Chapter 46 Divorce

I hurriedly reached out to help the door, "No, it's a holiday today. There's no class. I'm afraid the teacher is too hard for you to run around for me, so I came by myself!"

Su xue's pretty face was full of anger, "Then go out to make up for class. Don't stay at my house."

It seems that Su xue is a little against me coming to her house.

But I thought about Su xue's flirting with me that day. Even though he threatened me in the end, I still felt a little moved.

"Don't worry, teacher. I'm here to learn. You have evidence in your hands. Don't be afraid of me!"

As I spoke, I pretended to peek at Su xue.

Su xue had no choice but to look at me as a scoundrel. He glared at me hatefully, "You wait in the living room!"

With that said, Su xue walked barefoot into the bedroom, and the door was slammed!

I knew that su xue had gone to change her clothes. She felt itchy in her heart. She took off her shoes and didn't even change her slippers.

There was a soft sound coming from the room, but I couldn't peek. I heard Su xue slam the door.

But when I got closer, I found that there was a gap in the door. Obviously, Su xue was too strong to close it properly. Instead, he bounced open.

At that moment, I couldn't help but lean in.

The thin gap between the doors limited the view.

I can only see two long legs.

Then, Su xue picked up a pair of pants and started wearing them. Although I couldn't see anywhere else, this scene had already made my blood boil.

I can't wait to open the door and jump on it.

But when I thought about the video in Su xue's hand, I held back.

Su xue probably hates me a lot. If I really did something wrong, Su xue wouldn't hesitate to call the police.

For a long time, seeing that su xue was already dressed, I crept onto the sofa and sat down.

The sound of the door opening was heard, and Su xue's voice was heard.

After Su xue came out, he looked at me suspiciously, then said angrily, "You actually opened my room door secretly!"

I immediately waved my hand, "I didn't drive it, you didn't close it yourself!"

I thought that would explain it.

However, Su xue became even angrier and lifted his haughty chin, "Zhang Tao, you're such a jerk. You actually peeked at me!"

I came to my senses after I said that.

I should have pretended not to understand.

Su xue probably saw the crack in the door and guessed that he hadn't closed it, but he suspected that I was peeking.

With my explanation, everything was exposed.

I looked at Su xue dejectedly and could only lick my face to make up for it, "No, I didn't see anything. The crack in the door was so thin that I really didn't see it!"

Su xue's pretty face was covered with frost, "I won't make up for class today. You can go."

I nodded helplessly, knowing that Su xue was really angry, but I still looked at su xue and asked her when she would give me tutoring.

Su xue told me directly that he would be in the office tomorrow and that he would chase me away.

However, just as I stood up, the door was knocked.

Who is it? Could it be Su xue's...

After all, I know about Su xue's appointment on wechat.

Sure enough, Su xue's face changed.

But he was even angrier than before.

She stood up to open the door, and I thought about it and sat down again. If it was really Su xue's cannon friend, I couldn't bear it.

The door was opened and a handsome man appeared in front of it, making me feel a little inferior.

It was so handsome, like the male lead in a korean drama, and his clothes were even more exquisite.

It was just that the temperament was a little strange, as if there were some feminine, indescribable feeling.

This is definitely a cannonball, otherwise how could he be so handsome.

I gritted my teeth in my heart. Su xue was like this.

But to my surprise, su xue stood at the door and didn't let the man in. Instead, she said coldly, "What are you doing here?"

The man's face didn't look good and his eyes fell on me.

I thought the two of them had a fight, and this man would definitely be angry at me.

But something that surprised me happened. Not only was the man not angry at me, but he was also happy in his eyes.

"Su xue, I'm here to talk to you about the divorce. Don't you think you have a man in your house? It's only been half a month since I came back. Divorce is good for everyone!"

The man looked at Su xue guiltily and said.

But my heart skipped a beat. What happened? Divorce?

Didn't Su xue only have a fiance? Why are we getting divorced?

I was even more confused.

But Su xue trembled and looked at the man angrily, "Divorce? You ruined my life, and a divorce is over? I'm telling you, don't think about it!"

The man looked at Su xue guiltily and helplessly, "I know. That's why my family is all yours. I'll give you a monthly compensation so that you can live a carefree life. If you really don't agree, I can sue for divorce. After all, we've been separated for almost two years, and the law allows it!"

I was really stunned.

A beautiful woman like Su xue was asked to divorce by a man.

And Su xue still refused. My heart was filled with sadness. Isn't this man handsome? Su xue, what are you so obsessed with?

Su xue was even angrier. He pointed at the man with his tender white fingers and was speechless for a long time.

The man looked at Su xue apologetically, "I know I'm sorry, but think about it. You can say whatever you want. Try to settle it before I leave. I'll go first today!"

After that, the man smiled apologetically at me before turning around and leaving the room.

I really don't understand.

According to the possessiveness of ordinary people, even if a man wants a divorce, he will be angry when he sees his wife and another man in the same room. Why is this guy not angry, but happy instead?

I looked at Su xue, who had slammed the door shut.

Su xue lowered his head and sobbed on his shoulder, as if he were crying.

I immediately leaned over and said, "Mr. Su, there's no need for such a scumbag to care. After all, there aren't many loyal men like me!"

I was actually having fun. The man looked like he was looking for another woman outside, so he wanted to divorce Su xue.

Now that Su xue is so sad, if I comfort him, maybe I can take advantage of the situation.

Su xue is so beautiful, I would love to come with me once.

Su xue didn't say anything. He wiped his tears and took out a few bottles of red wine from the fridge.

"Drink with me!"

Su xue's appearance made me even more excited. I want to drink with him now.

A woman with such a vengeful heart might even retaliate with me.

Of course, I won't refuse. I'm just looking for a cup. If I miss this village, there won't be a shop.