Chapter 293 Astringent Heart

"Big star Qin Yubing and... Wow, even though he played mosaic, Qin Yubing's body is so hot!"

"Isn't Qin Yubing taking the pure and pure path? I don't think she's a jade girl at all, but a lustful one!"

"My god, how many times has this man done this to her? Is she happy or unhappy with this look of crying or not and lusting for death?"

"Hey, do you think this man is a little familiar?"

"Young master Mu, the exclusive nominee for our show."

Nanzhi was stunned when she heard Qin Yubing's name.

When she heard the word mu shao again, she felt as if she had been fixed and could not move.

Qin Yubing and young master Mu...

What Qin Yubing said to her echoed in her mind...

I fell in love with him at first sight, Zhizhi. No man has ever given me such a strong feeling.

The night I sent my wechat, he saved me from a director. He looked at me so tenderly. I could tell that he liked me.

One of the male colleagues glanced at the figure at the door from the corner of his eye and was startled. "Nanzhi?"

The tea room suddenly became silent.

One of the colleagues winked and motioned another to hide the newspaper.

Nanzhi's fingers tightened as she held the cup. She walked in with no emotion on her face. "What were you looking at just now? Let me see?"

The colleague holding the newspaper shook his head guiltily. "Nothing..."

Before he could finish speaking, Nanzhi stepped forward and took the newspaper.

At one glance, her face changed. Her fingers, which were holding the newspaper, suddenly tightened and her knuckles turned white.

In the huge photo in the newspaper, the man pressed the woman under him, the woman slightly raised her head, and the man's face was buried in the woman's neck, revealing a sharp side face.

In addition, there were two photos, one of which was a woman with her hands around a man's neck, and the two of them were making love.

Although he only saw the side of the man's face, the sculpted cold and hard outline and the high and straight bridge of his nose were exactly the same as Mu Sihan's.

In the last photo, Qin Yubing was naked and half-knelt in front of the man.

Adult men and women, everyone knows what they are doing.

Her heart choked, and nanzhi opened her mouth, her throat dry and mute.

Qin Yubing and Mu Sihan...

"Nanzhi, are you okay? In fact, many rich men are like this. Don't take it too seriously." One of the male colleagues consoled him.

Nan zhi pursed her lips tightly. Without saying anything, she returned the newspaper to her male colleague and walked out of the tea room.

Back in the office, nanzhi worked like nothing happened.

At noon, Nanzhi received calls from Xia Yanran and Qin Yubing.

Nanzhi didn't answer. She only sent a message to the three of them: see you at the same place.

The place where the three of them used to meet was in a small pavilion in maple park.

The three of them used to drink, sing, play, and talk about things together.

When nanzhi arrived at the pavilion, Xia Yanran had already arrived. She grabbed Nanzhi's slightly cold hand and said, "Yubing, she and young master Mu can't be real, right?"

Ever since Flower island came back, Xia Yanran had been pushed very hard by xiao yi. She quit her job as a reporter and recently stayed with Xiaokai in the hospital every day and left with Junyuan at night.


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