Chapter 303 : Everyone's Attention

"Brother third, Yan Hua has lost at least twenty pounds!" In the past, when she smiled, her face was full of flesh, and her eyes and nose could not be distinguished.

Now that the lines were outlined, it was obvious that she had a good foundation. Not as bad as Lan Yanzhi thought.

If she could lose all her weight, she would be no worse than those glamorous socialites in the ballroom.

Bao Yan stood upright with one hand in his trouser pocket, his long legs wrapped in ironed trousers without any wrinkles, and his tall nose was framed with rimless glasses. He looked handsome and gentle, if he ignored the faint coldness in his eyes.

"Brother third, don't you see that yan yan has lost weight and is interested in her again?"

Bao Yan's handsome jaw line tightened, and his thin lips curled up in a cold and mocking arc. "Isn't she fat when she's thin? What woman do I want without her? Why do I need her?"

Lan Yanzhi smiled and said nothing.

Bao Yan saw Yan Hua greet Su Mo with a smile and looked at him with the adoring eyes of a little girl. His eyes under the glasses were too sharp and cold, and his thin lips were tightly pressed into a straight line, making him appear deep and indifferent.

As Yan Hua and Su Mo talked, they felt a cold and gloomy gaze on her. She looked around but found no one looking at her.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the banquet hall.

Everyone looked at the stairs, including Nanzhi, who was standing in the corner.

The three men walked down the stairs. Mu Sihan was at the front of them. He was wearing a handmade black suit with a silver shirt underneath and a tie. There was a pocket towel in his left chest pocket with one hand in his pocket. He looked cold, proud, elegant and noble.

Lan Yanzhi in a sapphire blue suit and Bao Yan in black walked behind Mu Sihan.

When the three of them appeared, they were even brighter than international superstars.

A lot of famous ladies were staring straight at him.

The banquet officially began.

After the host briefly introduced her brilliant achievements of the sg group on stage, he asked everyone to give a warm round of applause to invite Mu Sihan to speak on stage.

Mu Sihan did not take the manuscript. He walked up to the rostrum and stood in front of the microphone. He was cold, domineering, dignified and articulate.

Nanzhi looked at the man on the stage. He combed his hair up today. It revealed a bright and full forehead, a deep and three-dimensional facial features, and a well-defined face. He looked down at the people below the stage, as if he was a king, with the imposing manner of a king who could make people submit to him.

This Mu Sihan was completely different from Mu Sihan, who was always acting like a hooligan in front of her.

She could only look up to him now, noble, cold and distant.

Qin yubing was standing nearest to the stage. She looked up at the man on the stage with adoration and adoration.

When he spoke, his voice was deep, mellow and masculine.

Qin Yubing felt a surge of heat in her body. She was proud and proud of the man on stage. At the same time, there was also a sense of vanity in her heart.

Tonight, the man in the limelight will invite her for the first dance!

Qin Yubing's mouth curved into a happy smile, as if she had already regarded herself as the hostess!

A few celebrities from the same company as qin yubing were so jealous and unwilling when they saw Qin Yubing looking so high and mighty that they gnashed their teeth in anger.

The little bitch is so lucky that she actually got into a big fortune and robbed them of their resources!


After Mu Sihan finished speaking, his dark narrow eyes swept over the banquet hall.

His eyes fell on the woman in the pink dress.

All the women were looking at him, but she wasn't. He was eating a snack with a plate in his hand.

Mu Sihan's thin lips tightened into a straight line, and a hint of anger flashed between his eyes.