Chapter 49 Tired of Living

At noon, I went back to the dormitory to rest. As soon as I got to the door, I saw Li Gang standing outside in fear.

I walked over and asked what was wrong? How dare you go into your own dorm?

Li Gang pointed to the door helplessly. When I looked up, I saw Sun Yu lying on my bed, leaning against my quilt, not taking off his shoes, and playing with his phone on my bedsheet.

What happened?

I looked at the footprints on the sheets, suppressed my anger, and walked in to look at Sun Yu and ask him what he was doing.

Last time, Sun Yu called Hong Biao. I had no choice but to endure it.

But if Sun Yu really treated me like a soft persimmon and wanted to bully me, that would be too much.

I looked at Sun Yu angrily. Sun Yu put down her phone and saw that it was me. She smiled.

"Looks like the wound on the head has healed!"

Sun Yu's first words almost made me lose control of my anger.

There was nothing more depressing than being smashed into a brick and losing ten thousand yuan.

Sun Yu didn't care at all. He just stood in front of me, reached out and patted me on the cheek.

The strength of my hand was not heavy, nor was it painful, but the sound of a crisp snap made my heart explode with anger.

"Hehe, I'm good this time, so I won't bully you. Zhang Tao, remember, stay away from lin Keer in the future. If I see you with Lin Keer, you're dead!"

With that, Sun Yu kicked me in the leg. I staggered and took a few steps back, grinning in pain.

But my heart was turned upside down.

What does Sun Yu mean by that? Did she also like Lin Keer and threaten me because she wanted to chase lin Keer?

Thinking of this, I gritted my teeth in anger.

Sun Yu was not a good person. It was said that when his girlfriend was pregnant in his second year of high school, he kicked her out. The girl could only ask for money from her family and was forced to quit school by her angry family.

I looked up at Sun Yu angrily, only to see that Sun Yu had already left the dormitory with his help.

"Brother Tao, Sun Yu is going to rob lin Keer from you. I think brother tao, you can forget it. Sun Yu's cousin Hong Biao is too powerful. Let's not provoke him!"

Li Gang leaned over to me and said.

I was so angry that I couldn't be bothered to talk to the timid Li Gang. I patted the sheets and lay down, wondering what to do.

If Sun Yu was determined to take care of me and not let me get close to Lin Keer, I really wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Even if I tried to get rid of Sun Yu at school, once I left the school, a Hong Biao would be able to beat me back to where I was.

What should we do?

He hadn't slept for a whole afternoon, and his mind was turned upside down, but there was nothing he could do about it.

In the afternoon, I came to the classroom listlessly. Lin Keer saw me sprawled on the table and asked me why I was listless.

I turned to look at Lin Keer.

Lin Keer was indeed a beautiful woman, and it was not surprising that Sun Yu took a fancy to her.

"Do you know Sun Yu?"

I hesitated and asked.

"Sun Yu? Yes!"

Lin Keer's words filled me with gloom. Lin Keer and Sun Yu already knew each other.

Sun Yu moved too fast.

But what Lin Keer said next made me feel relieved, "Didn't you get beaten up by Sun Yu before? Didn't you say you were the senior?"

It turned out that Lin Keer didn't know each other, but he had heard of them.

I hurriedly said to Lin Keer, "Keer, let me tell you, that sun yu is not a good thing. He is irresponsible, greedy and likes to fight..."

I was talking about Sun Yu's shortcomings, and Lin Keer didn't react when she heard me call her Keer, but she interrupted me strangely. "Zhang Tao, why are you telling me this?"

I smirked. I was afraid that you would be cheated by Sun Yu.

But I didn't say it. After all, it was too embarrassing to be threatened to leave the girl she liked.

So I shook my head and said, "Nothing. It's just that this person is not a good person. I want you to be careful of him!"

Lin Keer sighed, not sure if he heard it.

All afternoon, my heart was in a mess. If Lin Keer knew that Sun Yu was threatening me, she would keep a distance from me according to her personality.

After school in the afternoon, Lin Keer greeted me and went to dinner.

I wasn't in a hurry to go out. I was lying alone in the classroom, feeling a little sleepy.

But at this moment, my table suddenly shook, as if someone had kicked me. With a bang, I jumped up in fright.

Then he looked up and saw Lin Xin looking at me with a cold smile. Next to him stood Xiao Ming and a group of sophomores.

"Idiot, how dare you push me yesterday? Today I will make you regret it!"

When Xiao Ming heard Lin Xin talking, he kicked me.

I quickly dodged and shouted at Lin Xin, "Don't do it. I can't agree to your request, but you can't blame me for this. You should blame Sun Yu!"

"Sun Yu?"

Lin Xin muttered the name and looked at me with disdain, "Zhang Tao, do you think I'm stupid?"

I quickly waved my hand and said, "No, I can't agree to your request because Sun Yu threatened me to stay away from lin Keer, or he would kill me!"

Lin Xin looked incredulous, but he didn't let Xiao Ming do it again.

My heart was filled with joy. If Xiao Ming and Sun Yu got into a dogfight, I would be happy.

Xiao Ming was a senior, and if they fought, they might be able to solve Sun Yu's problem.

So, I quickly told them what Sun Yu threatened me.

However, the date was moved up by a few days to become before last week's holiday.

Sun Yu won't let me near Lin Keer. He said he wanted him to kill me if he saw me with Lin Keer. If Keer was really my girlfriend, Sun Yu would never let me go!"

I opened my hands and said this.

Lin Xin looked at me with disdain and disbelief.

"You're really useless. If someone threatens you, you'll be as scared as a dead father. You deserve to be a senior in high school. Even the first year of junior high school is better than you!"

When I heard this, I felt uncomfortable. Didn't you threaten me too?

If I had the ability, I would have hung this little bitch up and beat her up, a woman with such a bad temper.

But I didn't say that. After all, I was thinking of getting Lin Xin and Sun Yu to fight.

Lin Xin smiled, "Well, I'll forgive you for not doing anything for me that day, since Sun Yu threatened me!"

When I heard what Lin Xin said, I was so happy that I easily brushed it off.

But Lin Xin's next words made my heart sink.

"But you didn't push me yesterday so easily. You're tired of living!"