Chapter 50 What A Shame!

Lin Xin's words made me realize how bad it was. Sure enough, Lin Xin slapped me in the face.

I only felt the heat on my face.

I was angry and stared at Lin Xin, but Lin Xin didn't care at all. He just sneered and said, "Don't think I'll take it seriously just by saying a few words. Now we're going to find Sun Yu. I'd like to know why Sun Yu is involved in my affairs!"

Is this a face-to-face confrontation?

I frowned. Lin Xin and Xiao Ming had already reached the door.

Seeing that I didn't move, Lin Xin frowned, "Are you lying to me that you dare not leave?"

I waved my hand and went. Who's afraid of who?

Xiao Ming was supposed to be like Sun Yu in school, but Xiao Ming was not afraid at all. He took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

Hsin, Sun Yu is eating in the canteen! Shall we go over now?"

Lin Xin did not hesitate and walked directly to the canteen.

I didn't expect Lin Xin to be so decisive, but I was happy to see this.

Soon, we arrived at the canteen.

Sun Yu was eating in the canteen, surrounded by his little brothers.

Lin Xin walked over without hesitation. A group of us made everyone around us look sideways.

The boys around Sun Yu stopped playing, and Sun Yu squinted at the domineering Lin Xin.

"Sun Yu, right? You're the one who won't let Zhang Tao and Lin Keer be together?"

Sun Yu was the eldest in the third year of senior high school, but lin xin was not afraid and asked proudly.

With this question, sun yu turned around and looked at me. He saw me standing at the back with a threatening look in his eyes.

Then he glanced at xiao ming and said to Lin Xin, "What does it have to do with you?"

"It's a big deal. I don't care why you threaten him, but I'm telling you, he's under my protection. Don't think you can do whatever you want just because you're a senior. In my eyes, you're nothing!"

Lin Xin's words did not give Sun Yu any face.

Sun Yu, who was being run on like this, was a woman, and her face suddenly changed, "Xiao Ming is standing behind you. How dare you talk to me like that? Don't think I won't hit a woman. Get out of my way. Leave me alone!"

Sun yu was angry.

But lin xin looked at Sun Yu with disdain, "Hit me? You take yourself too seriously. Be a good senior and wait for your graduation. Otherwise, I will make it impossible for you to finish your studies!"

Sun Yu's face turned even uglier.

I was having fun on the side, and to put it aside, Lin Xin's arrogance was truly unique among the girls.

"Your mother forced me to give you face!"

Sun Yu roared and slapped Lin Xin in the face.

But xiao was ready in the morning and reached out to grab Sun Yu's wrist.

Lin xin, on the other hand, was even more aggressive. She kicked Sun Yu's children and grandchildren and said, "Sun Yu, you dare to touch me. I will kill you!"

Sun Yu's face turned blue from the pain and he looked at Lin Xin angrily, "Okay, I have to sleep with you! And you, Zhang Tao, think I won't touch you if I find a woman to back me up, right? I'll kill you today!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Sun Yu kicked Xiao Ming in the leg and Xiao Ming staggered a few times.

"Call me!"

Sun Yu was really angry and was about to start a fight in the cafeteria.

Sun Yu was surrounded by eight or nine people, and Xiao Ming was only looking for me today, followed by three people.

Lin Xin was no match at all. His face changed and he took a few steps back, but he still shouted at Sun Yu, "Sun Yu, I want someone to kill you!"

Sun Yu sneered and started beating up Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming's men were not discouraged, but there were fewer people than the other party, so it was useless.

I looked at the side hesitantly, not sure if I should go.

At this moment, Sun Yu looked up at me with a cold smile.

I was shocked to know that Sun Yu was going to trouble me.

At the thought of this, the hesitation in my heart also disappeared. Anyway, Sun Yu will trouble me no matter what, so come on.

With that, I rushed towards Sun Yu and kicked him aside.

Xiao Ming got up and rushed at Sun Yu.

But we weren't strong enough. We were no match. One of Sun Yu's men kicked me in the back and I fell to the ground.

Damn it, I'm going to get beaten up again today.

I was a little upset, but at this moment, a shout came from the cafeteria door, "What are you doing? Fight in the cafeteria, spread it out!"

A teacher is here.

Sun Yu frowned and looked at us unhappily, but still sneered, "You guys are lucky today, Zhang Tao. This is not over. And you, Xiao Ming, I let you know that your senior year is nothing. As for you? Hehe!"

The last sentence was directed at Lin Xin.

Lin Xin didn't look good, but he was probably scared and didn't speak.

Sun yu took his men away, and the teacher didn't come over either. When he saw that it was gone, he left the canteen.

Xiao Ming was beaten the worst, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

I'm glad it wasn't too painful.

"Xiao Ming, didn't you sue me for not being afraid of anyone at school? Why was she beaten up by Sun Yu?"

Lin Xin yelled at Xiao Ming angrily.

Xiao Ming was a little embarrassed, but he wasn't angry, "I brought fewer people today, or I wouldn't be afraid of Sun Yu!"

I felt very strange to be by my side. If I were Xiao Ming, I would have turned my head if Lin Xin spoke to me like that.

Help you fight and you still despise me for being inferior to your opponent.

But instead of being angry, Xiao Ming was embarrassed.

Lin Xin pointed angrily at Xiao Ming, "Xiao Ming, I don't care. You must beat Sun Yu down for me. What kind of senior is he? How dare you threaten me in the end!"

I was a little helpless about Lin Xin's insolence, but I was also very happy in my heart. Xiao Ming seemed to be officially on the same page as Sun Yu.

It would be best if it was completely resolved.

"Well, I'll find someone tomorrow and go to his dorm!"

Xiao Ming said so.

Lin Xin nodded.

Then Lin Xin looked at me, "Coward, you can wait until Xiao Ming is done with it. It's really embarrassing. This is also considered the third year of senior high school! If I were you, I would die."

My face was burning from Lin Xin's ridicule. Lin Xin and Xiao Ming left immediately.

I let out a breath. You're awesome. I'll admit it.

Back in the dormitory, Li Gang was playing games on his mobile phone. Seeing that I was back, he rushed to me and asked sun yu what to do.

I didn't hide it. I fought Xiao Ming and Sun Yu, but they couldn't fight each other. I told them about going to the arena tomorrow.

When Li Gang heard that, he nodded quickly.

"This guy Xiao Ming is the lowest key, but he's doing well. There are also big brothers outside. He's quite powerful. If he helps brother tao, you can definitely get rid of that guy Sun Yu!"

I nodded noncommittally.

It would be best if I could. Even if I couldn't, Xiao Ming and sun yu would be able to help me a lot if they had a grudge.

After all, the enemy of an enemy is a friend.