Chapter 53 Partnership

I don't know if Xiao Ming is really not afraid of Hong Biao, but I can't just keep on being so timid, and then Hong Biao will punish him at the worst.

The next morning, I went to wash my face, which was sore all over, but the bruise on the corner of my mouth couldn't hide it.

When I got to the classroom, I covered my mouth and didn't want Lin Keer to see it. It was embarrassing.

But Lin Keer found out.

"You fought with Sun Yu again?"

Lin Keer asked with a frown.

"No, I fell!"

I replied in a hurry.

Lin Keer turned around and continued reading with an expression of sadness.

At noon, Lin Keer was probably a little angry at me for fighting and didn't call me for dinner.

When I was about to go to the canteen, my phone rang.

It was Lin Xin who picked it up.

"Xiao Ming was beaten?"

I was a little surprised to hear what Lin Xin said.

She didn't know about it. Maybe Xiao Ming was too embarrassed to tell her.

Now Lin Xin asked me to go to the rooftop.

She must have asked me to go because of Sun Yu, and I didn't say anything more. I just said I'd be right there.

But just as I was about to leave, my face changed.

The bruised sun yu stood at the door with a few people and looked at me with a sneer.

I broke out in a cold sweat. I was done. I was blocked by Sun Yu.

Sure enough, sun yu didn't say anything to me, so he walked in and kicked him over.

I wanted to hide to the side, but I was hugged by Sun Yu's little brother and couldn't move at all.

"Mud horse, mud horse..."

Sun Yu punched me in the face. All I could feel was a burning nose and stars popping up in my head.

"Little brat, you're so picky. How dare you fight with Xiao Ming? Do you think Xiao Ming's father has nothing to do with you on the list? I'll kill you today!"

I didn't even have the strength to fight back, so a group of people stepped on me.

Sun Yu was tired and sat in the chair beside him watching me get beaten by his little brother.

I was in agony and my head was in a daze.

Today is over.

My heart was dark and I didn't know how sun yu would retaliate against me.

Sun Yu squinted at me, "If you dare to touch me, I will cripple one of your hands!"

After that, Sun Yu took out a knife.

All of a sudden, my heart began to burst out, joking, actually moving a knife?

I wanted to hide behind, but I was pinned down by little brother Sun Yu.

Looking at Sun Yu getting closer and closer, my heart grew even more fearful.

"Are you afraid now? It's too late! I'm telling you, I'll take care of you first, then I'll cripple Xiao Ming, and finally that Lin Xin. He's growing well, and I'm going to have him!"

I was even more afraid.

But at this moment, Zhao Yuchen shouted, "I'm a fool, Sun Yu, let go of brother tao!"

Zhao Yuchen came looking for me with five or six people. When he saw that I was beaten, he rushed over.

Sun Yu looked dejected, not expecting to be messed up.

But he still stood up, "And you, a freshman in high school, don't worry, let's play slowly in the future!"

After that, Sun Yu probably saw that he was small and left with his little brother.

Zhao Yuchen looked upset and hurriedly helped me up. I asked him why he was here. He said that it was me, Sun Yu, who took advantage of me to retaliate against me and came over to take a look. I didn't expect to meet him.

I looked at Zhao Yuchen with lingering fear. If it weren't for Zhao Yuchen, I felt that Sun Yu might have cut me.

Because the venom in his eyes made me shudder.

"I'll go wash my face, and then we'll go to the rooftop to find Xiao Ming. We have to beat Sun Yu down. Otherwise, the school would be too uncomfortable with such a threat."

Zhao Yuchen didn't say anything this time.

When I finished cleaning up the wound on my face, I looked in the mirror and saw that my originally unsightly face was swollen like a pig's head.

On the rooftop, Lin Xin and Xiao Ming were there.

I covered my face and didn't want Lin Xin to see me with such a vicious tongue, so that she wouldn't laugh at me.

But when lin xin saw me, she started to laugh, "Haha, you are like Xiao Ming. You were beaten into a pig's head by Sun Yu. What a shame!"

When I heard that, I looked at Xiao Ming and found that Xiao Ming was looking at me too.

Sure enough, Xiao Ming's face was covered with cuts and bruises.

In Lin Xin's heartless laughter, I actually felt the same way as Xiao Ming.

"All right, both of you fight together and beat that Sun Yu to death. Damn it, you dare to scold me! You must kill him!"

Lin Xin was an angry and arrogant commander.

I didn't bother with Lin Xin's mindless behavior, so I sat directly next to Xiao Ming and said with a sigh of relief, "Xiao Ming, what do you think? If we were to compare our strength to Sun Yu alone, none of us would be as good as Sun Yu. But if we work together, your people and I call someone from grade one should be able to deal with him. As long as you can deal with Hong Biao in society, then we won't have to care about him at all!"

Xiao Ming frowned, making me a little unhappy.

Then he said, "What's the use of those people in the first year of high school? We'll have to rely on them in the second year of high school. You'd better watch from the side and see how I kill Sun Yu."

"Who cares about you? Yes!"

Zhao Yuchen said scornfully.

I'm not feeling well either. It's obviously good for everyone. It's like I'm begging him.

But he said so. I can't really beg him. As long as he can handle Sun Yu, that's a good thing.

"I'll go to Sun Yu today and see if I kill him!"

Xiao Ming said angrily.

I still looked at Xiao Ming guiltily, "Are you sure the people outside are not afraid of Hong Biao?"

I'm afraid that Xiao Ming's men will be as powerful as Xu Cheng, and I won't dare to do anything when I see Hong Biao.

Xiao Ming nodded immediately.

"Hong Biao is just a spectator, not afraid of him!"

I nodded and went back to my own place.

Back in the classroom, it was almost time for class. When Lin Keer saw my appearance, her beautiful eyes narrowed.

I know that Lin Keer is going to talk about me again, so I'm ready to be scolded.

"Sun Yu is too much. How can he beat people every day? Zhang Tao, tell the teacher that Mr. Su xue is so responsible. He will definitely help you!"

I quickly shook my head.

Not to mention that Sun Yu was afraid of the teacher, even Su xue didn't want to look for her.

After all, she had done such an embarrassing thing to Su xue.

And I'm not afraid of Sun Yu anymore. I'm going to have trouble with Sun Yu tonight. Looking for a teacher now is like asking for trouble for myself.

If you don't understand me, Lin Keer won't talk much.

I was talking to Lin Keer, lying on the table and falling asleep.

"Brother Tao, Brother Tao, why are you still asleep? Xiao Ming has an appointment with Sun Yu?"

I was shaken awake by Li Gang, and when I heard what Li Gang said, I guessed that Xiao Ming had started.

"Xiao Ming is a sophomore and Sun Yu is a senior. He seems to have arranged for a fight in the playground after school in the afternoon. At that time, the teachers went to eat, and there was hardly anyone in the school!"

Hearing this, I was still a little worried, so I called Xiao Ming and asked him if he wanted help.

After all, I can still get Wu Zhihong and the others in my first year of high school, and there are Liu Chenbin and the others on Sun Yu's side who can work with me from both sides. It won't be difficult to deal with Sun Yu when I make full use of them.