Chapter 354 Anger Was Raging

When I heard what Jia Qiu said, I froze.

"What's going on? How could I threaten you?"

I looked at Jia Qiu and thought he was just making excuses.

But Jia Qiu sneered and said, "Do you really think I don't know about Li Tian's men? Let me tell you, after Li Tian left, I tried to get in touch with those people and find out what they were thinking. Even though there are no leaders in the group, they are still a few people after all. If you make trouble for me, I have a headache too!"

"I didn't expect these people to be obedient for a few days. Although they saw that I didn't look good, they kept trying!"

"That's strange to me. I found out later that you have a special relationship with that guy Li Tian. That guy actually let these people listen to you. Unless you start a fight with me, those people will do it!"

When I heard what Jia Qiu said, I was stunned.

"I didn't want to trouble you, and I couldn't. Why did you do that?"

I was already trembling with anger.

What kind of reason is that?

But Jia Qiu sneered, "You know what? I don't trust anyone else, so I found out what you've been doing recently and found out that this store is actually owned by you. I came here today to ruin the place, just to tell you that I'm dropping out of school now? Otherwise, I won't touch you either, but your friends, I promise they'll be beaten up every day and won't have a good day!"

Jia Qiu's words made me so angry that I never thought I would be threatened by something like this.

Jia qiu is a vicious person, and his character is deceiving, so he will not believe others.

In her eyes, it was only when I dropped out of school that he felt at ease.

I was so angry that I wanted to stand up and fight with jia qiu.

After all, if Li Tian's men helped me, I might not be Jia Qiu's opponent.

However, I hesitated when I thought about Jia Qiu's methods of forcing Li Tian away and the threats he made to me with Zhao Yuchen and Xu Ke.

Jia Qiu saw my hesitation and walked up to me with a smile, "Hehe, don't worry. Take your time. I'll give you one day. The day after tomorrow, if you don't drop out of school, then let's play slowly!"

With that, Jia Qiu reached out his hand, patted me on the cheek, turned around and walked away laughing.

That last humiliating gesture almost blew me up.

But looking at Zhao Yuchen, who was unconscious on the ground, I managed to hold back.

"Take Zhao Yuchen to the hospital first. Help Xu Ke. Let's go together!"

Duan Xiaobin heard me and nodded.

Then he picked up Xu Ke.

While we were taking a taxi, the owner of the restaurant across the street poked his head out and said, "Don't worry about going to the hospital. I'll look after the store for you. You're young now. It's really not important to hit someone!"

I smiled gratefully at him, but it was urgent and I didn't say much.

When I got to the hospital by taxi, I anxiously went to the doctor, hung up the emergency room, cleaned up the wound, and checked.

And Xu Ke, who just took care of it, stood at the door of the emergency room with me.

"Zhang Tao, I'm sorry. I didn't protect Zhao Yuchen well!"

Xu Ke lowered his head and told me with bloodshot eyes.

I shook my head dejectedly.

I really can't blame Xu Ke.

Jia Qiu, Li Tian, and even Yin Peipei who tried so hard to get me into the water.

"You two calm down. I don't think Zhao Yuchen's life is in danger!"

Next, none of us spoke and waited at the door.

It took some time before the emergency doctor came out, sweating profusely.

"Hey, you young people, you really don't know the severity, moderate concussion, there will be a great sequela, and in the future will often be nausea, headache, really ah!"

When I heard what the doctor said, I froze.

Moderate concussion?

At this time, the nurse pushed Zhao Yuchen out, who was still unconscious, to go through the hospitalization procedures.

I looked at Duan Xiaobin and my heart ached.

Concussions are especially difficult to treat. The thought of Zhao Yuchen being so young and suffering this kind of injury made me feel terrible.

Even angrier.

Duan Xiaobin went to pay the bill. Xu ke and I were standing in the ward, looking at Zhao Yuchen who was on the drip.

"Xu Ke, I've decided that in the future, no matter how much money I spend, I will definitely cure zhao yuchen!"

Hearing what I said, Xu Ke nodded without hesitation.

"Count me in. After all, I didn't protect Zhao Yuchen well!"

Similarly, I continued, "There is one more thing that I will never let go of Jia Qiu. I will never let go of him. Even if I'm no match for Jia Qiu, I'll make him kneel and kowtow in front of Duan Xiaobin. I will!"

My last sentence was even shouted out.

Hearing what I said, Xu Ke nodded and was furious.


There was only one word, but I could hear Xu Ke's determination.

At this time, Duan Xiaobin came back after paying the bill. Hearing our words, he said without hesitation, "Count me in! Damn it, I've never been bullied like this before!"

The three of us looked at each other, and I sat quietly by the window, waiting for Zhao Yuchen to wake up.

However, after one night, Zhao Yuchen was still unconscious.

I looked at Xu Ke, "Xu Ke, stay and take care of Zhao Yuchen!"

Xu Ke heard what I said and looked at me in surprise, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take revenge on Jia Qiu, but I'm not strong enough. I have to find the four great kings under Li Tian. I don't want to wait a day or an hour. I'm going to find them now!"

Xu Ke nodded, and Duan Xiaobin and I went straight back to school.

I thought about it, but I didn't ask Duan Xiaobin to go with me to find the four kings.

Instead, he said to Duan Xiaobin, "I'm really angry this time. It's too much. It might be a big deal. It might even alarm the police. Go to your uncle and ask him about it!"

Duan Xiaobin heard my serious voice and knew that I would never give up this time without taking revenge, or even do something that might go too far.

But Duan Xiaobin said firmly without hesitation, "Okay, I'm going to find my uncle! Be careful in school!"

Then, Duan Xiaobin took a taxi and left.

I looked at the campus which was still sparsely populated early in the morning and felt a little emotional.

When I first entered this school, I was filled with anticipation.

But right now, I only have a lot of anger.

I never thought that so many things would happen in a simple university.

When I walked into the campus, a red car suddenly flashed in front of me.

Then, Yin Peipei's bmw stopped in front of me.

Yin peipei pressed down the window expressionless and said to me, "Get in the car!"

I looked at Yin Peipei, slowly...