Chapter 51 People Are Drifting in Rivers And Lakes

At noon the next day, Lin Keer was going to eat alone again. I quickly licked my face and followed Lin Keer.

Lin Keer didn't reject me even though he said he wouldn't have dinner with me last time.

We walked towards the canteen, laughing and talking.

Xiao Ming is going to fight with Sun Yu today. I think Xiao Ming is pretty good. It should be okay to deal with Sun Yu.

Except for the ten thousand dollar debt, I'm finally relaxed.

But when I was halfway through dinner with Lin Keer, a sneer came to my ears and startled me.

"Hey, Zhang Tao, you don't seem to have a long memory. You forgot what I did to you last time? Damn it! How dare you let a woman trouble me? I'll kill you today!"

Before I could react, my head hurt and my hair was pulled off the stool.

I bared my teeth in pain.

Sun Yu stood behind me and stepped on my chest, "Damn it, I told you to stay away from me yesterday. If you don't like it, you'll find someone to deal with me, won't you?"

With that, Sun Yu stomped his foot!

The pain in my chest made me feel like my ribs were split open, and I bent over like a prawn and grinned in pain.

Damn, didn't Xiao Ming say he was going to touch Sun Yu? Why does Sun Yu still have time to find me?

Lin Keer rushed over and held me up, "What are you doing? If you do it again, I'll find a teacher!"

These words made Sun Yu and the others laugh.

Sun Yu didn't do it again, but squatted down in front of Lin Keer and patted my face with his hand, "Zhang Tao, forget it this time. If there's another time, I'll open the ladle for you! Xiao ming is a hanger, but he still wants to deal with me? I'll wait for him!"

After that, sun yu left with a group of people swaggering.

I was helped up by Lin Keer and sat in a chair. Lin Keer looked at me worriedly.

I kept coughing, and that foot almost made me gasp, and I felt terrible.

"It's okay, Keer. It's just a foot!"

Lin Keer frowned and looked at me, "Didn't you get beaten up by him last time? Why is he still bothering you? It's too much!"

I smiled helplessly and didn't tell lin Keer that it was all because of Lin Keer.

I don't want to say it, because Lin Keer is so understanding. If I knew about this and took the initiative to keep a distance from me, I would have no tears.

I would rather be beaten than be alienated by Lin Keer.

So, I smiled and said, "Nothing. People drift around in rivers and lakes. How can they not be stabbed? Even if I am so powerful, there are times when I sail in the gutter! I didn't dare to do anything because you were by my side. I was afraid that I would hurt you. Otherwise, I would have defeated them with one hand!"

Lin Keer was amused by my words and gave me a reproachful look, "I still have the strength to joke. It looks like I'm really fine!"

After that, I was in no mood to eat. Lin Keer went back to the dormitory to rest. After I sent him away, I went back to the classroom.

Because I didn't want Lin Keer to worry, I was very relaxed just now.

But in fact, my anger was about to explode.

The humiliation of being beaten by Sun Yu in front of Lin Keer was worse than the last time he was opened.

I was going to sit back and watch them fight.

But now I changed my mind.

Sun Yu must be dealt with severely, otherwise, Sun Yu will only be more rampant.

I called Zhao Yuchen and told him to smoke on the rooftop.

Zhao Yuchen still had a few boys with him, but there were fewer than last time.

And Zhao Yuchen looked a little embarrassed.

I was a little surprised and asked him what was going on.

Zhao Yuchen looked upset and said angrily, "Those Wangbadan are trying to run me on fire. Damn it. Even if they fight for the boss behind my back, they still dare to target me. They have to be beaten to death!"

"Wu Zhihong didn't help you?"

I asked with a frown.

Zhao Yuchen shook his head disdainfully and then said to me, "Brother Tao, don't worry. I can solve the problem of the first year of high school myself!"

I saw that Zhao Yuchen was full of confidence and didn't say much.

But if Zhao Yuchen can't make it in the first year of high school, I'll go and tell Wu Zhihong. After all, I helped him once, so I won't refuse to let him help.

After chatting for a while, Lin Xin suddenly called and asked where I was.

I said it was on the rooftop. It wasn't long before Xiao Ming brought someone over.

Xiao Ming looked at me with disdain, but still asked me, "Did Sun Yu trouble you at noon?"

Although Xiao Ming was a low-key high school boss, he seemed to be the most arrogant.

Anyway, from the beginning to the end, he looked down on me.

I still don't want to talk to him. If it weren't for Sun Yu, I wouldn't be bothered.

"Well, let's start a fire and deal with him. After all, he is the senior three boss. He should have more people than you. It's convenient for us to share!"

I plan to join forces with Xiao Ming to deal with Sun Yu.

But Xiao Ming shook his head disdainfully, "Sun yu is nothing. You don't have to help me. Just take care of yourself. I'll take care of Sun Yu tonight. I want to see how he has the face to be the senior three boss.

With that, Xiao Ming turned around and left.

Zhao Yuchen looked at Xiao Ming's back and spat in disdain, "What the hell? Why are you putting on a big tailed wolf? If you raise your head so high, you won't die from walking!"

I laughed when I heard Zhao Yuchen's words.

"All right, I was thinking of teaming up with Xiao Ming to deal with Sun Yu. I didn't expect this guy to be so angry. Let him handle it himself. I'll be happy too. Don't worry about these troubles!"

Zhao Yuchen was still a little upset. Xiao Ming muttered to me for a while.

Class was about to start in the afternoon, so I patted my butt and stood up and went back to class.

Lin Keer saw me and asked me worriedly what happened.

I shook my head, "It's okay. Let's have a good class!"

This class is Su xue's class. Ever since that day in Su xue's house, I don't know how to face Su xue.

After all, if Su xue was a bad woman, I wouldn't be like this.

But I still remember what Su xue said after he got drunk that day. Su xue was a good teacher.

But I've done so much to Su xue before.

It would be really awkward to see Su xue.

After class, Su xue was still wearing a smart little suit, without concealing his hot figure.

Su xue didn't look at me too much and continued to teach as usual.

I breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that su xue will not trouble me.

However, after class, Su xue stood on the podium, "Zhang Tao, what are you looking around for in a class? Follow me to the office!"

With that said, I stood up with a bitter face.