Chapter 6 Call Someone

I'm all wounded now, and even if I'm not, I'm no match for them. I can only stare at Zhao Hualiang and shout, "If you have the guts, promise to squat down with me, or you won't be so arrogant in front of me!"

According to our rules, as long as Zhao Hualiang agrees to squat with me, he can't touch me during this period. Otherwise, it means that he is afraid of me and will lose his face.

I can only provoke Zhao Hualiang to agree to squat with me now, or this fight will be inevitable.

Zhao Hualiang's face changed again and again when I stood up and slapped the table. Finally, he burst out laughing and motioned his little brother not to do anything.

Then, Zhao Hualiang looked at me with interest and asked if I was stupid or afraid that he would hit me again, so he wanted to squat with him.

I was too lazy to talk nonsense to him and asked bluntly, "Just say you dare or don't dare!"

"Since you want to die, I will do it for you! However, if you dare to lie to me, I will make your death very ugly! The people who used to stand up to me in this school are no longer here!" Zhao Hualiang threatened with a sinister look on his face.

I chuckled. He sounded as if he had already won. He really thought highly of himself.

Then, I made an appointment with him to squat after school on saturday, in the woods behind the school.

"I'll let you go this time. If you dare to jump around in class these days, I'll make your death worse!"

Zhao Hualiang gave me a warning and went back to his seat.

There was still some time before class started, so I left the classroom and ran to the bathroom to call my best friend, Xu Ke.

Xu Ke used to go to high school with me. They spent three years together and fought countless times, big and small.

He had a cousin who was a gangster, and it was through this relationship that he and I hooked up a bunch of brothers at school and got into a good life.

After the college entrance examination, Xu Ke's grades were worse than mine, but he didn't retake and went to a kvt stand under the introduction of his cousin.

After I told Xu Ke about myself and Zhao Hualiang on the phone, he was so angry that he swore at me. He reassured me that he would call all the brothers he used to call, and he was shouting that he wanted to hurt Zhao Hualiang.

To be on the safe side, I asked Xu Ke to call his cousin, and he agreed without thinking.

At best, a person like Zhao Hualiang would be better at school, and he would immediately become a coward when he met a gangster in society.

So when I heard Xu Ke promise to call his cousin over, I felt more confident.

After hanging up, I went back to the classroom and sat in my seat.

When class was about to begin, I noticed that Lin Keer turned to look at me, and her eyes were a little different from before, as if a little more surprised. I guess she didn't expect me to challenge Zhao Hualiang.

I glared at her, feeling a little unbalanced.

She didn't appreciate my help. She thinks I'm farting when I talk to her. This kind of person is simply unreasonable.

"Why are you pretending to be cold? I don't believe you don't have any pain in your feet."

The more I thought about it, the more I felt I should deal with lin Keer.

The first class started with math. I didn't know anything about math. Plus, what happened in the past two days made me extremely upset, so I wasn't in the mood to listen.

The math teacher should have known that my grades were bad and ignored me.

I lay on the desk, thinking over and over about how to deal with Lin Keer.

When the bell rang after class, I had already decided that I would make sure to get Lin Keer once.

Lin Keer packed his textbooks, stood up and walked to the toilet.

Looking at her back, the obvious curve immediately made my evil thoughts so strong that I couldn't restrain them.

I immediately got up from my chair and followed Lin Keer.

The ladies' room is not on our floor. We need to go downstairs.

I had a stack of books in my hand at this time. As soon as I walked up the stairs, the textbook in my hand fell down without warning and hit Lin Keer.

Lin Keer screamed, turned around, looked up, and stared at my face with his big eyes.

Standing in my position, from above, you can see that her collar is a little loose.

"What are you looking at?" Lin Keer shouted, "Shameless."

I quickly squatted down and said sorry while picking up the books on the floor.

Lin Keer dodged to the side, trying to get away from me.

Seeing that no one had passed through this staircase, my blood rushed up.

As soon as Lin Keer passed me, I pretended to be unstable under my feet, leaned over and put my arms around her thighs.

I was almost intoxicated, and my heart was pounding with nervousness.

Just as I was feeling good, Lin Keer lifted his foot and kicked me in the chest.

She used so much strength that I fell down the stairs and rolled down the stairs.

Fortunately, there were only five or six steps. I didn't fall very well.

After getting up, Lin Keer looked at me shyly and angrily, saying that I did it on purpose.

I shrugged innocently, saying it was an accident.

Lin Keer became even more anxious, his eyes slightly reddened, and he stared at me, probably knowing that he couldn't do anything about me, and finally walked down the road without looking back.

Seeing that she was about to cry, I really felt relieved. Let her be proud in front of me. This time, I should teach her a lesson.

During class, Lin Keer came back with a frosty face and glared at me. He sat in his seat and was so far away from me.

This was exactly what I wanted. I immediately took out my cell phone, turned it on and sent a message to the long night asking if she was there.

After a dozen seconds, she returned with a sad expression. She said yes, she was annoyed.

The news came back so quickly that she was probably quietly hooking up with men all the time at work.

I asked her why she was bothered, and she quickly replied, "There's a student in her class who has a really bad grade. She's going to stay in her class and fight with her classmates in the morning. It's disgusting to keep peeking at her."

Damn, isn't she talking about me?!

After reading her news, I had the urge to curse!

Doesn't she want to be seen wearing this every day?

Did I just look a few more times and become a peep? Wasn't everyone in the class watching her?

How shameless!