Chapter 767 Since You Don't Agree

Chapter 767 since you disagree

"That is, we signed the divorce agreement first."

Gu Nuan smiled and said,

"I think this should be something Miss Cheng is more eager for, and I am very happy to fulfill her wish."

Wenren Zhen's face, which had just ignited hope, turned cold and dark in an instant.

"Then don't take Wen Yan to see her."

He coldly dropped this sentence and turned around.


Gu Nuan looked at him in surprise.

"No reason,"

Wenren Zhen met her questioning eyes and said faintly:

"I've told you more than once that I only get married once in my life, so it's better not to dream about divorce."


Gu Nuan mustered up his courage and looked at him.

"As far as I know, it's Miss Cheng's wish to marry you, and it's very strong."

"Well, she has many wishes, and I am not the one who lives for her wishes,"

Wenren Zhen said faintly:

"Whatever she wants, I will try my best to satisfy it. Whatever I can't, I can't do anything about it."

"..." Gu Nuanmo said after a long time.

"Do you think it's enough to take Wen Yan to her?"

But you don't agree."

Wenren Zhen looked at her and said,

"Since you don't agree, then you can't be satisfied."


Gu nuan thought about it and said,

"I don't disagree, but I don't know if Miss Cheng's condition is real or not."

"How about I visit her at the Hospital first?"

Gu Nuan asked tentatively.


Wenren Zhen obviously didn't react.

"President wen, I'm sorry. I have to do my own thing about Wen Yan. It's not impossible for Miss Cheng to see Wen Yan, but the premise is that I have to ensure the safety of the child."

Gu Nuan continued.

" Wenren Zhen frowned at her.

"Do you think it's not safe for me to bring Wen Yan over?"

"I don't think anyone can protect Wen Yan any safer than their own mother."

Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen and said seriously,

"I think you had this experience when you were young. No one loves you more than your mother and puts your safety first, including your father."

Hearing gu nuan's words, Wenren Zhen could no longer find any reason to refute.

Besides, in Chuncheng last year, Wen Yan was stolen by Wenren Zhen's men.

I don't know if it was thinking about Wen Yan's disappearance last year or about his own experiences when he was young. Wenren Zhen looked at her silently for a while before saying.

"Since you want to go to the Hospital first, go ahead. I respect your decision and will never take Wen Yan to see her without permission."

" Gu Nuan was stunned. Wenren Zhen respected her decision?

How could he ignore the feelings of the terminally ill Cheng Yuner? This really surprised her.

"Thank you for understanding!"

After saying this, Gu Nuan turned around and said a few more words to auntie liu, then picked up his bag and walked out the door.

Huo Weiwu's car was parked at the entrance of the courtyard. When she saw ren zhen and her walking out, she quickly welcomed her.

"Wu, send me to Tong shun hospital to see Miss Cheng."

Gu Nuan looked at Huo Weiwu and ordered.

Huo Weiwu nodded and looked at Wenren Zhen.

"President, are you going to Tong shun hospital with your wife?"

Gu Nuan paused as he walked towards the car and looked back at Wenren Zhen.

Wenren Zhen stood there motionless and said softly after a moment:

"I won't go. I'll stay at home with Wen Yan."

"Oh, okay."

Huo wei responded and immediately stepped forward to open the door for gu nuan.

Gu Nuan got in the car and sat down in the passenger seat. Looking out the window, Wenren Zhen had already taken Wen Yan from aunt liu. The father and son soon got together.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Gu Nuan's lips.

Wenren Zhen might as well not go with her, which saved her some unnecessary trouble.

What if Wenren Zhen went with her and angered Cheng Yuner to death on the spot? Wouldn't she have to take the blame of being so angry?

After leaving Lu hu villa, Huo Weiwu drove directly to Tong shun hospital. There was no traffic jam and he arrived in 20 minutes.

She didn't know where Cheng Yuner's ward was. Huo Weiwu led her directly to it.

At the door, he met his aunt Wenren Yunshuang, who had just come out of the ward. When he saw her, he immediately widened his eyes and glared at her fiercely.

The younger generation should have taken the initiative to greet the elder, but when gu nuan was about to open her mouth, Wenren Yunshuang had already glared at her angrily, which made her feel less like greeting.

Fortunately, Wenren Yunshuang only glared at her angrily, then left angrily, and the people around her also left quickly.

After a moment of silence at the door, Gu Nuan raised his hand and gently knocked on Cheng Yuner's ward door.

Perhaps thinking that she was an aunt who had just left, or a doctor or nurse, the people inside shouted without any doubt:

"Come in."

Gu Nuan pushed open the door of the ward and walked in. Then he saw Cheng Yuner lying on the bed and was immediately stunned by what he saw.

The last time I saw Cheng Yuner's whole face was at the end of october last year, when Cheng Yuner sent her a divorce certificate.

Cheng Yuner was in high spirits that time, and his face was filled with joy that he was not there to hide. A woman who was clearly 31 years old looked as bright and bright as she was 23 years old.

Now, just a year later, Cheng Yuner in front of him -

Gu Nuan did not know how to describe this face, because the entire face looked extremely uneven, black and white, and whether it was black or white, there were clumps of things, red, some even black, looked extremely rough, and similar to eczema.

Cheng Yuner's eyelids were drooping, and her eyes looked much smaller. Her nose was a little weird, and her face was never as beautiful as it used to be. It looked scary.

Seeing Cheng Yuner like this, Gu Nuan could not help but sigh, god is sometimes very fair.

When she lost her child, she went crazy. In the past six months, Cheng Yuner came to visit her proudly several times.

Now, Cheng Yuner was so ugly that she lay in bed, hoping to see her son give birth to a little hope, and it was her turn to visit Cheng Yuner.

Such a bloody thing, god can arrange it, it is difficult for people to do it, right?

When Cheng Yuner asked Sister liu to drug her food, she probably never dreamed that she would have such a day.