Chapter 766 It's Not Impossible

Chapter 766 is not impossible.

Wenren Zhen hugged Wen Yan and looked at Gu Nuan. After some thought, he said,

"I want to... Take Wen Yan to Tong shun hospital."

Gu Nuan was not surprised because aunt liu told her about it last night.

So she looked at Wenren Zhen and asked,

"Are you taking Wen Yan to see Miss Cheng?"

Wenren Zhen nodded and looked at gu nuan.

"Her condition is a little serious, and when she sees Wen Yan, she seems to be in a better mood."

"I'm sorry, I'm Wen Yan's mother. I won't allow my son to visit someone who has nothing to do with me."

Gu Nuan said faintly.

Gu Nuan thought Wenren Zhen would get angry or look bad or something.

But surprisingly, Wenren Zhen was not angry, and perhaps because he was tired, Gu Nuan saw that his eyes were already bloodshot.

Come to think of it, the week that Cheng Yuner was hospitalized really gave Wenren Zhen a headache, right?

Gu Nuan reached out and took Wen Yan. Wenren Zhen glanced at her, then raised his hand and slowly rubbed his brows.

Gu Nuan hugged Wen Yan and looked at Wenren Zhen, raising his eyebrows subconsciously.

She thought that Wenren Zhen should be angry or argue with her.

However, he stood quietly for a long time, but there was no response. As if she had rejected him so much, he accepted it so quietly.

This made Gu Nuan feel a little strange.

Looking at Wenren Zhen like this, Gu Nuan wondered if he would force him later. Or, take Wen Yan away when she's not looking?

Did Cheng Yuner really not survive today and die tomorrow?

After a while, Wenren Zhen looked at her and said,

"I know you won't agree."

The corners of Gu Nuan's mouth curled slightly before he said faintly.

"Wen Yan is just a child under two years old. He's not a god or a miracle drug. Miss Cheng is seriously ill and should be treated by an expert, not a child."

Besides, what did she see Wen Yan do? It's not her child, it's mine."

"If she likes to see children of one or two years old, then there are many faults in the orphanage. Why don't you just ask the director of the orphanage to take a group of children?"

" Wenren Zhen remained silent.

His face had always been calm, but it was not obvious that he was angry. Instead, it was more like he had no strength to be angry.

This kind of Wenren Zhen made Gu Nuan feel somewhat inexplicably sad.

After a long time, Wenren Zhen said softly,

"Her illness, the doctor also said, is not only treated by drugs, heart disease, sometimes drugs do not work."

"Heart disease?"

Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen in surprise.

"She had an extrauterine pregnancy before, and her ovaries were cut off, so she couldn't have a baby."

Wenren Zhen explained in a low voice.

"Oh... And then?"

Gu Nuan asked faintly.

Cheng Yuner couldn't get pregnant and have a baby. Luo Zhikun had told her before when she kidnapped her.

"That morning, when you arrived, she was feeding Wen Yan porridge, and then Wen Yan grinned at her..."

Perhaps sensing that Gu Nuan's face had suddenly darkened, Wenren Zhen stopped talking.

In fact, Gu Nuan already knew what was going on.

Wen Yan was her child and also Wenren Zhen's child.

Cheng Yuner had already made sure that Wenren Zhen would not give Wen Yan custody to her if she divorced Wenren Zhen.

In Cheng Yuner's mind, as long as she divorced Wenren Zhen, she would marry Wenren Zhen, and then Wen Yan would naturally become her child.

So, before she divorced Wenren Zhen, Cheng Yuner could not wait to think of Wen Yan as her own child.

Cheng Yuner was older than her. She was 32 years old this year, and her first marriage ended in failure. Now, her marriage with Wenren Zhen was on the agenda, but she was seriously ill.

The woman went downhill after thirty. She was already thirty this year, but she still had a Wen Yan in her lap, which was a comfort in life.

But Cheng Yuner was getting older and older, and although her face could be maintained by plastic surgery, her lost ovaries could never be removed again.

In this life, Cheng Yuner's hopes of becoming a mother would probably only rest on Wen Yan.

Thinking of the last two times when Cheng Yuner looked at Wen Yan with longing, Gu Nuan naturally understood her thoughts.

Cheng Yuner longed for Wen Yan to be her son, and she, Gu Nuan, would not agree!

And what about Cheng Yuner? Would he go crazy because he couldn't get what he wanted?

Thinking of this, Gu Nuan suddenly felt that if that was the case, it would be quite soothing.

After a long silence, Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen and said slowly,

"I heard about Miss Cheng's illness, but my first child left because of Miss Cheng. I haven't forgotten that yet."

Wenren Zhen looked up at her. For a moment, the light in his eyes was also contradictory and struggling, obviously suffering.

Gu Nuan took a deep breath and continued:

Of course, I heard that the president is young, and there will be many ladies and ladies who will give birth to your children, as many as you want. But I only have Wen Yan. If anything happens to him, I really can't live."

Wenren Zhen's face immediately turned cold and dark, and he said in a deep voice:

"What are you talking about?"

Gu Nuan was immediately shocked and looked at Wenren Zhen's dark and calm face. He did not dare to say anything else.

Wenren Zhen's breath was heavy, then he said.

"How many times have I told you that I only got married once in my life? Besides, Wen Yan is fine now. Don't say those unlucky things. He'll be fine. I won't let him have anything else."


No more? Gu Nuan pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Gu Nuan shrugged her shoulders. Her body was as strong as a cow, and Cheng Yuner was - as if she was terminally ill.

After nearly half of his life, he finally understood that no scheming was better than a better body. Better health than anything else.

The two of them looked at each other in silence. Aunt liu quietly stepped forward and reached out to take Wen Yan from Gu Nuan.

"If Miss Cheng is really dying,"

Gu Nuan took a deep breath and looked at Wenren Zhen.

"Well, she wants to see Wen Yan, but it's not impossible."

Wenren Zhen immediately looked up at her, her eyes flashing.

"But I have a condition,"

Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen and said.

"What terms?"

Wenren Zhen frowned at her.