Chapter 333 Father And Son Recognize Each Other (8)

His kiss was rough and deep, and there was no rhyme or reason for it. Nanzhi's lips ached from his sucking, but his overbearing manner, his scorching temperature, seemed to burn her alive.

The smell of blood came from his lips, and no one knew whose mouth was skinned. Nanzhi put his hands on his chest and tried to push him away, but he was like a mountain, and no matter how hard she tried, he did not budge.

"Well, Mu Sihan, I'm almost out of breath. Let me go first."

But no matter what she said, he turned a deaf ear and let her catch her breath, then kissed her hard.

Nanzhi couldn't push him away, so he could only let him vent on her lips.

It was as if a century had passed before he slowly let her go.

Her forehead rested on hers, intertwined with each other's disordered and fiery breathing.

Nanzhi looked at the man's dark eyes, which seemed to pierce through her soul.

"What's wrong with you?" Nanzhi lifted the back of his hand and wiped the painful lips he had kissed.

"I lied to you," he said, his dark eyes locked on her, and his sexy thin lips lifted into a smile. "The kid is my son."

Nanzhi was in a roller coaster mood.

But when it stopped, there was only a clang.

Maybe it was the emotion after the bottom hit, not too excited, surprised or dancing.

"Oh." She replied faintly.

Mu Sihan frowned and stared at her like a hawk. "Why is there only one?"

Nanzhi met his deep, sharp eyes and pulled his lips lightly. "What else do you want me to do? The first time I saw you after I came back, I had doubts, but I never confirmed them."

As if thinking of something, she asked, "Did my first test result get transferred?"

Mu Sihan's dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and her long, bony fingers lifted her tiny jaw. "The kid is my son, and you're not too happy."

"Mu Sihan, are you trying to control my emotions now?" Nanzhi slapped his big hand away, and a complicated look welled up in his black and white almond eyes. "If I'm not mistaken, you haven't told Xiaokai that you're his father. I'll tell him now."

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, Nanzhi pushed him away and entered the ward.

Mu Sihan looked at her slender back and frowned.

Does this woman seem to be unhappy with him?


Nanzhi walked into the ward and Xiaokai was watching tv with aunt he.

When she saw the funny part, a bright smile appeared on her pink and jade face.

Nanzhi did not know if Mu Sihan would snatch Xiaokai away from her after he learned that he was his son, but she would not stop them from meeting or getting along.

"Aunt he, I have a few words that I would like to say to Xiaokai alone."

After Aunt he went out, nanzhi turned off the tv, sat down beside the bed and stroked Xiaokai's head. "Honey, mommy has something very important to confess to you."


Ten minutes later.

Nanzhi came out of the ward. Mu sihan was standing in front of the french window in the living room with his back to Nanzhi. She could not see his expression clearly, but she could tell from his straight and tight body that he was more or less nervous.

"I already told Xiaokai to go in. I'll go out and buy some of his favorite snacks."

She left space for him and the children.

Without waiting for Mu Sihan to say anything, nanzhi left the ward.

A flicker of doubt flashed through Mu Sihan's dark eyes. This woman didn't seem to want to see him very much.