Chapter 39 Mockery

Ten thousand dollars made me feel like a mountain was pressing down, and my heart was heavy.

Plus, I didn't know how to face Xu Ke and Zhao Yuchen, so I didn't know what to say.

Xu Ke walked past me, looked at my head, and asked if I was okay.

My head is still hurting so much right now.

But I didn't say anything. I just watched xu ke shake his head and wanted to say sorry, but I couldn't open my mouth.

I've been through so many things with him, I'm afraid this apology will break us up.

Xu Ke seemed to have seen through my thoughts and came over and patted me on the shoulder with a smile. "Don't think too much. Revenge is a gentleman's revenge. It's not too late for ten years. When the time comes, our brothers will find today's venue again."

I nodded and then smiled apologetically at Zhao Yuchen.

"Brother Tao, it's all right. I had the audacity to do it the other day and thought that there would be a day. As long as we're still fine, I'm not afraid of anything else." Zhao Yuchen also smiled at me.

Hearing them say that, I feel much better.

The doctor had been telling us to go to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow, so we left the clinic after taking care of it.

Xu Ke put his arm around my shoulder and said to me helplessly as he walked, "Don't blame my cousin for what happened today. He can't help it either. If someone really came to hong biao today and they did it, whether they win or lose, it would cost tens of thousands to go up and down in the end, and they might retaliate later. These people who have been around for a long time are not like us when we were in school. For the sake of face, we beat them up regardless of the circumstances. They were talking about money, and everything they did was about money. Don't worry about the ten thousand yuan today. I'll take care of it. Don't mess with them for the time being. Study hard."

I know he hasn't spent much money yet, so I'll think of a way to make this money. He didn't let me continue, and he put his arm around Zhao Yuchen's shoulder and said that he would have a few drinks with Zhao Yuchen today no matter what. He admitted it.

After drinking, the dorm was about to close, so I went back to the dorm with Zhao Yuchen, and xu ke told me about the money before he rode the motorcycle. He would help me figure it out.

When I got to school, I suddenly remembered that senior one was fighting for the boss.

Wu Zhihong had an appointment with Zhao Yuchen tonight, but Zhao Yuchen was caught by Sun Yu and didn't go at all. What happened to Wu Zhihong alone?

I took out my phone and called Wu Zhihong to ask him what was going on.

"What else can we do? We lost!"

Wu Zhihong's tone was a little down, and a little upset. "Today, someone else said something, and the other two guys joined forces. Two groups of people beat me up. How could I ever do that? It's all Zhao Yuchen, the Wangbadan, who can't find anyone at the critical moment. His little brother won't listen to me, or else he'll have a chance to do it!"

I asked him if he had a chance to make a comeback, and he said that some of his younger brothers were about to change sides and had no strength to fight with others.

I was hoping to use my first year of high school to beat Sun Yu down, but now I have no chance at all.

Wu Zhihong kept complaining on the phone that Zhao Yuchen was being unfaithful and had cheated him.

I didn't want him to misunderstand Zhao Yuchen, so I told him what happened today, but I didn't say anything about the money, so I told xu ke to find someone to solve it.

"Fuck, you idiot. He had to be a busybody at that time, but now he's happy to be like this! Damn!" Wu Zhihong said a few angry words and hung up the phone.

I didn't like the way he spoke to me, but it had something to do with me, so I had to put up with it and tell Zhao Yuchen about it.

Zhao Yuchen did not speak after listening and was a little depressed.

When I saw his face, I felt bad, so I patted his back and said I was sorry.

"Actually, it's nothing. I didn't get it this time. I'll get it back next time." Zhao Yuchen shook his head indifferently.

Although the word "Boss" is only a name, but out of the gang, there is only a name, a profit.

No matter how big a gangster is, it's the same.

In the school, it was all for fame.

Without a name, Zhao Yuchen would not be able to raise his head in the first year of high school, and no one would take the initiative to hang out with him, or even be bullied.

He fought hard and allied with Wu Zhihong to be the boss of the first year of high school.

I know he cares about it in his heart. What he says is that he doesn't want me to blame myself.

I didn't say anything, so I followed him to our dormitories.

But I made up my mind that in the future, as long as I had the chance, I would find a way to make Zhao Yuchen the boss of the first year of high school.

Thinking about this, he stopped and walked to the door of the dormitory when he saw Li Gang with a basin ready to go to the water room to wash up.

When Li Gang saw me, his eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost. After a long time, he said in surprise, "Brother Tao, how did you come back?"

I'm a little upset. Why am I so surprised when I go back to my dorm?

And Li Gang's clothes were covered in footprints, and his face was a little swollen, as if he had been beaten.

Li Gang looked around and saw that no one came close to me and said, "Zhao Hualiang said in class that your head was cut open by him, and you kneeled down and kowtowed to him. You were beaten to the hospital! And he beat me up in class, saying that you and I are close. If I dare to come with you again in the future, beat me up!"

When I heard this, I felt a little angry.

If it weren't for Sun Yu, he wouldn't be Zhao Hualiang.

But when I thought of Hong Biao behind Sun Yu, I felt aggrieved again.

There was nothing to do now, and it was a shame to have to pay ten thousand yuan back.

Li Gang was a coward, but he was the first one to hang out with me in this school. Now that he was beaten up because of me, I feel a little guilty.

I asked Li Gang if he was okay. Li Gang shook his head and said he wasn't hit hard. Then he rushed to the water room as if he didn't dare to walk too close to me.

I knew what he was like, and I wasn't angry. I lay in bed with my head covered and started to sleep.

But the pain in her body, especially in her head, was so loud that it didn't get better until midnight.

But the next morning, Li Gang woke him up. When he saw that I was awake, Li Gang went to the classroom by himself and didn't dare to go with me.

When I wiped my face and walked into the classroom, it was almost time for class. All the students came. When they saw me, they all showed strange expressions.

"Gee, I thought he was doing well. Who knew that he knelt down for Zhao Hualiang and the others yesterday?"

"I've seen it for a long time. These transfer students are all pretentious. Just ignore these idiots!"

When I heard what they said, the corners of my mouth twitched, especially the sound of Zhao Hualiang and the others laughing in the corner, which made my face burn.