Chapter 352 The Craziness of the Silver Pendant

This made me feel very embarrassed. The people behind Jia Qiu, including that disgusting Qi Yang, all laughed out loud.

I stood there with my face red.

Such humiliation can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

Provocation without any reason, but he did not have the strength to resist, he could only bear it silently.

I looked at Jia Qiu, "Now that you know the truth, I can go!"

I hope to leave now.

I don't want to see Jia Qiu or Yin Peipei at all.

The thought of Yin Peipei made me hate him.

Although Li Tian left, Yin Peipei's loss made me sigh.

But my sympathy for her doesn't mean that I can accept her pulling me down like this, to deal with someone I can't handle at all.

Yin Peipei and I have no such friendship.

Where was my relationship with Zheng Tingyu in the third year of high school? This allowed me to help Zheng Tingyu without hesitation.

But Yin Peipei was just someone I knew in college, especially before, who didn't care about my feelings at all and almost forced me to drop out of school.

Under such circumstances, why should I help him?

"Let's go? How can I walk!"

Jia Qiu's words made my body tremble.


Jia Qiu then sneered, "Now that he wants to leave, he's thinking too much. Yin Peipei actually asked you for help. Does he think that trash like you can deal with me?"

I heard the belittlement in Jia Qiu's words and was a little angry, but I endured it.

"Of course I'm not your opponent, but Yin Peipei is in a hurry! I have no choice but to go to the doctor in an emergency!"

I am very eager, very eager to get rid of the trouble that has already arrived at the door.

However, Jia Qiu suddenly took action.

With one kick, I took a few steps back.

I looked at Jia Qiu angrily and opened my mouth to say something.

Jia Qiu's men had already swarmed up and kicked me hard in the leg.

The sharp pain made me fall to the ground without any strength to resist.

Duan Xiaobin, on the other hand, rushed up and tried to pull away the crowd around me.

However, he was kicked away, and then a few people rushed up.

I endured the pain. All I felt was anger and humiliation.

Why? Why?

I've already retreated, Jia Qiu. Why are you bothering me?

It was always so long to be beaten up. After a while, jia qiu said with a sneer, "All right, you guys go out!"

The people around me stopped, and I fell to the ground expressionless.

Finally, Qi Yang kicked me hard and spat on my clothes.

I looked at Qi Yang angrily, but Qi Yang didn't care, sneered and walked out of the room with the others.

I looked at Duan Xiaobin and found that Duan Xiaobin, like me, was in a mess.

I hurt Duan Xiaobin again.

Thinking of this, I felt a little guilty.

"Zhang Tao, do you know why I hit you?"

Jia Qiu sneered and sat in the chair beside him smoking.

I don't speak.

Jia Qiu seemed to be asking and answering his own questions. He didn't want me to answer, "That's because I'm angry too. Why, why should I, Jia Qiu, be better than that Li Tian? In terms of money, my dad earns a hundred thousand dollars a month. In terms of people, I can beat Li Tian up. In terms of being nice to Yin Peipei, I didn't give Yin Peipei thousands of gifts on his birthday!"

"Where is he, Li Tian? A poor wretch who even lost his father, a piece of trash in the mountains, ugly wretch, not tall, and he, Li Tian, is nothing to me!"

"But why should Yin Peipei give up on Li Tian? Now he wants you to beat me. How can I accept such a thing?"

Jia Qiu roared angrily.

Only then did I realize that I was simply a punching bag.

Jia Qiu was so scheming, how could he hear Yin Peipei's lies and not see the essence?

She knew Yin Peipei was lying, but he still came to me.

It was all because of Jia Qiu's anger.

He needed someone to vent his anger, and this person, of course, was me without any resistance in front of him!

This made my heart even angrier.

But I couldn't resist.

"Tell me, why?"

Jia Qiu jumped up as if he had lost his mind and kicked the wall hard.

I kept silent and looked at Jia Qiu like a madman.

He deserved it.

I said in my heart.

"Hehe, I am her first man. No one can take her away! Zhang Tao, this is the last time. If you dare to appear next to Yin Peipei, the next person to be stabbed is you!"

With that, Jia Qiu turned around and left.

I looked at Jia Qiu's back and felt a crazy smell.

Jia Qiu had gone crazy.

He did not expect that he had tried his best to get rid of Li Tian, but Yin Peipei was further away from him, and now he had to find someone to deal with him.

Obviously, this made Jia Qiu even more unacceptable.

"Zhang Tao, are you all right? Jia Qiu is just a lunatic. He really made me angry and insisted on my uncle finding trouble with him!"

Duan Xiaobin spoke angrily as he helped me up.

Of course, it's impossible to arrest them. After all, the police can't do anything.

"I'm sorry, I'm involved with you again!"

I was helped up by Jia Qiu and looked apologetically at Duan Xiaobin.

Duan Xiaobin shook his head, took out two cigarettes and threw one at me, "It's okay. You were framed by that woman Yin Peipei. That woman is too much!"

Duan Xiaobin's attitude towards Yin Peipei had completely changed.

I laughed bitterly. Yes, Yin Peipei was crazy, too.

Because there was still class, the two of us changed out of our footprinted clothes, washed up briefly, and walked out of the classroom.

At noon, Duan Xiaobin said he was a little sleepy, so I went to the canteen to eat by myself.

As soon as I sat down, a woman was sitting right in front of me.

Who is this woman, not Yin Peipei?

The moment I saw Yin Peipei, I panicked.

If that lunatic Jia Qiu saw it, he might really find someone to stab me.

I don't want to be stabbed because of a woman.

So, I stood up without hesitation, turned around and left.

"Why are you running!"

Yin Peipei also stood up and walked directly to me.

I gave Yin Peipei a complicated look, "Don't you think it's too much for you to force me like this?"

To be honest, I usually can't hate such a beautiful girl, but Yin Peipei is really going too far now.

When Yin Peipei heard what I said, he smiled bitterly and stood up straight, indifferently, "Too much? How can I go overboard? Watching me being bullied by Jia Qiu, watching my boyfriend being stabbed and not helping me, isn't that too much?"