Chapter 42 Sister

I laughed coldly in my heart. Lin Xin is a woman who has no brains compared to Ma Qian.

But I'm fine at home, and I'm in too much trouble to mess with Lin Xin.

So, after packing up, he went out and took a taxi to the address that Lin Xin said.

When I got there, I stood outside the door in shock.

Because the place that Lin Xin was talking about was actually a villa, it couldn't be Lin Xin's house, could it?

It's impossible. It can't be a joke.

At this moment, the big iron door in front of her opened automatically. Lin xin was standing on the second floor, waving at me in all her fancy clothes.

It was really her home.

I walked in, and Lin Xin looked at my clothes with disdain, "You don't have any good clothes, do you? It's a shame to have you here. If I hadn't wanted to use you, I wouldn't have called you!"

I was a little angry, but also a little self-abased.

Because the room was magnificent, Lin Xin's clothes looked like high-end goods.

"All right, go and sit down. When someone comes, just drink your own water. But don't touch anything. You can't afford it!"

Lin Xin proudly said a few words to me, then turned around and went back to the room, not taking me seriously at all.

The disdain in the words made me angry and wished I could just stand up and leave.

But at that moment, the door to a room in the corner of the second floor was opened, and then a girl in a white dress stood in the hallway.

I was stunned.

Not because the girl was beautiful, but because the girl was actually Lin Keer.

Why is Lin Keer here? What's going on?

I looked at Lin Keer in surprise, and Lin Keer looked at me with the same surprise.

"Why are you here?"

After the surprise, I ran to Lin Keer excitedly.

Lin Keer looked at me with an unhappy look in his eyes, "What are you doing here? Let's go!"

Lin Keer's coldness was beyond my expectations. After all, I felt that our relationship was already very good, at least as ordinary friends.

Lin Keer glanced at me and turned to go back to the room, but at this time, Lin Xin saw it and smiled coldly.

"Bitch, your boyfriend is here for you. Get back to your room!"

That was too much.

However, Lin Keer didn't say a word, didn't look at me, and just closed the door and went back to his room.

Looking at the closed door, I felt nothing but confusion.

Lin Keer appeared here. Were Lin Keer and Lin Xin a family?

But if it was a family, then why did Lin Xin not only hate Lin Keer, but also me on Lin Keer?

I really don't understand at all.

I was just about to ask Lin Xin when there was a commotion downstairs. When I looked down, there were a lot of people.

It was Li Hongjian who walked in the front. I didn't know anything about the back.

Looking back at the closed door, I thought about it and went downstairs.

Downstairs, Li Hongjian frowned when he saw me.

"What are you doing here?"

I'm too lazy to answer him, but Lin Xin likes Li Hongjian, so it's not surprising to call Li Hongjian over.

But did Li Hongjian also know that Lin Keer was here?

At this moment, I feel like everyone else knows, and I feel a little uncomfortable being kept in the dark.

Li Hongjian looked at me without saying a word and narrowed his eyes to ask something else.

But at this moment, Lin Xin walked up to me and called me.

I also wanted to know what was going on, so I followed Lin Xin to the room.

This should be Lin Xin's room. There was a fragrance in it. There was an apple computer and an ipad on the table. It looked like a rich family.

"Here you go!"

Lin Xin was wearing a very revealing dress today. She wore a short skirt and a small vest. She stretched out her white and tender arms and handed me a bag of white powder.

I took this and looked at Lin Xin in confusion.

Lin Xin looked at me maliciously, which made me a little nervous.

"This is medicine!"

Damn, it's medicine!

I've only seen it on tv and in novels.

Lin Xin wants me to use this thing?

How could a high school girl be so vicious!

Reluctantly, my heart pounded a few times at the thought of Lin Keer's flushed face tempting me.

When Lin Xin saw me, he curled his lips in disdain, "This thing can only make people lose their minds. It's not as good as what the tv said. You'll find a chance to give lin Keer a chance. I'll let you stay at our house tonight!"

But I know very well that if I did, and Lin Keer called the police later, I would definitely go to jail.

I really didn't have the courage to do such a thing to go to jail for a short time.

Lin Xin, she's brainless. I can't be as brainless as she is.

Seeing that I was too late to take it over, Lin Xin immediately sneered, "Silly, are you afraid? It's really useless. Just do it. If something happens, I'll take care of it! Anyway, you must succeed today, or I will make you look good!"

I really regret coming to her house today. If I don't do what she says later, she won't know how to retaliate against me at school.

Now I had to take a step at a time and take the medicine from her hand.

"I'll call Lin Keer down when the party starts. Find a chance for her to drink the medicine yourself!"

Lin Xin said and walked out the door.

I put the medicine away, and when I went out, I saw Lin Xin clinging to Li Hongjian's body and talking non-stop.

And I saw a guy with a flat head and a tall face.

His name is Xiao Ming, the boss of the second year of high school. Last time at school, Li Gang pointed it out to me.

A lot of boys were around Xiao Ming, trying to please her.

The last time Li Gang told me that Xiao Ming was the one who helped Lin Xin find all the servants at school, they must have a good relationship. It's not surprising that Lin Xin asked xiao ming to come to the birthday party.

I was eager to ask lin Keer about the situation, but I was not in the mood to deal with these people, so I walked over and knocked on Lin Keer's door.

Lin Keer opened the door and saw that it was me. He obviously frowned and finally said something.

I hurried in and closed the door.

Lin Keer's room was as clean as her own, with a faint fragrance. The white light shone on Lin Keer, making Lin Keer in a white dress look like a fairy.

Lin Keer brought me a chair and sat in front of me and asked me if Lin Xin invited me over and let me into her room.

I nodded and asked tentatively what her relationship with Lin Xin was and why they lived together.

Lin Keer was silent for a long time before he said expressionless, "You will know about this in the future. I'll tell you first. I'm two sisters with her."

In fact, I had thought about this possibility myself, but I felt incredible. I quickly asked lin Keer, "Since you are her sister, why would she bully you like this? And that's too much!"

Lin Keer shook his head helplessly and slowly told me what happened.