Chapter 9 Apologize


Su xue snorted in the office, seemingly full of disdain.

Then came the sound of high heels. It was su xue who was coming out.

I didn't expect her to reject Ma Feng's request directly.

Although Ma Feng is a little older, his looks and figure are not bad at all. Su xue, a woman who often flirts with men in silence, doesn't even consider him at all, which makes me a little confused.

Maybe she was really afraid that the people around her would know that she was like this, so she only flirted with strangers.

It was a great thing for me. As long as Su xue didn't agree with Ma Feng, Ma Feng wouldn't let the school fire me so easily.

I secretly heaved a sigh of relief and ran to the stairwell next to the office to hide.

When Su xue came out of Ma Feng's office, his face was as ugly as a hangar, which made me feel a little relieved.

When I saw her walking towards my office, I followed her and called her from behind.

She looked back at me, her face getting uglier and her eyes filled with disgust.

"Miss su, I was wrong just now. I apologize to you." I said to her sincerely.

There was no other way. I had to lower my voice and apologize to her. I had to find a way to get my phone back.

Su xue's lips suddenly curled up and a cold smile appeared on his face.

I thought that she would take this opportunity to humiliate me to relieve her anger, but she didn't.

She just looked at me with disdain, then continued walking towards the office and asked me to follow her.

I was bewildered by her reaction. It was not like her at all. Was it so easy to forgive me?

This must be impossible.

In order to figure out what Su xue wanted to do, I had to follow su xue into the office.

Although it was class time, there were still many teachers in the office preparing lessons.

I thought that Su xue might want to scold me in front of these teachers, which would make me even more embarrassed.

In the end, she sat in her seat and ignored me completely. She lowered her head and did her own thing, as if I didn't exist.

I waited by the side for a long time, but I didn't see su xue's reaction. She was getting more and more nervous. She asked her in a low voice why she called me in, and she told me to wait.

More than ten minutes later, I heard someone push the door behind me. When I looked back, I found that it was my father!

I thought Su xue was so angry with me that she left the classroom and went to look for Ma Feng. I didn't have time to inform my parents, but I didn't expect that she had already informed me.

No wonder she kept me waiting here. It turned out she was waiting for my father.

My father was an ordinary worker in a factory. He was still wearing a worn uniform with oil stains on it. His face was full of anxiety. He must have rushed over without changing his clothes after receiving a call from Su xue.

I was most afraid that my father would know about me at school. He was very hot-tempered and would definitely hit me, so my first reaction when I saw him was to run away.

But my dad seemed to know what I was thinking. As soon as he walked in, he grabbed my clothes by my side and asked me with a straight face which one was my homeroom teacher.

Su xue immediately got up from his seat and told my dad that she was my homeroom teacher.

My dad nodded to su xue for a while, then carefully asked Su xue what I did at school.

Su xue's face was stiff and she said coldly to my father, "You said your son, he got over 200 marks in the college entrance examination, so it's okay if he got bad grades. As long as he doesn't interfere with other students'studies, I'll turn a blind eye and let him finish the year."

"But he went too far. He fought with his classmates at the beginning of school, which seriously affected the atmosphere of our class! I was still playing with my cell phone in class. I just said a few words from the position of a class teacher. He even called me!"

"I've never seen such a low quality student, and I don't know how you taught him since he was a child. Take him back and transfer to another class or drop out of school to another school. Anyway, my class won't want him!"

I found out that I still underestimated Su xue, and what I said was too shameless.

If she really wanted to turn a blind eye and let me finish a year, she wouldn't be targeting me all the time and try to get me out of her class.

Now that she said that, it seemed like she was a good teacher who was dutiful and a good teacher, and I was a useless garbage student.

All the other teachers in the office were attracted by Su xue's words. They turned around and looked at me and my dad with disdain.

If I were the only one now, I would lose my face, and now even my father would be looked down upon. I really want to slap Su xue to death!

I secretly turned to look at my dad, who was already blushing, clenched his teeth, and had blue veins on his forehead.


I was crying out in my heart, and my dad slapped me in the face with his hand, which made me dizzy.

"You beast! I'll kill you today!"

After my dad finished slapping me, he kicked me to the ground again.

Every time I was called a parent, my dad would beat me up like he did now, and then plead with the teacher.

When others see this as an act, they use bitter meat to gain sympathy.

But only I know that my father was angry at me for not being able to win. He always hit me especially hard. He was really teaching me a lesson, not just a formality.

After kicking me down, my dad kicked me on the back a few more times. It hurt so much that I gasped for air.

After the fight, my father said to su xue with a fawning face, "Mr. Su, Zhang Tao is making you worry. I have already taught him a lesson. You can let him stay in your class. I promise he will study hard in the future. He won't..."

"No!" Su xue cut my father short with certainty. "He just can't support the wall with mud. There's no way my class will want him. Why don't you ask the other classes?"

"We don't want this kind of student in our class, or else a piece of rat shit will ruin the whole pot of porridge."

"Yeah, we won't want it either. Let's take him back. No class would want him."


The teachers in the office began to decline one after another, and their words did not conceal their contempt for me.

I lay on the ground and saw my father's face turn livid. Everyone else was counting on their children to make a face for themselves, but I made him lose such a big person. The anger in his heart could be imagined.

My father was stunned for a moment, then smiled at su xue and said, "Mr. Su, Zhang Tao is still young now. If he doesn't go to school, he will not make much progress in the future, or..."

"I'm done with what I have to say. If you insist that he stay in my class, you can do whatever you want. I won't care about him in the future anyway. If he doesn't even get two percent in a year, don't blame me."

"I suggest you get him expelled and see if there are any other schools willing to accept him. But I think it's better for him not to read. It's not easy for you to earn some money. There's no need to waste it on him. It's better for him to do something else."

Su xue interrupted my father again in a very decisive tone.