Chapter 350 The Sadness of the Silver Pendant

"It's okay. I said Yin Peipei has a crush on you. It's not what you think. I think you may have noticed that Yin Peipei has no friends other than a few close friends!"

"And you, who can be relied on by her in her frailty, obviously have a good impression of you in Yin Peipei's heart. You are one of his few male friends!"

Li Tian's words reminded me of Jia Qiu's lies.

But Li Tian doesn't have to lie to me now.

"So, I hope you can take care of Yin Peipei for me after I leave. And after I left, Yin Peipei would never forgive Jia Qiu. I was afraid that Jia Qiu would jump over the wall and do something dangerous, so I can only ask you for this!"

That's what Li Tian meant.

I was relieved, but then I realized that I was joking.

You have to know who Jia Qiu is. After Li Tian leaves, Jia Qiu is a worthy school brother. Who dares to provoke him?

I was against Jia Qiu, especially with all the other people's schemes and schemes, and I was looking for my own death.


I shook my head without hesitation, "Since you're worried about Yin Peipei, you can stay. What are you telling me now? Escape?"

I sneered.

Li Tian smiled bitterly, "Yes, escape. I'm useless. I don't want to involve anyone else!"

And you can rest assured that I will ask the four heavenly kings to help you. Of course, if you don't force it, you can do it if you want to. If you don't want to, just ignore it!"

I sat quietly on the bedside and looked at Li Tian.

Li Tian seemed to have said something too late, quietly looking out the window and staring blankly.

I narrowed my eyes and didn't know what I was thinking. There was a sudden silence in the ward.

Not long after, Yin Peipei came back.

"Here, I'll feed you!"

Yin Peipei handed me a bowl of porridge and then came up to Li Tian to feed Li Tian.

Li tian smiled and did not refuse.

I looked at Yin Peipei and thought about it. I still didn't tell him that li tian was going to leave secretly.

I patted my butt and said, "I don't have much appetite. You guys eat. I have something to do. I have to go first!"

After I finished speaking, I left the room without looking at Li Tian and Yin Peipei's expressions.

Self-righteous, why do you say you want me to take care of me? Are you kidding me? Can you, Li Tian, take care of me?

And you pushed Yin Peipei, who was supposed to be in charge of you, to me. What a joke.

I curled my lips and went to the store.

Refreshed, the few of them ate boxed lunch in the shop.

"I'll come over tomorrow morning to help, but after that, the three of us will have to study, so we'll have to trouble you and Zhao Yuchen about the store."

I said to Xu Ke.

Xu Ke nodded and understood.

Say it in advance so that you don't have to be unhappy about it in the future.

I forgot about Li Tian, Yin Peipei and Jia Qiu.

These are all your troubles. Don't try to drag me in. I don't care.

The next morning, I came to the store.

No one came in the morning. When it was almost nine o' clock, the owner of the shop opposite came over, "Young man, there is no one. It will be fine slowly. Don't worry. I'll call to gather a table first and give you banging business. Business will get better with more people!"

Of course we appreciate it.

Soon, a table of people came to play mahjong.

I directly and generously waived the other party's fee.

Although there was not much money, the other party was very happy.

It would be full by noon.

Everyone in the room played for five and ten yuan, and each person drew ten yuan.

The shop was full of owners who owned restaurants or other businesses. Now that students were in class, they had the shop run and went out to play by themselves.

And there were a few men who were also the bosses on the side, who wanted to play big when they came over.

We made a few rooms out of wooden boards on the second floor for these people to play in. They didn't care about the 100 per person fee.

When I went in to deliver the water, I was surprised to find that the other party was playing with the gold flower in the shop. The pot was a hundred yuan, and each time I pressed the money, it was at least a hundred yuan. It surprised me.

Although they looked average, they didn't expect to be rich.

These people didn't play for long and came down in about two hours.

"Young man, you have a good relationship here. If there won't be any police to investigate, then I will often bring my friends here in the future!"

This is naturally very happy for us.

After all, the more people come, the more we draw, the more money we pay.

Although it was later known that the mahjong parlor was not so easy to open.

For example, there are often three people who come together and say that three people are missing one.

But in fact, the three of them conspired to swindle people to get money.

There were also people who secretly played upstairs, lost a lot of money, fought, and even took drugs.

There are all kinds of people. We have encountered a lot of things and experienced a lot of things.

The money came quickly, but it wasn't easy to earn.

Several times, Duan Xiaobin almost called his uncle for help.

But after we gained experience, things in the store were much better.

But that was the last word.

About the third day of opening, basically, our shop is full every time, the environment is good, loose, plus we don't draw a lot of money, the ordinary only draw ten yuan and twenty yuan.

When the store stabilized, in three days, we found that we actually made more than 4,000 yuan.

One in the morning, three in the afternoon, and people came back in the afternoon. Then there was another one at night, until around twelve o' clock.

Sometimes those who gamble with red eyes even throw us over 1,000 or 2,000 and stay up all night.

In this case, although tired, but rich, Xu Ke or Zhao Yuchen did not complain.

I asked xu ke to hire a few waiters, serve tea, sell water, collect bills, and so on. After all, Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen were too busy to handle a dozen mahjong tables.

Seeing that business was on the right track, I called Duan Xiaobin and Liu Chenbin to report the good news, so I greeted Xu Ke and the others, and they wouldn't come here every day.

Neither of them had any objections.

Back at school, I had a good rest for a few days.

However, it was saturday again, and early in the morning, I was going to sleep in, but the sound of the phone kept me awake.

"Who is it?"

I said impatiently.

Zhang Tao, this is Yin Peipei. Have you seen Li Tian? Li Tian is gone!"

Yin Peipei panicked and cried, which stunned me.

Li Tian's gone? Did he leave already?

All of a sudden, I remembered what Li Tian told me before. He said he would leave quietly.

So it's true.

I was a little speechless and didn't know what to say.

I can't tell Yin Peipei. Li Tian told me in advance.

So I said directly, "I don't know. Maybe I'm home. Don't worry! Li Tian is an adult. He can't lose it!"