Chapter 5 Squat down

Li Gang and I have only known each other for a day. I didn't expect him to care so much about me. It really surprised me.

But no matter what Li Gang said, no matter how powerful Zhao Hualiang was in school, I definitely wanted to get Zhao Hualiang.

I didn't want to continue this conversation with Li Gang. I smiled and shook my head.

Li Gang probably thought that I had given up on this idea, spat hard, and said angrily, "Lin Keer, this bitch, looks pretty. She's really not a thing. You're obviously helping her, but in the end, she's going to step on you!"

At the mention of Lin Keer, I was also angry.

But I don't know her. I don't know why she lies with her eyes open. It's not good to deny her because of this.

Maybe she said that because she was afraid of Zhao Hualiang taking revenge on her, so I decided to ask her.

If she's really afraid of Zhao Hualiang, then I should give her some sense of security.

After a few words with Li Gang, he said he didn't have breakfast either, so they went to the canteen together and returned to the classroom after eating.

Many of my classmates saw me laughing with schadenfreude. I guess my face was swollen and looked very funny. Zhao Hualiang looked at me arrogantly.

I ignored them and sat down in my seat.

Lin Keer was also in his seat, staring at the book, lost in thought, not sure if he was reading or if he had something on his mind.

Anyway, she didn't have any expression on her face, nor did she smile, nor did she know if she had been taken by someone else and hadn't come out of that shadow yet.

She was wearing a white short-sleeved dress today. I poked my finger on her fair arm and it felt so slippery.

Before I could say anything, Lin Keer felt like he had been electrocuted. He turned around and glared at me angrily, asking me what I was doing.

I was a little angry. Didn't I just touch my arm and need such a big reaction?

It was as if I had touched her somewhere else!

After I calmed down, I asked her why she was lying today and if she was afraid that Zhao Hualiang would retaliate against her.

She didn't say anything after she heard what I said. She turned her head and didn't even care about me anymore.

I was even angrier. At least I helped her. Why should I be so cold?

For the sake of being a beautiful woman, I could only swallow this in my stomach and urge her again, "You speak!"

"Are you bored? You were the one who got beaten up for meddling. What does it have to do with me? If you are mentally unbalanced, if you have the guts, go find the person who beat you. Why are you asking me? Do you want me to thank you? If you don't have the guts to be a hero, you deserve to be beaten to death!"

Lin Keer stood up like a volcano, slammed the book on the table, and scolded me impatiently.

And her voice was so loud that everyone in the class looked at us.

I didn't expect her to say something like that. She was forced to do so, and her face turned red and white.

If I had been humiliated by Zhao Hualiang's beating before, now that lin Keer had said that, I was ashamed and even had the urge to find a hole in the ground.

"I'm just asking you a question. You don't have to do this, do you?"

I stared at Lin Keer, trying to suppress the anger in my heart and questioned her, trying to find some face for myself.

If she wasn't a girl, I would definitely hit her now!

"What do you want? What does it matter to you? Also, I warn you not to touch me again! Or the consequences will be at your own risk!"

Lin Keer gave me a cold look and sat in his seat without saying a word.

I almost fainted from anger. I just touched her arm. It was as if I wanted to force her. I thought too highly of herself!

I can see clearly now that Lin Keer is a vicious person. Compared to su xue, he is simply beyond compare.

I really have the feeling of being a dog. I just came to the Yunkai middle school two days ago and met two people like this, which made me feel ashamed.

Lin Keer didn't say anything, and I didn't provoke her anymore. If she said something worse, I would be so mad at her that I wanted to jump off a building.

Anyway, I made a note of what happened today. I'll deal with su xue when I'm done with her!

"This idiot tried to be nice to lin Keer, but he was not only beaten up, but also humiliated by her. He was so humiliated that he was thrown to grandma's house."

"Yeah, he's obviously not good at pretending. If I were him, I'd rather die."


The other students in the class began to sneer, and their voices were so loud that they clearly meant to tell me.

"Idiot, have you forgotten what I just told you? To make you less arrogant, you actually chased away the girls from the rude class? Did you just get hit and forget to ask me to hit you again?"

Zhao Hualiang suddenly stood up from his seat and walked towards me arrogantly.

I was already dying of grievances, and when I heard the gossip and Zhao Hualiang's words, my heart began to burn.

Zhao Hualiang walked up to me, looked down at me and said in an commanding tone, "Apologize to lin Keer, or else I'll beat your mother up and she won't even know you!"

This idiot, I haven't even avenged him yet. In order to please Lin Keer, he actually wanted to bully me again. He really thought I was a sick cat!

"Why should I apologize to her?" I stood up and stared at Zhao Hualiang.


Zhao Hualiang sneered, "You have to apologize to her based on the way you talk to her! I said you stupid, bad grades, no money, and ugly. If I were you, I would die. How dare you touch lin Keer? Who gave you the courage? Do you want me to bring a dog for you to play with? A person like you will probably only be able to play with dogs for the rest of your life."

The students around them all burst into laughter at his words.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I slapped my hand on the desk and made a loud "Bang."

The people in the classroom were not sure whether they were frightened by the noise or by my actions. They suddenly became silent and stared at me in a daze.

"Do you really want to die?" Zhao Hualiang was stunned for a moment and then roared with a ferocious look on his face.

"Zhao Hualiang, I want to squat with you!" I pointed at Zhao Hualiang's nose and yelled.

Squatting is our local term, which means that two groups of people make an appointment and then call each other to fight.

The students in the classroom certainly didn't expect me, who was scolded by su xue as a dog and beaten up enough by Zhao Hualiang, to suddenly challenge Zhao Hualiang.

A few of Zhao Hualiang's boys might have heard me scold Zhao Hualiang, and they all picked up stools and rushed at me.