Chapter 38 Regret

I asked him what he wanted, but he suddenly told me that Xu Ke had just called me and he answered my call. He also told Xu Ke that I was now tied up by them and that Xu Ke had called all the people who had been involved in beating Zhao Hualiang here.

"They should be here soon. When they arrive, you will know what I want."

Sun Yu pointed at the tattooed man he had just talked to and said proudly, "See that man? He's my cousin Hong Biao. I'll let you see if it's your friend or my cousin."

Liu Chenbin told me during the day that Sun Yu and Zhao Hualiang were going to clean up the people who beat them all at once. At first, I thought it was impossible, but now it's almost real.

"How dare you ask people from society to beat up students? Do you really think you're doing well? Stupid thing, fuck!"

Sun Yu gritted his teeth and cursed, then kicked me on the head, kicking me to roll a few times on the ground.

Now, no matter how hard he hit me, I have endured it. The most worrying thing in my heart is that when Xu Ke and the others come, Hong Biao will be ruthless. By then, I will not be able to bear the consequences.

I've fought so many times, I've never cried over a fight.

At this moment, I really wanted to cry. First, I was afraid, and second, I was worried.

But I didn't dare to cry, so I had to endure it.

Not long after, the sound of a motorcycle engine came from not far away, from far to near, and finally stopped beside those cars.

I saw that Hong Biao's men had already taken a knife out of the car, and my heart was in my throat, and I felt that it was difficult to breathe.

More than ten people got off the motorbike. Besides the people who helped me fight that day, there was also Xu Ke's cousin Xu Cheng.

In fact, I have been expecting Xu Ke and his men to find someone more powerful than hong biao and solve this problem so that everyone can be safe and sound.

Based on the current situation, this is impossible.

And Xu Ke and the others were so small that they would not end well today.

Xu Cheng came over and gave Hong Biao a cigarette. He called brother biao. Hong Biao didn't take his cigarette. He said that I was his cousin and that I was too young to understand. He asked Hong Biao to forgive me once.

"Your little brother hit my cousin and his friends. They asked me to do this today. I must give them an explanation. Don't say that you don't know anything, just say what you want to do!" Hong Biao said forcefully.

Xu Cheng seemed to have thought about it a long time ago, and immediately said to accompany the medical expenses.

Hong Biao had to pay for his medical expenses, so he asked Xu Cheng how much he wanted to pay.

Xu Cheng said five thousand, Hong Biao snorted and didn't say anything, xu chengcheng added ten thousand.

Hong Biao hesitated and nodded. Xu Cheng took out a bunch of money from his pocket and handed it over.

I can already see that Xu Cheng was planning to lose money from the start.

But I didn't feel very happy. My heart was still heavy.

Because the whole thing started because of me, ten thousand dollars must be for me.

Not only to me, but even to my family, ten thousand yuan is a big sum.

I have no idea where I can get so much money.

This can only be done slowly in the future, as long as everyone is not implicated by me.

I feel a little better with this thought.

After Xu Cheng gave the money, he asked hong biao if he could take him away now.

Hong Biao said the others could leave, but the people who hit Zhao Hualiang and Sun Yu couldn't.

Xu Cheng asked him why, and he sneered, "If it's okay to pay for the medical expenses if you hit my man, then you can just take some money out and poop on Hong Biao's head? Then how am I going to get out of Hong Biao's house?"

Xu Cheng's face turned a little ugly, and my heart sank to the bottom of the valley. It turns out that this matter is not over yet.

Sun Yu stood up and pointed at xu ke, saying that it was Xu Ke who hit Zhao Hualiang that day and had Xu Ke dragged out.

Except for Xu Cheng, the group of people that Xu Ke brought along were ready to fight.

Xu Cheng stopped them and told them to leave them alone.

Hong Biao asked Zhao Hualiang to do it himself, saying that Xu Ke would return everything he did that day.

Zhao Hualiang immediately came out with a steel pipe and asked Xu Ke to kneel down.

Xu ke gritted his teeth and looked at Zhao Hualiang, finally kneeling down slowly.

He's my best friend, and I know he's got a lot of backbone. He's never been so humiliated in his life.

I really regret seeing this scene. I shouldn't have asked him to help me for that, or else it wouldn't have been like this.

Zhao Hualiang raised the steel pipe in his hand and threw it at Xu Ke's head without hesitation. With a bang, Xu Ke fell to the ground.

I felt my heart dripping with blood and couldn't help but shed tears.

I feel guilty, I blame myself, but I can't help it. I really hate myself.

"Now it's your turn!" At this moment, Sun Yu came over with a brick.

He went to Zhao Yuchen first. I didn't dare to see Zhao Yuchen's reaction. I was afraid it would make my heart ache even more.

Sun Yu threw a brick down, and Zhao Yuchen snorted. He fell to the ground without moving and fainted.

Then, Sun Yu walked in front of me with a brick, and I saw that there was blood on the brick.

Sun Yu didn't do it immediately. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up. He squatted in front of me and asked jokingly, "How do you feel when you see your friends being beaten up like this because of you?"

I didn't look at him, and I didn't say anything. My heart had turned cold from fear.

"In the future, keep a low profile. Don't think that you are the boss just because you know a few people!"

Sun Yu laughed scornfully and the brick in his hand fell down.

I could clearly feel the brick in his hand shattering, and my mind was like a bomb. There was a sharp pain, a momentary blank, and then there was no consciousness.

When I woke up again, I was awakened by the waves of tearing pain. I struggled to open my eyes and found myself lying in the clinic. A doctor was cleaning the wound on my head with alcohol.

When the doctor saw that I woke up, he told me to bear with it. He said that the wound was not big. No stitches, just wash and apply some medicine. He told me to go to the big hospital tomorrow to check if there would be any sequelae.

I asked the doctor where my other friends were. He said he was applying medicine in another room and asked us how we got into this. Did we fight?

I didn't have the energy or the mood to talk to him. I was thinking about how to face Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen later.

It was all because of me that things turned out like this.

As I was about to get the medicine ready, Xu Cheng came in from outside, followed by Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen.

Xu Cheng's face was very ugly. He reprimanded me as soon as he came in, saying that I didn't have to show off. The last time he told us not to listen to him, he got involved with other people.

"Give me the ten thousand dollars today and the medical bills for today as soon as possible. Don't let me come to you by myself." Xu Cheng left after saying this.