Chapter 52 Thank You

Lin Keer also gave me a blank look and said that I deserved it if I didn't listen to the class properly.

I thought about what was wrong with not listening to the class. It was the same thing that happened in Su xue's house. Su xue was probably too embarrassed to bother me at that time, and now he's here.

I followed Su xue gloomily to the office.

"Zhang Tao, I said, work is work, private is private. You have to give me a good lesson at school. You keep looking around and peeking at Lin Keer. Can you improve your grades?"

Su xue narrowed his eyes and scolded me.

I shook my head helplessly. I didn't expect su xue to call me here for my grades.

"I still say that. If you don't improve on the mid-term exam, then I won't hesitate to kick you out of my class!"

Su xue said seriously.

In the past, I would have thought that Su xue pretended to be formal and was actually trying to find a way to fire me.

But now I understand that Su xue really said that for work.

Su xue's face was a little haggard, even a little dark circles under his eyes.

Maybe it was because of the divorce. I was a little angry with that man, but it made such a beautiful woman like Su xue sad. So I asked, "Mr. Su, how is your divorce? If you ask me, that scumbag should get divorced. Don't be reluctant to part with him. He's just a little handsome!"

I'm doing this for the good of su xue.

After all, it's better to get a divorce than a long one.

But Su xue's face changed, and he looked at me unhappily, "Zhang Tao, just mind your own business. You don't have to worry about my business. Hurry up and study. Otherwise, I'll kick you out for the exam next month! Don't ever talk about me in school again."

I didn't expect Su xue to react so quickly. He smiled a little and rushed out.

Alas, self-defeating.

What I said before, on the one hand, was to enlighten Su xue, on the other hand, I also had a little thought that I did not know.

After all, Su xue was so beautiful that if she got divorced, she would definitely be unable to bear the loneliness and get close to other men. I had the advantage of being close to the water, so I might have something to do with Su xue.

But seeing how angry su xue was just now, it must be over.

I really don't know what su xue thinks. The man is getting divorced, and she is still clinging to him.

As soon as I returned to the classroom with a muddled head, Li Gang leaned over to me and asked su xue why she was bothering me again.

After all, Su xue helped me a lot when I coerced him in class. He thought I had a good relationship with Su xue.

I shook my head. There was really no way to explain what happened with Su xue.

After dinner in the evening, I walked slowly to the dormitory, intending to go back to the dormitory to rest.

Xiao Ming would go to Sun Yu's dorm to make trouble tonight, and I don't know if I can clean up Sun Yu.

Just as he was thinking, his phone rang.

Li Gang said on the phone, "Brother Tao, Xiao Ming brought some people to Sun Yu's dorm for trouble, but Sun Yu seems to have been prepared. There are a lot of people in the dorm, and Xiao Ming didn't bring enough people. It looks like he's going to be called!"

Although Li Gang didn't dare to fight, he always paid attention to these things.

I was also a little angry when I thought about Sun Yu beating me up during the day.

Just help xiao ming once this time. It's best to beat Sun Yu down.

Thinking of this, I called Zhao Yuchen and asked him to bring someone over.

Zhao Yuchen heard that Sun Yu was blocking me in the dormitory and said to come over immediately.

Not long after, Zhao Yuchen rushed over, followed by six or seven younger brothers.

I'm a little anxious. If Xiao Ming gets beaten down, I'll be late.

So when everyone was here, we hurried towards the dormitory.

When they arrived at the corridor, they heard a commotion. There was a crowd outside to watch the show.

The dorm manager was not around, and no one was in charge.

Seeing a group of us, the crowd immediately made way for us.

When I walked in, I saw Xiao Ming being held down by Sun Yu and beaten violently. The corner of his mouth was covered with blood.

The surroundings were also in a mess, and the whole dormitory was in a mess.

Seeing that Xiao Ming's men were about to die, I hurriedly told them to do something, and a group of people jumped on them.

Sun yu brought a dozen people, and Xiao Ming was about seven or eight.

But now, with us, sun yu is not enough.

I didn't care about anyone else and watched Sun Yu kick him in anger.

Sun Yu was making trouble for me every day. Even the clay man was angry. After holding it in for so long, I finally had a chance to retaliate and couldn't help it anymore.

Sun Yu was kicked to the ground by me, "Fuck you, Zhang Tao, I'm going to kill you!"

Without looking at Sun Yu, I pulled Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming was beaten so badly that he couldn't see the look on his face, but he still reached out and was pulled up by me.

"Beat him up!"

I yelled and stepped on Sun Yu.

Xiao Ming was even angrier. He picked up the thermos next to me and hit Sun Yu on the head.

With a click, the thermos broke and the glass shards fell to the ground.

At this time, Sun Yu fell to the ground, and a lot of wounds appeared on his hands.

"Damn it, touch me and kill you!"

Xiao Ming hit Sun Yu fiercely, as if he had lost his mind. I felt a little guilty watching from the side.

Sun Yu, on the other hand, kept dodging in pain.

The fight in the back was a mess. I didn't know who hit me with a stick in the corner of my mouth. It seemed to be my own person. It hurt so much that I bared my teeth and grinned.

But in the end, it was Sun Yu who couldn't do it.

Xiao Ming beat Sun Yu to the point where he was almost inhumane before he breathed a sigh of relief, "Damn it, Sun Yu, isn't it awesome to rely on your own numbers? Are you going to give me another one?"

Sun Yu did not speak, but his eyes were full of resentment.

At this time, there was no strength left. We kicked Sun Yu and helped xiao ming to the door.

"Brother Tao, come on, I've been trying to clean up this Wangbadan for a long time!"

In the corridor, Zhao Yuchen's mouth was bleeding and he said excitedly to me.

I threw them a pack of tissues and leaned against the wall. Although I was tired, I felt very comfortable.

"Thank you for today!"

Xiao Ming frowned and said without looking at me.

I know he was telling me.

But Zhao Yuchen was unhappy, "That's how you thank people. You don't look at people!"

Xiao Ming didn't say anything, but I quickly said to Xiao Ming, "Do you know who Hong Biao's backer is outside? Hong Biao, if he's looking for hong biao, he'll probably be in trouble!"

Xiao Ming suddenly sneered, "It's okay. It's not just that he has people outside Sun Yu. I have people outside. I'm also a gangster. I'm not afraid of Hong Biao. If he can't beat up people outside the school, then come. Clean him up inside the school, and clean up outside the school!"

I think Xiao Ming didn't brag and nodded.

"All right, I'm leaving!"

Xiao ming said, turned and left.

Zhao Yuchen looked at his watch and it was time to go back.

Li Gang frowned and leaned closer to me, "Brother Tao, you said that Xiao Ming wasn't bluffing. Don't be like last time. We'll be in trouble then!"