Chapter 356 Big Event

To be honest, in my heart, I also have some doubts about the four heavenly kings.

Who knows if Jia Qiu had caused trouble yesterday, or if the four great kings had voluntarily said those things?

I don't know, but now I want to avenge Zhao Yuchen. I will not hesitate to let them take the blame.

So, I called the four heavenly kings, "Have you discussed who will take the responsibility? I'll invite jia qiu to the hospital. You guys are ready to come over and stab Jia Qiu three times!"

"Yes, we're ready. We'll be there soon!"

As soon as the voice fell, the phone hung up.

Just then, Duan Xiaobin had returned.

"What did your uncle say?"

I looked at Duan Xiaobin and asked.

Duan Xiaobin lowered his head and replied, "My uncle said we'd better not touch Jia Qiu, because Jia Qiu's father is a big boss in the city and has a lot of connections!"

I was disappointed to hear that. I didn't expect Duan Xiaobin's uncle to be unreliable at a time like this.

But then Duan Xiaobin said, "But my uncle said that as long as we don't do it, it's no problem. My uncle will definitely protect us from being angered!"

I nodded when I heard this, because I was going to do it.

"Okay, we don't have to do it ourselves. Just wait!"

About half an hour later, the four kings called me again.

"We're here!"

"Well, hide in the bathroom or something. It only takes one person to do it. You should know Jia Qiu's background too, so the person who did it had better go to the police station and turn himself in instead of running away. Otherwise, if Jia Qiu's father caught him, he would probably die even worse!"

I entrusted them.

"Zhang Tao, have you thought about letting us take the blame? Aren't you afraid that we'll sell you out after we get caught?"

I heard them and smiled.

"It doesn't matter. You can sell me out!"

After that, I hung up.

In order to avenge Zhao Yuchen, I don't care about this anymore.

Or rather, this is the safest way I can think of.

About half an hour later, Jia Qiu arrived at the hospital.

Jia qiu, with four or five people, obviously did not trust me.

Qiyang Railway Station was by Jia Qiu's side and looked at me with a sneer, "Hehe, you still have the face to ask for medical expenses after being beaten up. If I were you, I would have died by myself!"

Jia Qiu just sneered and said, "I have a lot of money, but I want to see if your friend's injury is worth 50,000 yuan!"

Jia Qiu and I stood at the door of the ward and didn't say much. We pointed to Zhao Yuchen, who was still lying in the room, and then took out the case.

"Moderate concussion!"

"Hehe, this is not even a serious injury to me, let alone yesterday I did not do it at all!"

After that, Jia Qiu took out ten thousand yuan from his bag and threw it directly on the ground in front of me.

"It's only ten thousand. I'd better know about your dropping out tomorrow. Otherwise, there are four beds in this ward, and the four of you can come here for a vacation!"

I trembled with anger and pointed at Jia Qiu, speechless.

Jia qiu smiled coldly and turned to walk downstairs.

And Qi Yang looked at me with a laugh.

I kept looking at the bathroom by the side with angry eyes.

If no one is still fighting now, then it means that the four heavenly kings are egged on. In that case, they will fail today.

Just as I was wondering, a shadow suddenly rushed out.

Jia Qiu did not react at all and was thrown to the ground by the shadow.


Jia Qiu's painful voice sounded.

And that man, with a flash of cold light in his hand, stabbed three times in a row!

The whole corridor was stunned by this scene.

And I was also a little surprised that the person who did this was not the short and angry guy, but the calmest person.

I was a little surprised to see this.

But then there was some amazement, Li Tian's personality charm is really powerful, can actually let this kind of person work hard for him.

The man stabbed Jia Qiu three times and looked at Qi Yang and me.

Especially the way he looked at me, not very friendly.

But he picked up the knife and ran downstairs.

The people around him didn't dare to stop him at all. They even took the initiative to move aside. The man ran downstairs directly.

And Qi Yang and the others, who had just come to their senses, rushed up.

"Doctor, doctor, come quickly!"

Qi Yang and the others shouted.

The doctors arrived late, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the chaos in the corridor.

Although the other party could guess that I must have joined forces with the four great kings, as long as the four great kings did not betray me, I would be fine.

I went back to the ward and saw that Zhao Yuchen was awake.

I smiled at him, "Don't be wronged. I have avenged you. Jia qiu is more seriously injured than you are. He may even die!"

Zhao Yuchen nodded, disappointed.

Not long after, Qi Yang stormed into the ward.

"Zhang Tao, I'm telling you, you're finished!"

Qi Yang had already decided that this matter had something to do with me.

But when I heard what Qi Yang said, I just sneered.

"Qi Yang, it seems that jia qiu is seriously injured and may not be able to go to school. You said something like this happened? Can you, Jia Qiu's dog, survive? Don't worry. I remember a lot of things from the past. Let's pay them back slowly!"

I smiled coldly.

Qi Yang, in my eyes, is just a proud dog.

When Qi Yang heard what I said, he was not angry. Instead, he looked at me with fear and turned around and walked out of the room.

We stayed in the ward in silence, waiting for the news from the emergency room.

To be honest, I hope Jia Qiu dies like this, but I don't want jia qiu to die.

After all, the hatred between us is not enough to kill.

If Jia Qiu died like this, I would even feel guilty, and the whole thing would be a big deal.

There was no news for a day. I asked Zhao Yuchen to transfer to another hospital.

After all, Jia Qiu is here right now. It would be bad if he wakes up and finds trouble.

In the evening, I received a call from Yin Peipei asking me to come out.

After coming down, Yin Peipei was still the same as before, dressed in a red dress, especially dazzling.

"I didn't expect you to use the four heavenly kings as knives!"

Yin Peipei said to me.

I smiled and shook my head, indicating that I didn't know about it.

The fewer people who know about this, the better. And even if everyone is definitely under my command, and it has something to do with me, I can never nod.

Yin Peipei seemed to have figured it out as well. He just smiled and didn't bother about it anymore. Instead, he said, "Well, I know you won't admit it, but I don't care, because jia qiu is dead!"


Hearing this, my heart jumped and I didn't know what to say.