. Don't tell them!"


I was really surprised to hear the news.

Why? Was it because Jia Qiu beat him up and he felt so humiliated that he dropped out of school?

I looked at Li Tian and Li Tian said faintly, "It may be hard to accept, but I know that my body and kidney have problems. Although I can recover, it will take a long time. I don't want to go back to school as a patient!"

I still looked at Li Tian.

"So, I'll take a break from school. If I want to go to school again, I'll come back!"

"But... What about the person who stabbed you yesterday? Just let him go?"

I looked at Li Tian and asked.

"This morning, the police called and said that the person who stabbed me yesterday had turned himself in, not a student of the Qinggong, but a gangster in society. Most importantly, the other party is not an adult and will only be in the juvenile detention center for half a year!"

Li Tian smiled bitterly.

When I heard the news, I was shocked at first, but I also felt normal at random.

Jia Qiu must have planned ahead.

The other party was willing to help Jia Qiu with some money.

Those underage hooligans were all thinking of killing and beating, thinking of something messy.

"Is that all?"

I didn't expect Li Tian to let it go.

"Well, forget it. I'm leaving. You don't have to tell them. I'll take care of myself in the next few days. I'll leave secretly someday. I hope you don't tell anyone!"

I looked at Li Tian strangely, "Why did you tell me?"

Yeah, that's the weirdest thing about me!

Why did Li Tian tell me that I had nothing to do with him, and that there was even a grudge between us? Why did he call me over and tell me about it?

I looked at Li Tian in confusion.

Li tian smiled, "You have a good character. Although I don't like you very much, because I feel that you are too similar to me, which makes me hate you very much, but it is undeniable that you have a good character!"

I'm not happy about Li Tian praising me at all.

I just looked at Li Tian.

"Most importantly, I feel that Yin Peipei likes you!"

When Li Tian said that, I immediately became upset.

I stood up and laughed coldly, "Do you know how sad yin peipei was when you were stabbed yesterday? She was so trembling that she couldn't even drive!"

"The first thing he knew you were fine was to go get the money. She was afraid that the doctor wouldn't treat you well, that she would stuff you with red envelopes, and that she might even have a nurse who didn't care. Do you know how worried she was about you?"

"Now you suspect that she likes me?"

To be honest, my heart was filled with disgust.

I took a look at Li Tian and decided not to deal with him.

Li Tian laughed bitterly and opened his mouth to speak, but coughed violently.

I couldn't bear to see Li Tian coughing so hard.

Originally, he planned to leave directly, but he still stood there and looked at Li Tian, "Are you okay? Should I call a doctor?"

Li Tian coughed for a while before taking a deep breath and shaking his head at me.