Chapter 44 Take Turns Confessing

Lin Keer was scolded and did not speak.

Everyone around them looked at Lin Keer and me who didn't fit in. Only xiao ming, the senior two, seemed to know me, but didn't give me a good look.

I don't care. I can't beat Sun Yu, but I don't care about them.

I sat in Li Hongjian's seat and looked at Lin Xin who was clinging to Li Hongjian. I hesitated and asked lin Keer, "Do you like Li Hongjian?"

Hearing what I said, Lin Keer looked up and smiled at himself. But he didn't answer me.

I was too lazy to get tangled up in my heart. I didn't like seeing Li Hongjian as my rival anyway.

At this moment, everyone else started to drink and play. Seeing Li Hongjian looking at me and Lin Keer all the time, my heart moved.

"Li xin still doesn't seem to believe that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, or should we be closer? Otherwise, she might find someone else to drug you next time."

I said to Lin Keer with a cheeky face.

Lin Keer seemed to have been poked into a sore spot and his expression darkened.

"Don't worry, just act. I won't go too far!" I added in a low voice

Perhaps he wanted to dispel Lin Xin's hostility and stop Lin Xin from making trouble for himself. Although Lin Keer did not agree, he did not refuse.

Is that acquiescence?

My heart skipped a beat, and I slowly reached out and squeezed Lin Keer's little hand.

At that moment, I only felt Lin Keer's little hand tremble and struggle for a moment, but not with force.

Lin Keer's skin was exceptionally good. In comparison, I usually only did housework by hand occasionally, just like a loofah.

I was not in a hurry, so I took Lin Keer's little hand and kneaded it.

Lin Keer lowered her pretty face, and Li Hongjian's face immediately turned ugly.

I was even happier because Lin Keer didn't answer my question just now, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.

I thought it was just Li Hongjian's wishful thinking to pester Lin Keer, so I laughed at Li Hongjian in my heart.

But seeing Li Hongjian's constant courtship to lin Keer today made me feel a little uncomfortable.

I'm glad to be able to disgust Li Hongjian at this moment.

All in all, I didn't let go of Li Hongjian's murderous gaze.

It wasn't until lin Keer was a little embarrassed and pulled his hand hard that I reluctantly let go.

After that, it became even more lively. Xiao Ming was drinking with the girls who were hanging out with Lin Xin.

I looked at the silent Lin Keer and asked if Lin Keer was drinking.

Lin Keer shook his head.

At this moment, the music suddenly stopped.

I looked over doubtfully and saw lin xin standing beside Li Hongjian with a blush on her face. She waved her arms and shouted, "All of you, stop! I have something to say!"

Xiao Ming and the others looked at Lin Xin with pride.

Lin Xin said loudly, "Today is my birthday. Thank you for coming to my house to attend the party. Of course, my happiest thing is that you are here too, Li Hongjian!"

This was no more than a confession.

The girls and boys began to join in the fun, shouting for fear that the world would not be in chaos.

And I was amused.

Li Hongjian definitely came here today not because of Lin Xin's birthday, but because he wanted to see lin Keer.

I looked at lin Keer. She wasn't surprised by Lin Xin's words.

Li Hongjian didn't seem to hear it. He just said happy birthday to lin xin.

Lin xin was also very beautiful, and her face turned even redder. It was obvious that she was embarrassed to confess in front of so many people.

But she still raised her voice and shouted at Li Hongjian, "Li Hongjian, I want to be your girlfriend, okay?"

The crowd started to heckle again.

I laughed as I watched them bustle.

Most of Li Hongjian would not agree to li xin's confession.

Lin Xin was going to lose face today, and even if he agreed, I would be happier.

With such a big rival out of the way, I have to thank Lin Xin instead.

However, even though the people around him were heckling, Li Hongjian still shook his head, "I'm sorry, Lin Xin. You know, I have someone I like! So, I can't promise you."

The hecklers around him immediately shut up.

Lin Xin confessed in public and was rejected in public.

I feel awkward on the side.

Lin Xin's face was really ugly, and the glass in his hand fell to the ground.

I don't know if she did it on purpose, but she fell right under Lin Keer's feet.

"What's so good about that bitch?"

Lin Xin looked at Li Hongjian angrily.

But Li Hongjian shook his head and walked straight to Lin Keer without saying a word.

At this time, those who didn't understand knew that Li Hongjian liked Lin Keer.

All of them looked different at once.

Lin Xin stomped his feet and gritted his teeth as he looked at Lin Keer.

Lin Keer lowered his head, stood up and tried to walk upstairs, but Li Hongjian stopped him.

I immediately moved forward, trying to get Li Hongjian to step aside.

Li Hongjian didn't leave me at all. He looked at Lin Keer tenderly and said, "Keer, you know what I want. I only have you in my eyes and no one else. So, you promise to be my girlfriend. I promise, as long as you are my girlfriend, no one else can bully you!"

There was no sound around.

Today was a big show. Lin Xin was rejected for chasing Li Hongjian, and Li Hongjian confessed to lin Keer.

The people around them were whispering, and lin xin was trembling with anger.

I feel a little uncomfortable too. Lin Keer and Li Hongjian have known each other for a long time. I'm a fake boyfriend. Why would I go up there?

But I'm still a little worried that Lin Keer won't agree to Li Hongjian.

Li Hongjian was already handsome, and at this time, his eyes were as gentle as water, and his face was full of indulgence. Most girls probably couldn't resist his charm.

However, Lin Keer did not hesitate and shook his head.

The faces of the people around me were even more exciting, and I was relieved to look at Li Hongjian with a smile.

Let you pretend to be forced and mature? Now that she has been rejected in front of so many people, is there any face left?

Li Hongjian finally showed an embarrassed look, but he still waved his hand, "It's okay. I know you have something on your mind. I can wait..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a loud round of applause rang out in the awkward dance.

Lin Xin slapped Lin Keer in the face.

Lin Keer's delicate face was flushed red, and Lin Xin was really ruthless.

I immediately ran to Lin Keer and shielded her behind me.

Lin Xin pointed at Lin Keer angrily, "Get out of our house, get out!"

I could feel Lin Xin's insults shaking Lin Keer behind me.