Chapter 4 Lin Keer's Reaction

Today, she was wearing a white cheongsam with blue flowers, tightly wrapped around her body, showing a fiery s-shaped curve.

A woman like her can be said to stand out wherever she goes.

As soon as she walked in, my eyes never left her, and I couldn't help but think about the conversation I had with her last night and the picture I had sent me with the towel wrapped around my body.

Thinking about it, I forgot the pain in my body, and the urge to drag su xue out of the classroom and find a place to do it.

But this is not an urgent matter. Anyway, I already know what kind of woman she is. Sooner or later, she will beg for mercy under me.

When su xue entered the classroom, she had a faint smile on her face, revealing all kinds of amorous feelings, like a diamond giving off a dazzling light.

She walked to the podium and asked us to start our morning reading while scanning all the students in the classroom.

My face was now swollen and burning with pain. I was worried that she would do something wrong if she saw me. I quickly lowered my head and covered my face with a book.

But it was too late, and Su xue seemed to have seen what was going on with me. Suddenly, with a cold look on his face, he walked up to me in his high heels and asked coldly, "What happened to your face? Got into a fight?"

I know it's useless to hide it at this time. Su xue just needs to ask someone in the class to find out what's going on, and he just nodded and admitted it.

Su xue's sudden sneer made me feel a little nervous.

"That's right. I was fighting on the first day of school. Tell me who you were fighting with. You'd better tell me honestly. If I find out from other students that you're lying, I'll be at my own risk."

Su xue was like a high and mighty queen, speaking in a tone that was almost commanding me.

"I just saw Zhao Hualiang bully Lin Keer, say a few words about Zhao Hualiang, and then fight with him." That's what happened. I told him straight away.

After listening, Su xue turned to Lin Keer and asked lin Keer if that was the case.

Lin Keer didn't even look at me and said to su xue, "It's their own business that they fight. It has nothing to do with me."

I was confused. I had a conflict with Zhao Hualiang because I wanted to help lin Keer out. Now she says it has nothing to do with her?

I was beaten so badly for her, and she didn't appreciate it at all?

"You said you fought because you saw Lin Keer being bullied. Now Lin Keer said it had nothing to do with her. Now explain to me what happened."

Before I could think more, Su xue's voice rang again.

I looked at Lin Keer angrily and said to su xue, "I have nothing to explain. You can ask the other students in the class what's going on!"

"It's obvious that you're lying! Do you need to ask other students? I've been with this class for so long, and no one in the class has ever been in a fight. You've just come to class and you've ruined the class atmosphere, and you want to put the blame on other students. Not only do you have poor grades, but you also have a problem with your character. You're a scum!"

Su xue couldn't help but yell at me.

My grades are really bad. Su xue looked down on me because of this. I have nothing to say.

But now she is clearly taking the side with the whole, denying all other aspects of me, and looking at me with colored glasses, calling me a scum, which makes me very unhappy!

"Since you don't appreciate the opportunity to repeat this time, then don't go to the morning self-study this month. Go clean up the hygiene area in the class, and you do it at night."

Su xue said with his hands in his arms and no room for negotiation.

She actually made me clean for a month!

When I heard that, my lungs were going to explode. The sanitary area of our class, not only the classroom, but also some public areas assigned to each class by the school, such as toilets, grass, hallways, playground...

Under normal circumstances, there were five students in the class who did the cleaning, sooner or later.

If I were to do it alone, it would take me at least an hour at a time.

Although it was wrong for me to fight, Su xue only punished me. Zhao Hualiang didn't even mention it. It wasn't biased anymore. It was against me on purpose!

I stood up from my seat with a brush, gritted my teeth and said to su xue, "Don't go too far!"

Su xue laughed instead. "I think that's good. You don't want to study anyway. It's better to help other students clean up and let them spend more time on their studies. If you think it's too much, you can transfer to another class. No one will stop you."

With that said, Su xue turned and walked towards the podium.

I finally understood that she had been targeting me on purpose, just to make me unable to stay in this class, and then transfer to another class by myself.

In the end, it was because of my poor grades that she looked down on me.

Looking at Su xue's graceful back, I was so angry that I wanted to go straight up and expose her true face, and then press her to the ground.

But if so many people exposed her in front of the class, Su xue's reputation would definitely be ruined. She might not be able to stay here anymore.

At that time, she wouldn't have agreed to let me have sex with her.

Now I can only endure it and find the right opportunity for Su xue to double her humiliation!

Thinking of this, I feel much more comfortable, and even have a feeling of happiness and hatred.

I didn't say anything more, so I left the classroom to clean up.

My body was already in pain after Zhao Hualiang and the others beat me up. After cleaning for more than an hour, I felt like I was about to collapse. I didn't go to the classroom at all and went back to my dorm to take a shower.

Not long after, a few people from the dormitory came back from their morning self-study.

They still didn't talk to me, but I could tell from their eyes that they looked down on me even more.

I didn't pay any attention to them either. Sooner or later, they'll have to look at me in a new light.

I walked out of the dormitory and was about to have breakfast when I bumped into li who had just returned.

He asked me if I was okay, and I shook my head.

Li Gang scratched his head awkwardly, then said apologetically, "Hey, Zhao Hualiang and I have been classmates since elementary school. He would have given me some face, but I didn't expect..."

"It's okay. They hit me, and I won't let them have a good time." I said indifferently.

"Are you going to take revenge on Zhao Hualiang?" Li Gang suddenly became very nervous.

"If you don't take revenge, will you let him fight for nothing? Do you think there's such a good thing?"

I snorted coldly, thinking about the beating I had received before, and my teeth were still itching with anger.

"Zhao Hualiang has been around since junior high school. There are a lot of people in the Yunkai middle school with him. You've only just arrived, so you can't beat him. I think you've learned a lesson this time. Don't mess with him anymore, or you won't be able to stay in this school." Li Gang urged anxiously.