Chapter 36 Have A Soft Meal

I guess what the flathead said was true, because I've heard people say more than once that Sun Yu is greedy, and it's normal for him to do such a thing.

But I didn't know these people, so I didn't immediately agree to them and asked the platform, "What's your name? Aren't you worried that I'll ask you for money in the future? Or am I not going to be able to defeat Sun Yu and end up dragging you down?"

"My name is Liu Chenbin. We all heard about Brother Tao beating six people alone last night. We know that Brother Tao is a righteous person. Even if you ask us for money, we are willing. Brother Tao, if you can beat Zhao Hualiang down and dare to fight sun yu, you must have the strength to rely on. Even if we can't defeat Sun Yu in the end, we'll admit it ourselves. We can't blame brother tao." He said with a straight face.

It turned out that they had already found out everything about me before they decided to follow me.

But the only thing they didn't guess was that I wasn't sure I could win against Sun Yu at all. If I were to say confidence, I would have to be in the first year of high school, and that's still unknown.

It was impossible for me to tell them about this, so I decided to take them in first.

It didn't matter if they found out about my situation afterwards, since they had already taken this step, there was no turning back.

If not, Sun Yu would definitely deal with them. Their only choice was to deal with Sun Yu with me.

Li Gang was by the side all the time and I accepted Liu Chenbin and the others. I nodded and agreed.

They were all a little excited and said they would listen to me in the future.

I talked to them for a while and learned a lot about Sun Yu's misdeeds from Liu Chenbin. I went around looking for opportunities to extort money from others. I also lied to a lot of girls about their bodies and money because of my good looks.

Liu Chenbin also told me that many of Sun Yu's underlings had a problem with Sun Yu and asked me if I wanted to pull him over.

I asked him to try, but I couldn't let Sun Yu know, and they stayed with Sun Yu first, so they wouldn't be exposed.

If a dozen or so people could come from Sun Yu's side and hit him unprepared at the critical moment, it would be possible to beat Sun Yu down at school.

I wasn't ready to go back to class until the bell rang. Liu Chenbin seemed to have suddenly remembered something and stopped me, "Brother Tao, I heard that Zhao Hualiang went to Sun Yu today. They talked about dealing with you together."

I asked him if he knew when Zhao Hualiang and Sun Yu would strike.

"Today. They agreed that one would take the money and the other would call for help. And I want to get rid of all the people who have touched them all at once."

After Liu Chenbin finished speaking, he asked me what my plans were and if I wanted them to do anything.

When I heard the news, my only hope was dashed and my heart was lifted.

Besides Zhao Yuchen and me, the people who beat Zhao Hualiang and Sun Yu were Xu Ke and the rest of the society.

If Zhao Hualiang and Sun Yu wanted to clean up Xu Ke and the others, they would have asked Sun Yu's cousin Hong Biao to help them. It might not be enough for us students.

I had never been so discouraged as I am now. I told Liu Chenbin and the others not to move first, then left the rooftop, took out my cell phone and called Xu Ke, telling him that Hong Biao might retaliate against them and telling them to be careful.

When xu ke asked me what was going on, I told him about the last two days.

As soon as he heard this, he asked me to take a leave of absence from school and go to his place. Then he asked Xu Cheng to get in touch with Hong Biao and get this over with. Then he would go back to school.

I thought about it and told xu ke to be as careful as possible not to be caught by Hong Biao, so I stayed by myself.

Because Xu Cheng was unreliable, and everything went wrong. If Hong Biao caught me, they would probably do something to me.

The most I could do in school was to face Sun Yu and the rest of them. They were students, and they had a lot of scruples.

And Zhao Yuchen and the others were involved in this, so I couldn't leave Zhao Yuchen alone at school.

Xu Ke didn't say anything more. He just told me to be careful and that he would find a way to get this done as soon as possible.

After talking to him, I called Zhao Yuchen again and told him that Sun Yu would do something to them today, so he could call me when he had something to do.

Zhao Yuchen, on the other hand, was open to the idea. He would come sooner or later. Even if he couldn't beat Sun Yu, it wouldn't make them feel better.

After I called, I walked out and saw Li Gang waiting for me in the hallway.

He came over and asked me if I could think of a way to ask Li Hongjian for help.

I am not going to open this mouth with li hongjian. First, I can't let go of my pride. Second, I don't know him. I don't know if he has this ability. Even if he has this ability, he can't help me for no reason.

When I got back to the classroom, I couldn't calm down at all and kept thinking about when Sun Yu and the others were going to do it.

This feeling was a little like waiting to be sentenced. It was tough.

By the time the last class ended in the morning, there was still no movement from Sun Yu's side. Zhao Hualiang was in the classroom as if nothing had happened, and I was even more confused.

When I saw Lin Keer leave the classroom, I followed him.

No matter what, we still have to eat, or else we won't have the strength to fight.

Ma Qian was already waiting under the teaching building.

She was a little surprised to see me. She said in a weird tone, "Why am I following Lin Keer again? Are you going to be Lin Keer's bodyguard or something?"

I knew from her tone and eyes that she looked down on me and was too lazy to talk to her.

Lin Keer said that she promised me to go to dinner with her and asked Ma Qian to keep quiet.

Ma Qian was unhappy and complained to lin Keer, "Keer, you promised to have dinner with me. Why did you promise him? Look at him like this. He's been beaten up like this. It's disgusting. He can't even eat. Let him go."

This bitch's mouth is worse than lin xin's. A bus is mocking me. I don't know where she got her face.

And I never provoked her, but she never liked me, and I suspect she did it on purpose.

"The two of us agreed to have dinner together yesterday. I didn't ask her why she wanted to say yes to you. You actually wanted to drive me away. I think it was you, the third wheel." I replied rudely and deliberately emphasized the word" light bulb."

Ma Qian bit her lip as if she was about to curse, but Lin Keer pulled her away.

When they arrived at the canteen, the two of them led the way to the third floor. I had no choice but to follow them up and ask them to find seats while I went to order.

I really don't want to invite ma qian to dinner, but I can't do that with Lin Keer here. Otherwise, she would think I'm a petty man.

Anyway, I won't invite her after this meal. I must find a way to get rid of her.

When Lin Keer saw that I was going to order, he handed me her meal card and asked me to use hers.

In front of others, I couldn't use her meal card. Just as I was about to say no, Ma Qian said to lin Keer, "Keer, you guys used to eat. You didn't treat us, did you? What a surprise. I didn't expect such a thick-skinned boy to be able to eat a soft meal like this."