Chapter 48 I Can Help You Pay Back the Money

Su xue looked at me with a murderous face.

I reluctantly withdrew my hand, looked at the angry Su xue, and hurriedly explained, "I didn't mean it. You threw up on your body, so I helped you take off your clothes, and then I brought you over to rest, but I seemed to be drunk, so I slept here, but I promise, I didn't do anything!"

Su xue looked down at his body suspiciously. After a long time, his face finally turned a little better.

I'm relieved. I don't think I'm angry anymore.

But what he didn't expect was that Su xue turned his head.

"Get out!"

I looked at Su xue in surprise, but Su xue was calm.

"Miss su, I..."

"I said, get out!"

Su xue's voice grew louder this time.

I was a little helpless, but when I reached out to Su xue, Su xue would think I did it on purpose.

I didn't want to make Su xue angry, so I just nodded dejectedly and went out to pick up my bag.

Su xue was already dressed, standing at the bedroom door, looking at me with cold eyes.

I glanced at Su xue and walked out with my bag on my back.

Su xue slammed the door shut.

Then I went to school.

As soon as I got to the dorm, Li Gang threw me an apple and asked me if I could find a way to get back at Zhao Hualiang.

I waved my hand. Xu Cheng was much harder to deal with than Zhao Hualiang.

I'm sure that if I don't pay the money back in three months, Xu Cheng will take care of me.

He would also bring people to my parents for money.

By then, whether my parents can give me money or not, I will be finished.

I don't want to disappoint my parents, but what should I do?

The next day in class, Lin Keer sat next to me. I remembered what happened yesterday, so I approached Lin Keer and asked, "Keer, Lin Xin didn't bully you yesterday, did he?"

Lin Keer glanced at me, lowered his head and read while saying, "How can I bully you? I slapped you. It doesn't matter if you bully me again!"

Hearing Lin Keer's words, I secretly hated Lin Xin.

It was Lin Xin who robbed Li Hongjian, but Li Hongjian refused and vented his anger on lin Keer. It was too much.

After a few more words with Lin Keer, I saw that lin Keer was not in the mood to talk to me. I was too lazy to talk.

But at noon, I still had lunch with Lin Keer.

However, before we reached the canteen, lin Keer and I were in trouble.

Lin xin stood in front of me with a few women.

Lin Xin smiled even more coldly, "Silly, weren't you awesome yesterday? Today, I beat you to death!"

With that, he slapped her.

I reacted and grabbed Lin Xin's hand and threw it aside, "Lin Xin, don't be ignorant. I don't want to hit a woman!"

Lin xin was so angry that her eyebrows were raised and she slapped her face again.

This is too much. Lin Keer told me about her yesterday, and I was particularly disgusted with Lin Xin.

Now that Lin Xin was still looking for trouble, I grabbed Lin Xin's hand and pushed her against the wall.

"Don't think you can bully people just because you have some money. I hate people like you the most!"

After that, I took Lin Keer's hand and was about to leave.

Lin Xin looked at me coldly, "Bullying, I'm bullying. A dog and a dog, you're dead!"

With that said, Lin Xin looked at Lin Keer coldly, "It's not the same with a man. Just wait. I don't believe this idiot has been following you all the time. When the time comes, I'll take your clothes off and take photos!"

After that, lin xin gave me a hateful look, turned around and left with the girls.

I turned around and said to lin Keer, "She's really gone too far. It's not a problem for you to be bullied by him all the time. She won't dare to bully you after resisting a few times!"

Lin Keer heard me and sneered, "Resist? The whole family belonged to Lin Xin and her mother. I was bullied every day for not talking. If I resisted, I would have been kicked out long ago!"

Lin Keer's words silenced me.

Yeah, I can't stand it. I fight and get beaten at most, but Lin Keer is different.

I looked at Lin Keer worriedly and asked, "I just pushed Lin Xin. Will she chase you away?"

Lin Keer shook his head and walked towards the canteen alone.

During dinner, Lin Keer told me that we wouldn't have to eat together in the future. Anyway, Lin Xin was looking for trouble.

I'm a little reluctant, but thinking that Lin Xin doesn't like me right now, I think he's going to trouble me.

It would be bad to vent your anger on Lin Keer.

Lin Keer was already in a bad situation at home. If I were to implicate her again, Lin Xin wouldn't know what to do with tea.

I had no choice but to nod.

I didn't see that bitch Ma Qian in the cafeteria this time, which made me feel better.

Lin Keer finished eating and left on his own. At this time, Li Hongjian sat opposite me.

I have a headache. It seems like this guy is spying on me and lin Keer every day. He always shows up all of a sudden. It's annoying.

"What are you doing?"

I looked at Li Hongjian impatiently.

Li Hongjian looked at me and said directly, "I told you yesterday. Stay away from lin Keer. Do you understand?"

Thinking that Lin Keer would never eat with me again, I was annoyed. He came to bb with me again, which made me very impatient.

"Can you control it? Lin Keer has rejected you. Can you stop being so brazen?"

Li Hongjian smiled faintly when she heard what I said.

"Lin Keer rejected me because if she were my girlfriend, Lin Xin and her mother would be more against Lin Keer. I had a drink yesterday, and I was impulsive!"

I sneered in my heart. I really know how to find a way for myself.

"Well, you're handsome. You're right. I won't eat with Lin Keer in the future!"

After that, I didn't bother to talk to Li Hongjian, so I turned around and left.

At this time, Li Hongjian behind me suddenly said to me, "Do you owe Xu Cheng ten thousand yuan? I can help you pay it back!"

I was too lazy to answer, but when I heard Li Hongjian's words, my heart moved.

Li Hongjian looked like a rich man. Ten thousand yuan was definitely not a big deal for him.

But the thought flashed away.

Not to mention that Li Hongjian and I are rivals in love, even if we have a relationship, it is definitely not worth ten thousand yuan.

This guy knows how to act tough. He must be depressed. If I use his money, I don't know when to set me up.

Thinking of this, I shook my head, turned around and left, afraid that I would not be able to stand Li Hongjian's temptation.

Li Hongjian was still the same. He smiled faintly and said that when I figured it out, I could go to him.