Chapter 47 Drunk

But Su xue was obviously more aggressive than I thought. He opened the cork and started drinking right into his mouth.

Red liquor flowed down Su xue's fiery mouth and down her fair chin.

Such a beautiful sight made me excited.

I also opened a bottle with a bottle opener, and then asked Su xue curiously, "Mr. Su, did that man find a lover outside?"

Although it was a bit of a scar opener, I was really curious.

Su xue was so beautiful, and this man wanted a divorce so badly that Su xue would go to court if he didn't agree.

How good was the lover he was looking for outside?

I looked at Su xue, but Su xue stopped to look at me.

I thought Su xue was going to say it, but Su xue just shook his head and asked me to drink with him.

I don't think Su xue wants to say anything. She's not disappointed, so she keeps drinking with Su xue.

I've never taken red wine seriously. It's so light. I drink like water.

But when I drank a bottle, I felt a little confused. Then I realized that although the red wine was not so good at the time, it had a big impact.

By this time, Su xue had already drunk two bottles.

Looking at the blush on her pretty face after drinking, which made her skin look even more delicate and lovely, I was filled with excitement.

It was probably because of the strong and daring alcohol. I leaned closer to Su xue on the sofa and could clearly smell the perfume on Su xue, which was especially provocative.

"Su xue, what do you think of me?

I'm not Mr. Su this time, but Su xue.

Su xue was also drunk and didn't care about address.

"You... Zhang Tao... You're just a piece of trash that's dragging our class down, and you're making a mess of things, and you don't want to make any progress..." Su xue looked at me with hazy eyes, and his speech was a little slurred.

Hearing this answer, I felt helpless and continued to ask, "Is that all? I mean how you feel about me!"

Su xue pondered for a moment and put his index finger in his mouth. This seductive gesture almost made me lose control.

Su xue shook her head and said slowly, "You, you want to take advantage of me. How do I feel about you?"

"But... In the end, you really went too far... If I hadn't been a little petty in the end, would you really want to drag me to bed?"

In the end, Su xue's big charming eyes looked at me and really made me drunk.

And Su xue's last words made me a little embarrassed.

"I know what you've been worried about, but don't worry, I've already deleted that video!"

Su xue's next words surprised me.

The video was deleted?

"You, at your age, it's normal to be impulsive. If you don't delete it and spread it out accidentally, you'll go to jail. No matter what, I'm your teacher. I won't hurt you like this..."

I always thought Su xue was going to use that video as a leverage against me.

I didn't expect her to delete it. Compared to what I did, I felt even more guilty.

Su xue's words are true after drinking. It seems that she is not as bad as I used to be. Everything she did before should be to make me study hard.

Otherwise, in the same situation as last time, she wouldn't have agreed to help me with my tutoring.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Su. I'll delete those chats right away!"

After that, I took out my phone and uninstalled silent.

Su xue took another sip of the wine, "If you don't make any progress in the future, I will still kick you out... Work is work, this is my bottom line..."

I listened quietly, but in the middle of su xue's words, she threw up and vomited.

Su xue drank two bottles of red wine, and I felt dizzy, not to mention Su xue was a woman.

"Teacher, you are drunk. You should go and rest!"

I looked at Su xue and hurriedly took a tissue from the coffee table to wipe the dirt off Su xue's face.

But su xue vomited a lot, her clothes were all vomited, and some of them flowed into her body.

"Mr. Su? Mr. Su!"

I patted Su xue. She was really drunk.

But I can't let her fall asleep with vomit. It must be very uncomfortable.

After thinking about it, I reached out and grabbed the hem of Su xue's dress, slowly going up to take it off.

Maybe Su xue was feeling bad too, and he actually took the initiative to support his waist so that it would be more convenient for me to take off her blouse.

If it had been before, I would have pushed Su xue over without hesitation.

But thinking about what Su xue said just now, I no longer have the mind of a jerk.

Su xue is a dutiful teacher. Even if she recorded the video to stop me, she didn't mean to hurt me at all.

It was normal for her husband to have a bad temper when he was about to divorce me.

On the contrary, I was the one who went overboard, threatening her with a chat history.

If I did anything to Su xue today, I would be a jerk.

So, I resisted the excitement in my heart and tried to wipe the dirt off Su xue's body with a tissue.

I was relieved to finally clean up.

Su xue, on the other hand, felt uncomfortable and stretched out his legs to take off his pants.

I stood there in a daze.

It's so tempting.

I can't wait to climb up right now, but the only reason left is to stop me from doing this.

Because the sofa was full of vomit, I thought about it and picked up Su xue and walked to the bedroom.

The living room and the room were only a few meters away, but every step I took was a combination of heaven and man.

It was as if half a century had passed before I sweated and threw Su xue on the bed.

After that, Su xue lost his usual spirit and curled up in bed alone.

Looking at Su xue, who was curled up in his arms and legs like he was alone and helpless, my heart ached a little.

Was this usually strong woman sleeping alone in such a pitiful position in the middle of the night?

I stood by and watched, feeling dizzy and sleepy.

Touching the soft bed, I couldn't help but fall asleep.

When I woke up, my hands were soft.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a beautiful face.

And a pair of wide eyes, looking at me sullenly.

It's Su xue. Did I fall asleep with Su xue in my arms?