Chapter 357 Lin Keer Returns

Yin Peipei said, took a deep look at me, turned around and left.

Soon, the whole school knew about it the next day.

And they all knew that it was the four great kings under Li Tian.

And the tall man who struck yesterday didn't turn himself in because he didn't know where he was hiding.

The other three were taken away by the police, and even the police came to me.

But maybe it was because of the greeting that the police didn't take me away. They just asked me if I had any problems with Jia Qiu and if I knew the person who did it.

Of course I deny it.

It was as if the other party had just gone through the motions and left after asking.

It seems that this matter has passed.

However, there was a voice in the whole school, secretly saying that I did it.

Even as I walked along the road, the people around me looked at me in awe.

And Jia Qiu's father.

The real boss of our city came to school to find me.

This is a big shot like Wang Shan, the queen's ktv boss.

He looked at me hatefully and said he would make me pay.

I laughed bitterly, but I wasn't too worried, because Duan Xiaobin's uncle would protect us. At least during this time at school, we were fine.

But I've always wanted to leave the world, and this time, I can't.

If I were to call myself an ordinary person, I would be killed by Jia Qiu's father one day.

I don't want to die, so I can only make myself stronger.

The mahjong parlor continued to open and paid to send Zhao Yuchen to Beijing for treatment. After half a year, he recovered and only needed to recuperate. This made me very happy and relieved.

While I was at school, I went to Qi Yang the next day.

I beat Qi Yang up in front of so many juniors.

No one dared to touch me, and Qi Yang didn't even dare to fight back. In the end, he begged me to beat him up.

I laughed bitterly, a little boring.

After that, I began to unify the school, and the entire University of technology was in my hands.

I was even more prestigious than Li Tian or Jia Qiu, echoing in the school.

Even because of the provocation of the Qinggong, iron workers and other professional high school.

These vocational colleges are all gangsters. Most of them are better than the people in our school.

But I still called with the school.

Even in my third year of college, I became the boss of all the schools.

My goal is very simple. College students are the most important thing in the future. With these people supporting me and finishing my career, I can make a great career.

I was so busy, waiting for my junior year to graduate.

Over the past three years, many things have happened.

Su xue and Zhang Pengfei got married, left here, and went to live in the big city.

Chen Tian, Su xue's ex-husband, was cheated abroad and returned to the city to remarry Su xue and ask for money.

When I knew that, thinking of the damage he had done to Su xue, I beat him out of the way and never dared to return to this city again.

As for queen ktv's Lin Xiu, she took power from Brother Zhao.

But jiang was still very old, not to mention Brother Zhao was the confidant of the big boss.

In the end, Lin Xiu angrily left the queen ktv.

But no one expected Lin Xiu to start hanging out with Wang Shan.

Wang Shan, on the other hand, was fighting the big boss of the queen's ktv in the city, often causing trouble.

As for Jia Qiu's father, he's been eyeing me.

But because uncle Duan Xiaobin protected me, he never did anything to me.

Now the whole city has three legs, but I know that as soon as I graduate, I will change the world.

The four-legged battle was about to begin.

Even Wang Shan was trying to win me over, and the big boss behind Brother Zhao, because he was Li Hongjian's father, knew about the conflict between Li Hongjian and me in the past, so he called Li Hongjian back and asked Li Hongjian to apologize to me.

This made me understand that strength is the only real thing, as for the rest, it doesn't matter at all.

I have already come to this scene, but I am still not very happy.

Because I was lonely, for the past three years, many girls came to me.

They were young, beautiful, and energetic.

But no one could touch me like Su xue or Lin Keer.

Zheng Tingyu, on the other hand, was always by my side, helping me manage the school.

Because I was short of money for a while, I started making loans that I didn't like the most.

All the students have parents and are very consumable, and the whole city's schools are mixed with me, it is simply blessed, and no one even dared to owe a debt.

Before I graduated, I had already earned more than a million dollars.

Zheng Tingyu took care of my accounts without any regrets.

On the last day of my junior year, I was standing on the balcony, sitting on the floor drinking beer with Duan Xiaobin, Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen.

Later on, I had a lot of brothers, but the closest ones were still the four of us.

"Brother Tao, you're planning to be single for the rest of your life!"

Zhao Yuchen asked me with a smile.

I laughed bitterly and leaned against the wall after a glass of wine.

Three years, three whole years, Lin Keer did not return to this city.

When I called, the phone had stopped working.

I even wondered if Lin Keer had a new life and some new company when he was out of town.

Perhaps, Lin Keer has forgotten me!

I smiled bitterly and fell to the ground, "There are some things that I miss. Maybe I will never find the person who can make me feel moved again!"

Hearing what I said, the three of them laughed.

She smiled happily, which made me a little angry, "Get out of here. If mom doesn't comfort me, just laugh at me!"

To my surprise, all three of them stood up and walked towards the balcony exit.

I was a little stunned. What's going on?

While I was still depressed, a figure in a white dress came out.

The dazzling sun was facing me and I couldn't open my eyes.

I just stood there in a daze, looking at the white figure in front of me.

In an instant, my memory seemed to have passed through.

It was the first time I saw this white figure.

It can't be that I'm blind!

My eyes were a little sore, but I still tried to open them wide to see what this person looked like.

"Hey, I'm back!"

A simple voice, a little mature.

But in an instant, it overlapped with the slightly childish but still crisp voice of my memory and stunned me.

I couldn't help it any longer. Joy accompanied by some inexplicable emotions made me squat on the ground and cry.

For three years, I have never shed a tear.

But now, I can't help it.

A warm embrace clings to me.

"I miss you so much! Zhang Tao!"

I held Lin Keer tightly, not saying a word, but holding him tightly, afraid that the next second I would wake up and realize that it was just a dream.

"You won't leave, will you? You won't leave again!"

"No, I will stay. I will never leave again!"

(End of the book)