Chapter 8 Call the Parents

As if expecting me to do something, Su xue put the phone behind his back and sneered, "It's not up to you whether I'm qualified to steal your phone. I'll call your parents now and ask them to tell me if I'm qualified! I'd like to ask them whether they paid you to repeat or to squander it!"

As she spoke, she was about to use my phone to make a phone call. I saw that the screen of the phone was still on, not locked.

In a hurry, I didn't care about anything. I went up and hugged Su xue, holding her hands so tightly that she didn't have a chance to see the screen of the phone.

Now I have to find a way to drag the phone to the lock screen. No matter how Su xue retaliates against me, I just need to have the chat record on my phone to make her give in.

I was in such a hurry, and I used a lot of strength to keep Su xue's body close.

Su xue was probably frightened by the sudden situation and his face turned white.

Soon, her face was flushed with anger again, and she kept wriggling her body, trying to break free.

If it was normal, I would not be able to control it.

But now I don't dare think about it. I keep looking down at the phone in Su xue's hand and wait for the screen to dim before I release Su xue.

As long as the screen is locked, Su xue won't be able to discover the secret without knowing the password, and I'll have a chance to turn over.

In order to cover up my sudden embrace of Su xue, I let go of my hand and said to su xue very unfairly, "If you want to punish me, punish me. Don't call me a parent!"


Su xue suddenly reached out and slapped me. Her eyes widened and she pointed at me and scolded, "You beast! How dare you hit the teacher? If I don't let the school fire you, I won't be human!"

She turned around angrily and left the teacher in a huff without returning my phone.

Being slapped by a woman in front of everyone, I felt very aggrieved.

And I only hugged Su xue once. She actually accused me of hitting her. I was so angry that I wished I could really hit her.

Su xue was in a fit of anger right now, so the phone must be coming back for the time being.

I was so angry that I started to think of a way to stop Su xue from telling my family about it and reporting it to school.

"Silly thing, I didn't expect you to be so shameless. There are so many people in the school who dare not touch the head teacher. How dare you take advantage of her? Did you feel good hugging her just now? Haha, just wait until you get fired. Don't forget to stay with me when the time comes. If I play with me, I'll consider the consequences myself!"

Zhao Hualiang suddenly stood up and smiled gloatingly.

I'm not in the mood to take care of this grandson right now. Let him hop around and settle the score with him.

After much thought, I finally came up with a way to borrow a cell phone from someone else to see if I could synchronize the silent chat records.

If I could, I would go and tell Su xue what to do with me.

I don't know anyone in this class, so I can only borrow Li Gang's phone.

I walked over to Li Gang and said anxiously, "Lend me your phone!"

Through the conversation with Li Gang, I had already subconsciously thought of Li Gang as my little brother, so I thought he would definitely lend me his phone.

To my surprise, Li Gang hesitated after listening to me, as if he was unwilling to borrow it.

I immediately realized that Li Gang must have thought that I was going to be fired, and my relationship with Zhao Hualiang was not good. He lent me his cell phone so that he wouldn't give Zhao Hualiang face, worried that Zhao Hualiang would find him trouble after I was fired.

At this moment, Zhao Hualiang pretended to snort.

Li Gang gave Zhao Hualiang a fleeting look, obviously with some scruples, which confirmed my guess.

I was a little angry and asked him if he wanted to borrow it or not.

Li Gang lowered his head and stammered that his cell phone was left in the dormitory and he didn't bring it with him.

It was obvious what he meant. I was also a man who wanted to save face. I didn't ask him anymore and went back to my seat.

I wanted to borrow it from Lin Keer, but when I thought about what I had just done to her, she couldn't have lent it to me. Without opening her mouth, she walked out of the classroom and went to Su xue's office.

I wanted to see if I could get my phone back from Su xue, but she wasn't in the office, and I didn't know where she was.

Now I can only go to Ma Feng and see if he can help me.

I came to the door of Ma Feng's office and suddenly heard the angry voice of Su xue coming from inside. "Director Ma, I strongly suggest that Zhang Tao be expelled. Such a student is scum and scum. It will only bring bad atmosphere to the school and bring shame to the school!"

So she came here to complain.

I just wanted to hear that ma summit wouldn't agree to fire me, so I didn't go in and eavesdropped on their conversation at the door like last time.

"Miss su, I'll think about what you said. Do you have time tonight? Can we have dinner together?"

Ma Feng's words made me nervous. He was my dad's classmate anyway. He didn't even try to persuade Su xue, and he wanted to fire me?

"I'm sorry, I've already made an appointment tonight. I can't have dinner with director ma. Hopefully, director Ma will make sure that Zhang Tao is fired today. I'll go back to class."

Su xue's tone softened a lot, and then she heard the sound of her high heels. She should be coming out.

"Wait a minute!" I was thinking about avoiding Su xue when Ma Feng stopped Su xue in the office.

"Mr. Su, firing a student like Zhang Tao is basically a matter of words as long as I report it. But I did you a favor anyway. You didn't even have the honor to have dinner? You know, Zhang Tao staying in your class will definitely affect your class's college entrance examination acceptance rate. When the time comes, your bonus, your job title, whatever, will definitely have an impact."

Ma Feng's voice came out again.

It dawned on me that Ma Feng was using me to threaten Su xue to have dinner with him. He probably arranged for me to be in Su xue's class as well.

And I don't think it's as simple as eating. It's likely that Ma Feng wanted to play the secret game with Su xue, or else just having a meal wouldn't have made her think so much.

It seems that what Li Gang said before is true. There are indeed a lot of people in this school who are plotting against Su xue.

But I'm even more worried now.

Su xue was a wild person. If she hated me so much that she was determined to fire me and followed Ma Feng, then I would be so sad. Most likely, before she could get her phone back, it would be too late.