Chapter 41 Wash Your Hair

"Don't be angry. Let's go. I'll help you wash up!"

After that, Lin Keer took my arm and walked out.

I felt humiliated. I lowered my head and walked down the steps to get out of here.

But behind him came Ma Qian's voice: "Rubbish! Disgusting!"

I was trembling with anger, covered in oil, and everyone around me avoided me.

At the entrance of the boys'dormitory, Lin Keer put down his hand and said to me, "I'm sorry, I didn't expect her to do this, but you shouldn't say Ma Qian, it's too much for a girl!"

Excessive? Was it good?

In her heart, was it my fault that I was bullied like this by that bitch?

I was a little angry and didn't want to talk.

"Go wash your hair and change your clothes. I'll be... I'll wait for you outside!"

Lin Keer said shyly, probably feeling a little guilty as well.

As I looked at Lin Keer, my heart moved.

"Go wash my hair. I have a wound on my head. I can't get into the water. I can't wash myself!"

When Lin Keer heard what I said, he immediately blushed and looked at me with some anger.

I was embarrassed and a little guilty, so I decided to go back to the dormitory by myself.

But Lin Keer looked up at me again, "I can wash it for you, but you have to promise me not to be angry with ma qian. After all, she's the only friend I had before. Don't worry. I'll make her apologize for today, okay?"

Lin Keer's words made me understand that she still wanted me and Ma Qian not to have any conflicts.

Although I hate ma qian in my heart, I can't even look at her, let alone apologize.

But Lin Keer promised to help me wash my hair. If I said that again, Lin Keer would think that I have a bad belly.

Thinking of this, I agreed.

But I took two steps and saw that lin Keer was standing still. I was a little confused.

"I won't go into the boys'dormitory. Go get shampoo and towels. We'll go to the school's water room!"

There was a water room in the dormitory and a water room in the school.

That's right. Why would a girl like Lin Keer come with me to the boys'dormitory to help me wash my hair?

Although I was a little disappointed, I still ran a few steps, picked up the basin and towel, and ran down directly.

Lin Keer quietly followed me to the school water room.

After that, the tap was turned on, and Lin Keer hesitantly reached out his little white hand, carefully avoiding the wound, and applied the shampoo on my head.

I bent over and could smell the shampoo and the scent of Lin Keer.

Because of the oil, I didn't dare to open my eyes. I only felt a gentle little hand on my head, shaking back and forth on my scalp.

I'm a little excited. Lin Keer has washed my hair now. Will he really promise me to be my girlfriend in the future?

The thought of it made me even more excited.

It took me a long time to wash the things off my head, but I could still smell the greasy smell, and I didn't know if it was psychological.

After I wiped my head with a towel, I turned around.

All of a sudden, my eyes straightened.

Lin Keer was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, making him look especially tall and attractive.

Lin Keer also found out what was wrong with me and gave me a blank look, "Ma Qian is right. You are so filthy!"

I was a little embarrassed by what Lin Keer said, so I lowered my head.

"Okay, I'm going back to wash up. You should go back and change, too!"

After Lin Keer finished speaking, he ran out in a hurry.

I was excited when I thought about Lin Keer washing my hair.

When I got back to the dormitory, I wiped my body again and felt that the lingering greasy smell had disappeared a lot.

Li had just returned to the dormitory at noon, and when he saw me, he immediately said, "Brother Tao, Zhao Hualiang and the others bullied you so much today, so you put up with it. It's just too much. Brother Tao, you beat them up before. Didn't you save face for them too?"

I heard what Li Gang said and shook my head.

Hong Biao must have spent some money on Zhao Hualiang's last appearance. I don't want to provoke them until I'm sure.

And I still owe Xu Cheng ten thousand dollars. The most important thing is to find a way to get the money.

Ten thousand. Even my parents might not be able to take out our family background.

This was my fight. If I asked my parents for money, I would probably be killed.

But Xu Cheng shouldn't rush me. He'll give me some time. Xu Ke will be there.

"Just bear with it, and then you'll clean him up again!"

For the time being, I don't have a specific solution. I can only say this to Li Gang first.

Li Gang hesitated, but still looked at me and said, "Liu Chenbin and the others called me today to ask if you can deal with Sun Yu."

If I say there's nothing I can do now, Liu Chenbin and his gang will probably have other plans.

I had to tell Li Gang to wait, and I would tell them when I did it.

Liu Chenbin and the others will definitely be able to use it in the future, so now we have to find a way to stabilize them.

Today is saturday. After class in the afternoon, we can have a holiday.

I went to the classroom and saw Lin Keer change into a dark t-shirt. Thinking of what I saw at noon, I felt a little itchy. I immediately said to Lin Keer, "Lin Keer, let's go to the movies tomorrow afternoon!"

However, Lin Keer rejected me without hesitation.

I shook my head helplessly and knew it would be like this.

After class, she went to drain the water. As soon as she came downstairs, she saw lin xin, who was dressed very brightly and showed her long legs without any hesitation, standing there.

Seeing me, Lin Xin walked straight over, "Remember to come over this afternoon. I'll let you go to Lin Keer!"

After hearing her address, I was still confused.

Are you kidding me? She has such a bad relationship with Lin Keer. She has a party, and Lin Keer will go?

But Lin Xin ignored me and left.

It doesn't matter if I think about it. I'm just going to see what lin xin is up to.

When I got home, my father didn't give me a good look, even though Su xue called last time to forgive me.

But my dad still felt that I hadn't changed. He sat at the table and looked ugly.

My mother, on the other hand, was very attentive to refilling my meal and asking me how I was eating at school.

I looked at my parents and thought about the ten thousand dollars. I wanted to see if I could ask them for it.

But at this time, my father received a phone call, his face was a little ugly, but his tone was particularly humble and said, "Brother li, don't worry, I borrowed your money, I will definitely return it to you next month, don't worry, I am really sorry, come home another day, let my sister cook for you, let's drink!"

My father is very proud. It's really hard for him to be so humble.

I also understand that it's very difficult at home.

What she wanted to say was stuck in her throat.

My mom saw something was on my mind and asked me what was wrong, so I shook my head.

If my parents knew about ten thousand yuan, they would be disappointed in me.

I can accept that my parents are angry, but I don't want to disappoint them.

Just after dinner, I got a call from Lin Xin, asking me to go to her place right now.