Chapter 40 Scold A Woman

Back in her seat, Lin Keer was memorizing words with an english book. I was afraid that she would find me embarrassing too. Instead of talking to her, she lay down on the table and went to sleep.

However, my sleeve was pulled. Looking back, Lin Keer had put down his english book and put a bottle of red potion on my desk.

"Remember to wipe it!"

Not only did Lin Keer not despise me, he was a little worried.

The worry in my heart immediately dissipated and I was a little touched.

But looking at the red potion, I thought about the last time Lin Keer helped me apply it. I approached Lin Keer and asked if I could do it again. I couldn't feel my back.

Lin Keer shook his head without hesitation, then said to me with some reproach, "Don't always provoke those hooligans, don't you want to study hard?"

I wasn't disappointed to hear what Lin Keer said. After all, Lin Keer knew that I was injured and didn't look down on me. He took the initiative to prepare the medicine for me the next day. He must have treated me like a friend.

My heart was filled with joy, and the shame of being despised just now was almost gone.

After that, I started reading. After all, Su xue also said that if I didn't make it to the top 20, I would be kicked out.

Although I feel uncertain in my heart, I have to learn. As long as there is progress, Su xue should be more tolerant of me.

In the morning, Zhao Hualiang always looked at me provocatively and tried to talk me out of the way. The students around him also looked at me sideways.

I was angry, but when I thought of the ten thousand dollars and Sun Yu, I lost my temper.

My classmates looked at me and despised me even more, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

After the morning self-study, I had to collect my homework, but I didn't do it.

Looking at Ma Lingling, who had received his homework, I had a headache.

In the past, Ma Lingling was afraid of me, but this time he probably wasn't.

If I don't hand in my homework and she tells on Su xue, I'll have another headache.

But what I didn't expect was that Ma Lingling was still standing next to me as weak as before. After receiving Lin Keer's homework, she told me that it was understandable not to hand in the homework this time. She wouldn't tell the teacher, but she had to hand in the homework tomorrow.

After that, without waiting for my reaction, she ran away in a hurry, as if I were a tiger and would eat her.

After school at noon, lin Keer and I went to the canteen to eat.

This time, I felt very comfortable without Ma Qian's bus.

"Are you on good terms with Ma Qian?"

Lin Keer usually doesn't say anything at dinner, but I can't help but ask.

After all, Lin Keer and Ma Qian are completely different people. I really don't understand how they become friends.

Hearing what I said, Lin Keer looked up at me, took a sip of water, hesitated and said to me, "Lin Xin used to bully me. Ma Qian used to help me at school, so I became friends with her!"

When I heard this, I realized that it was like this.

No wonder Lin Keer was upset when I told Lin Keer about Ma Qian.

Just as I was thinking, a voice that made me frown sounded.

"Oh, what a poor man. He actually invited us Keer to eat this. He wants to chase us Keer!"

Turning around, it was Ma Qian, the disgusting woman.

She was holding two plates in her hand, both of which were good dishes. She could tell at a glance that they were from a small stove on the third floor.

I was so angry at her words, it was just two plates of stoves. With a guy like you, I don't know who cheated me.

My face turned ugly, and Lin Keer raised Ma Qian a little too far. He immediately said to Ma Qian, "The food on the first floor is pretty good too. I asked him to eat here."

Lin Keer was still on my side. I looked at Ma Qian smugly.

Ma Qian looked at Lin Keer unhappily, "Keer, what do you mean? For this guy, it's okay if you don't eat with me. Now I want you to eat better. You actually..."

Lin Keer looked at Ma Qian hesitantly and said, "The food here is really delicious. I'm full!"

"What's full? This man is filthy and poor. Why are you eating with him? Li Hongjian is so nice, so handsome, so nice to you, so much better than this kind of person! I really don't know what you think!"

Ma Qian said these words to lin Keer, but he looked at me with a sneer.

I was so angry that I finally figured out why Ma Qian had been targeting me since the first time we met and making me feel bad about it. Li Hongjian must have made her do it so that I wouldn't have a chance to eat with lin Keer.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have known her at all, and she wouldn't have spared no effort to humiliate me.

"I'm filthy? I wouldn't even bother to look at you, even if I were filthy!"

I was so angry that I scolded him directly.

Ma Qian's eyes widened when he heard me talking about the bus. He looked at me angrily, "Wangbadan, tell me again!"

I sneered in my heart. If it weren't for the fact that she was the daughter of the dean, don't scold me, I wouldn't have dared to hit anyone.

Lin Keer frowned at me and took Ma Qian's hand, "He didn't mean that. Don't get so excited!"

However, Ma Qian seemed to have taken some gunpowder, "That's not what it means. What does it mean? Keer, if you don't want to be my friend, just say it. Don't make me sick with this guy!"

Lin Keer gave me a hesitant look and signaled me to leave.

I really hated Ma Qian in my heart, but when I saw Lin Keer's face, I knew she was in a dilemma. I could only nod and leave.

But as soon as I turned my head around, I felt something burning in my head, a pile of sticky stuff on it.

The greasy feeling made me explode instantly.

The people around him also let out a cry of surprise.

Ma Qian, that bitch, actually hit me on the head with all the food in her hand.

Lin Keer's face was filled with surprise and everyone around him was snickering. I really couldn't help it.

"Damn it, Ma Qian. Did I give you a face?"

These two days, I can't help it anymore.

Sun Yu hit me and I couldn't help it. I even lost ten thousand yuan, which made me angry, but I couldn't do anything.

In the morning, Zhao Hualiang and the others mocked me. The class laughed at me and looked down on me.

But now even a bus is bullying me.

I can't help but want to kill someone.

"How could you do that!"

Lin Keer shook off Ma Qian's hand, took out a tissue and ran over to wipe my face.

But the food in the cafeteria was especially greasy and smelly, so it couldn't be wiped clean.

However, even at this moment, Ma Qian still looked at me boldly, "What a fool. He only knows how to scold a woman. He has forced you to look for Sun Yu and Zhao Hualiang. After being beaten up by them and not daring to speak, he dares to yell at me, right?"

So if I do anything more to Ma Qian, I will bully the weak and fear the strong.

My face was burning and I looked at Ma Qian angrily, but I really couldn't do anything.