Chapter 37 Let's Do It!

Many of the students who were eating nearby heard Ma Qian's words and looked at me with strange eyes.

I really felt ashamed at that time. Fortunately, Lin Keer immediately came forward to help me clarify. "Qian, don't talk nonsense. He used to treat me, but today he only let him use me because he lost his meal card."

She then handed me her meal card.

I hesitated for a moment, but eventually, I went down the stairs and took her meal card. I was going to choke on Ma Qian, but I didn't think it was necessary.

After all, Ma Qian was Lin Keer's friend. If I really let Ma Qian argue, Lin Keer would definitely be in a difficult position. He would probably think that I was not manly and would argue with a woman.

After I finished ordering, I brought it over and sat down opposite them.

Ma Qian suddenly put on a smiling face, saying that she had misunderstood me and apologized to me.

I didn't believe that someone like her would sincerely apologize, so I ignored her.

Ma Qian smiled and said, "I think you should go and get your meal card back as soon as you finish eating. It's pretty fast anyway. If you still use Keer's meal card, even if I don't misunderstand you, others will misunderstand you. You certainly don't want to do this, do you? But I'll be having dinner with Keer for the next few days. You won't just treat her, won't you?"

I also said why this bitch suddenly changed her face. It turned out that she was counting on me to treat her to dinner for a few days.

Yunkai middle school is a private school where more than half of the students have rich children.

The third floor of the canteen was specially opened for these rich children. The environment was very good, and the three of them needed two or three hundred meals each.

If I treat the two of them to a meal for a few days, it will cost at least a few thousand yuan. It is not something that a student of my background can afford.

"Of course, it's okay to treat, but there must be a reason to treat, right? Lin Keer and I are at the same table. I can invite her. What about you? You and I are nothing? Why should I invite you?" I asked, pretending to be joking.

"Are you still a man? Why else would you treat a girl to dinner?"

Ma Qian's face changed instantly and complained to lin Keer, "Keer, listen to what he said. He's not a man at all. Next time, don't let him come to dinner. It's disappointing! Even if I starve to death, I don't want such a man's treat!"

"Were you two enemies in your previous lives? Stop talking and eat!" Lin Keer's face was filled with anger. After ma qian gave a cold snort, she became depressed and I ignored her.

After dinner, Lin Keer said she had something to talk to ma qian and asked me to go back to the classroom alone.

Being with Ma Qian made me uncomfortable and left without a word.

A few minutes after I returned to the classroom, Lin Keer came back and told me that Ma Qian would not eat with her in the future.

This is really good news.

Lin Keer chose me between me and Ma Qian. I should have a higher position in her heart.

I thought happily.

Although Lin Keer didn't say anything, I still knew that she was very considerate of other people's feelings. Unlike Lin Xin and Ma Qian, who were so unruly and arrogant, she seemed a little mature that didn't match her age.

The lunch break passed quickly. There was no movement on Sun Yu's side. I felt more and more nervous.

After dinner with lin Keer in the evening, it was still so calm that I started to get restless.

I asked Li Gang to find out about Sun Yu. Li Gang said Sun Yu didn't even come to class today, as if he had asked for leave.

I was relieved. It seemed that Liu Chenbin's information was false.

How could sun yu retaliate against me when he was not at school?

After the first night of self-study, when I was in the toilet, someone suddenly grabbed my neck from behind with his hand, gave me a sharp strangle, and then covered my mouth with a cloth.

I struggled as hard as I could, but a few people rushed over and punched me. Zhao Hualiang was the leader.

They didn't talk, they just kept beating me up.

After struggling for a while, I found that my head was getting dizzier and dizzier, and my eyelids were almost unable to lift.

I had never felt this way before when I was beaten. I immediately realized that the cloth they used to cover my mouth must have been drugged.

When I realized that Zhao Hualiang and his gang were trying to knock me out, I panicked to the extreme.

I used to fight a lot myself, but I've never used anything devious or devious.

Because there was no need for this between students, unless there was some ulterior motive.

The tighter my mouth was, the heavier my head felt as if it had been filled with lead, and I slowly fainted.

Before I completely lost consciousness, I could clearly see a grim smile on Zhao Hualiang's face.

After some time, I felt as if something cold had splashed on me. I opened my eyes with great effort and saw a lot of people standing in front of me. One of them splashed water on my head and I was lying on the ground.

I immediately remembered that I was dazed by Zhao Hualiang and the others in the school toilet. I subconsciously wanted to stand up, but I found that my hands and feet were tied up by something and couldn't move at all.

An unprecedented panic surged into my heart, and my whole body was completely awake. It was clear that Zhao Hualiang and the others were standing in front of me.

And where I am now is no longer a school, but in an open field with weeds, surrounded by several bright lights.

Only then did I realize that Zhao Hualiang and the others had bewitched me to get me out of school.

At the same time, I realized the seriousness of the problem. If I just wanted to take revenge on me, I could do it at school. There was no need to make such trouble.

Next to me, I saw someone tied up like me. It was Zhao Yuchen. He was just woken up by the water.

This situation is very similar to the scene of the bad guys killing people on tv.

I don't really believe that Zhao Hualiang would kill me, but I'm also afraid that he would do something out of the ordinary. I'm really scared.

I suppressed my fear and asked Zhao Hualiang what he wanted to do.

He just snorted, turned around and called out Sun Yu's name, then made way with the others.

It was only then that I saw a few vans parked not far away, and a large group of people, twenty or thirty of them, and at a glance it was obvious that they were from society.

Sun Yu was talking to a man in a tight-fitting vest with a tattoo on his arm. When he heard Zhao Hualiang calling him, he walked past and asked someone to help Zhao Yuchen and me up and kneel.

If it were normal times, I would never kneel.

But now that there are so many gangsters watching from behind, I dare not fight back at all, so I can only kneel on the ground with my head down.

Zhao Yuchen didn't dare to fight back. He was scared too. I saw the panic in his eyes.

After all, we are still students, especially Zhao Yuchen, who has only been promoted from junior high school to senior high school. We can't be afraid of this situation.

"Zhang Tao, do you remember what I said yesterday? If you dare to touch me, I won't kill you and your surname won't be sun?" Sun Yu squatted in front of me and said viciously.