Chapter 43 I Will Protect You

It turned out that Lin Keer and Lin Xin were not sisters, but half-brothers.

Their father was very rich and married Lin Xin's mother, but he found a lover outside, Lin Keer's mother.

When Lin Keer's mother died of illness, her father brought Lin Keer home.

As a third year's child, she was really blinded when she brought her home.

Lin Xin insulted Lin Xin, her mother bullied her, and even lin Keer's grandparents didn't like this dishonest granddaughter.

Lin Xin hated this sister even more since she was a child. She beat and scolded her, and she wanted to rob everything.

It was this kind of environment that made Lin Keer a little cautious and at the same time a little mature that did not match his age.

And Li Hongjian told me that Li Hongjian was from a good family. He was Lin Keer's classmate. They had known each other before and had a good relationship.

But after lin xin met Li Hongjian, she began to chase after Li Hongjian and used all kinds of methods to make Lin Keer cut off contact with Li Hongjian.

Lin Keer had no choice but to hide from Li Hongjian everywhere, but Li Hongjian kept pestering her, so Lin Xin kept asking her for trouble, one by one.

In desperation, Lin Keer could only transfer schools. Who knew that Li Hongjian and Lin Xin still came after him.

The next thing that happened was what I knew.

The more Lin Keer spoke, the quieter he became. It was as if he was not talking about his own business, but his tone was filled with sad helplessness.

Looking at Lin Keer's red eyes, my heart ached.

I held the bag of medicine Lin Xin gave me tightly in my pocket. I didn't intend to use it, but now I'm getting a little excited.

According to the current situation, Lin Keer had always been a submissive person to Lin Xin, which could be seen in school a few days ago.

Lin Xin had bullied Lin Keer so much that he even had to tear his clothes and take pictures in public. Lin Keer had been holding his breath.

If I really used the medicine that Lin Xin gave me today to put Lin Keer on it, Lin Keer probably wouldn't be so bad. After all, lin xin was the one who started it. If something happened, Lin Xin would also be very responsible.

The more I thought about it, the more nervous I became. My palms started to sweat.

But what happened to Lin Keer made me a little reluctant to do so.

According to the current situation, as long as I persevere, I might catch up with Lin Keer one day.

It would make sense to do something when the time came, and there was no need to take such a big risk to do something dirty.

Finally, I took out the medicine and said to lin Keer, "Lin xin wants me to drug you. She invited me here today for this!"

Hearing what I said and looking at the white powder in my hand, Lin Keer was startled and stared at me warily with his big eyes.

I quickly waved my hand, "I didn't intend to do that either. I came to your room to ask why you were here."

Lin Keer reached out and took the medicine from me. Like garbage, he threw it into the trash can angrily with a sad look on his face.

"Isn't it enough that I'm already like this? Why are you still doing this to me!" Lin Keer couldn't help but burst into tears.

She had never cried when she was bullied by Lin Xin at school before, and this time it looked like she was really hurt.

Looking at her, I felt a strong desire to protect her. I patted her on the back and comforted her in a low voice, "Don't worry, I will protect you. I won't let you be bullied again!"

But lin Keer was not touched by me at all, and still sobbed softly..

I thought Lin Keer didn't believe me and was about to say something.

At this time, the door was knocked on, and Lin Xin's arrogant voice came from outside, "Bitch, hurry up and come out with your man. I'm going to celebrate."

Lin Keer obviously didn't want to go out and sat still.

But there was no other way. There was already a woman cursing outside.

"How heartless. After all these years, my sister's birthday is not so enthusiastic. What kind of family is that? I'll kick you out sooner or later!"

The voice was clear and sharp, but it was probably Lin Xin's mother.

Lin Keer seemed to have gotten used to it. Without making a sound, he wiped his tears with a tissue and walked out of the room.

I followed Lin Keer out and saw that there were already many people waiting in the hall below.

Lin Xin was dressed in a cool outfit with a large three-tiered cake in front of him, which cost at least a few thousand yuan.

What a rich man.

I was surprised to hear another woman sitting next to Lin Xin, who was a little old, but with an enchanting figure, said harshly to Lin Keer, "Didn't you know to come out earlier? There are no rules in waiting for you!"

Lin Keer bit his lip and found a chair at the back.

I saw an empty space by the side and hurried a few steps to get to Lin Keer's side.

But at this time, Li Hongjian actually took the lead and sat next to Lin Keer.

Lin Keer looked as if he could not see it, and his face was calm.

I don't think lin Keer meant to chase Li Hongjian away, and I'm a little unhappy, but at this time, I'm not familiar with the place, so I can only sit next to Li Hongjian silently.

Li Hongjian didn't look at me and spoke to lin Keer.

But Lin Keer's replies made me feel much better.

Lin xin, on the other hand, had a haughty face just now, but now it was full of gloom.

Most of the people sitting next to her were her mother. After watching lin xin cut the cake, she gave Lin Xin a bank card and said it was a birthday present.

Although I don't know how much, I still feel a little envious and surprised.

If my family were that rich, I wouldn't have to worry about Xu Cheng's ten thousand dollars.

Then Lin Xin's mother left, and lin xin cut the cake in the cheers of the crowd.

The first piece ran to Li Hongjian's side and handed it to Li Hongjian.

Li Hongjian still had a calm smile on his face. He thanked him and took it.

Next, Lin Xin gave the cake to the people around him, except for Lin Keer and me.

Although I don't like cream, you've already given it to someone else and won't give me too much face.

Most of the sophomores didn't know me either, so they looked at me strangely.

Sure enough, Lin Xin didn't give me any face at all. He threw away his knife and fork and said, "Let's start hi after we finish eating!"

After that, the sound system played music, and there was room for a dance floor, and there was wine on the table, some of which I had never seen before.

Li Hongjian then took his cake and handed it to Lin Keer, "Keer, you can eat mine. I haven't touched it yet!"

When I saw this, I felt a little uncomfortable.

According to what Lin Keer told me, she must have had a good relationship with Li Hongjian before. If Lin Xin hadn't messed with her, she might have been together.

Does Lin Keer like Li Hongjian?

Lin Keer shook his head. Before he could speak, Lin Xin grabbed Li Hongjian by the shoulder and said, "Don't worry about her. Act high and mighty, just like her mother!"

After that, he pulled Li Hongjian away.