Chapter 45 To Press for Payment

Just as I was about to speak, Li Hongjian stepped forward and grabbed Lin Xin's arm, which was raised to make a move, and stopped him, "Lin Xin, don't talk nonsense. Stop it!"

Lin Xin shook off Li Hongjian's hand and pointed at Li Hongjian angrily, "Is there anything better than me? Why do you always like her? Don't you like him? I'm going to kick her out today and make her a chicken!"

That was too much.

Li Hongjian was also angry. He looked at Lin Xin coldly and said, "Lin Xin, others are afraid of you. I'm not afraid of you. I just don't like you. Do you understand?"

That was too hurtful.

Lin Xin's eyes turned red. He pointed at Li Hongjian and Lin Keer and said, "Okay, you can go after this bitch, but she's hiding behind other men. It seems like you're no good. You're just a spare tire, and you're going to be played to death by this woman!"

With that, Lin Xin went straight to his room and slammed the door shut.

The people around looked at each other. They did not expect that the dance, which had just been so lively, would suddenly become like this.

Li Hongjian smiled bitterly and walked straight towards Lin Keer.

Lin Keer didn't say anything. He rushed to the second floor and closed the door. He didn't even call me.

A group of us stood below and looked at each other. Li Hongjian's face was ugly, but he still said to Xiao Ming, "Well, I'm really sorry for what happened today. Xiao Ming, let's eat together another day!"

Xiao Ming didn't look too good. He took his sophomore and left without giving Li Hongjian any face.

At this moment, only Li Hongjian and I were left in the room.

"I know you're Lin Keer's fake boyfriend, but stay away from kerr in the future. He's not someone you can get close to!"

With that, Li Hongjian turned around and left.

I was a little unhappy and looked at Li Hongjian with a sneer on my face.

She used to be gentle and elegant, but this time when she confessed in front of so many people and was rejected, she couldn't pretend anymore and could only put on a face with me.

I curled my lips and went upstairs to knock on the door. I wanted to go in and talk to lin Keer.

But Keer lin didn't open the door for me and told me to go home.

When I asked her if it hurt, she stopped talking to me.

I was a little helpless, so I had to go downstairs and leave. I had an early rest today, and I had to find Su xue tomorrow to make up for my lessons.

But as soon as I got downstairs, the door to Lin Xin's room opened.

Lin Xin stood at the door with a frosty face and looked at me, letting me in.

I looked at Lin Xin and didn't want to be unlucky.

After all, Lin Xin must be in a very bad mood right now. It's okay if he likes Li Hongjian's confession and is rejected, but Li Hongjian still confesses to the woman he hates the most.

This was simply too embarrassing for Lin Xin.

But looking at lin xin, I had no choice but to walk in.

As soon as he entered, Lin Xin pointed at me angrily and asked me why I didn't drug lin Keer.

I sneered in my heart. If I had been drugged, I would have been unlucky not only for Lin Keer, but also for me.

I even thought that if I drugged him, maybe lin xin would call the police. When Lin Keer lost his reputation, I would go to jail and kill two birds with one stone.

Although I'm not sure, I still don't want to get in touch with lin xin.

After all, there were very few people who could let outsiders drug their sister. They were too vicious.

I shook my head and said there was no chance.

Lin Xin looked at me and threatened me coldly, "I don't care. If you can't help it, I'll find someone to kill you!"

I was also a little irritable. I had been beaten by Lin Xin before, mostly because she was a woman, and I couldn't fight back.

I pushed the boat in Lin Keer's case, or else I wouldn't have been threatened by a woman.

I glanced at Lin Xin, turned around and left, too lazy to say a few more words.

Lin Keer jumped in anger, grabbed the ipad on the table and smashed it.

I quickly dodged and looked at the ipad with the screen cracked. My heart ached.

Five thousand for an ipad is enough for me to pay back half the money.

"I'll get someone to kill you!"

Lin Xin shouted angrily.

I was afraid that this crazy woman would hit me with something again and hurried out of the villa.

After leaving the villa and looking back at the magnificent gate, I felt a little envious.

If my family were so rich, I wouldn't have a headache over that ten thousand yuan.

She took a taxi home and thought about going to Su xue's house tomorrow to catch up on her lessons. If she went earlier, would su xue still open the door for me in her pajamas?

At this moment, the phone suddenly rang.

It was a strange number.

After picking up the phone, Xu Cheng's voice came from the other side.

"How's the money going?"

Xu Cheng asked directly.

When I heard that, I immediately frowned.

In just a day or two, he asked me for money. As a student, how could I possibly raise it?

"Brother cheng, ten thousand yuan is too much. I can't take it out for the time being. Otherwise, I'll pay you back a thousand yuan first, and then a thousand every month. You're Xu Ke's cousin, and I won't renege on your debt!"

It's impossible to take out ten thousand at a time.

But for a thousand yuan, it was okay to get together with someone.

And Xu Cheng is Xu Ke's cousin. I won't trick him. He should promise me.

What I didn't expect was that Xu Cheng sneered, "I know you have a good relationship with Xu Ke, and you've been borrowing money recently. You said you want to pay me back. I'm telling you, the money is for you. You have to pay for it yourself. Don't let me know that you're paying me back with Xu Ke's money!"

Xu Cheng has always been a little hostile to me.

Xu Ke is my buddy, but he can't help me with anything.

So, I said to the phone, "Brother Xu, I know. I won't pay you back with Xu Ke's money, but let me take my time and pay you back, okay?"

Xu Cheng sneered over there, "It'd better be like this. A thousand a month is too slow. I'll give you three months to pay me back!"

Without waiting for me to speak, he hung up the phone.

I'm a little tired, not to mention three months, even if it's six months, I can't afford ten thousand yuan.

When I got home, my dad thought I was late and I couldn't speak, so I fell asleep.

The next morning, I said I was going to make up for class, and I was about to leave with my backpack.

My mother gave me three hundred yuan for a month's food.

I looked at the three hundred dollars and wanted to ask for more.

But when I thought about how my dad was groveling on the phone yesterday, I couldn't say anything. I picked up the money and went to Su xue's house.

Su xue certainly didn't know I was coming. Maybe he was wearing very little.

I came to Su xue's house and knocked on the door. Su xue's voice came from inside.

Then the door opened and I looked in impatiently.

Sure enough, Su xue was wearing a nightgown.

All of a sudden, my heart began to heat up.

Su xue looked unhappy when he saw it was me, "What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to go to school and call in advance?"

Su xue was so embarrassed by my gaze that he reached out his little hand to push me out.