Chapter 769 Life And Death Is at Stake

Chapter 769 life and death

"Gu Nuan, you are so cold-blooded and heartless. You will be punished."

Gu Nuan frowned slightly and turned to look at Zhu Meixiang, asking coldly:

"Miss Zhu, may I ask which part of me is cold and heartless?"

"What kind of cold-blooded ruthlessness?"

Zhu Meixiang was so angry that he pointed at Cheng Yuner on the bed and shouted,

"Have you seen everything about Sister Yun?"

Gu Nuan nodded and replied faintly:

"Yes, I see it."

"Are you still so indifferent after seeing you?"

Zhu Meixiang shouted indignantly,

"Sister Yun can't do it anymore. Her only hope in this life is to marry Zhenge. Even brother zhen's mother has agreed to it. Why are you dragging on and refusing to divorce? Are you unwilling to let Sister Yun's wish come true?"

" Gu Nuan was speechless at Zhu Meixiang's words.

Was her marriage to Wenren Zhen a drag or was Wenren Zhen unwilling to divorce herself?

If she told Zhu Meixiang that Wenren Zhen refused to divorce himself, this morning, Wenren Zhen was still saying that he only got married once in his life and told her not to dream of divorce.

Zhu Meixiang wouldn't believe her when she said that, and Cheng Yuner wouldn't believe her even more.

Since no one else believed it, why did they say it?

Isn't it a waste of breath?

So, she sneered.

"Go to Wenren Zhen if you can. As long as he hands over the divorce agreement, I'll sign it immediately. It's my grandson who hesitates for two seconds. It's a shame to pester a man, especially a married man."

Gu Nuan opened the door and walked out without looking back.

Huo Weiwu was waiting outside the ward. When he saw her come out, he quickly asked,

"Ma' am, just now, are you okay?"

Gu Nuan was the voice that Gu Nuan said to Zhu Meixiang at the door just now. Huo Weiwu vaguely heard a little, so he quickly asked with concern.

"It's okay," Gu Nuan replied faintly.

"Oh, I'm fine."

Huo Weiwu's heart finally dropped as he raised it to his throat.

The job of a private bodyguard is really hard to do.


It was already noon when he returned to Lu hu villa.

To Gu Nuan's surprise, Wenren Zhen was still at home. He was building blocks with Wen Yan. The father and son were busy, but aunt liu seemed a little idle.

Seeing her return, Wen Yan immediately threw away the building blocks in his hands, staggered up from the carpet, and then quickly walked towards gu nuan.


Wen yan looked at her, smiling and shouting happily, as if he had honey in his mouth.


Gu Nuan quickly bent down and held Wen Yan in his arms.

"Mom, help..."

Wen Yan pointed at the building blocks and Wenren Zhen on the ground, then shouted,

"Daddy, mommy, Wen Yan, help..."

Wenren Zhen sat on the carpet and looked up at the two of them with a smile on his face.

But after all, the smile did not come out, and it must still be too heavy, just to the child:

"Wen Yan, don't pester your mother. Come on, let's build this big castle."


Wen Yan answered, then struggled to slide down in Gu Nuan's arms, apparently to build the big castle.

Gu Nuan put Wen Yan on the carpet and sat down beside Wen Yan, then looked at the castle built by Wenren Zhen and Wen Yan.

It was said to be built with Wen Yan, but wen yan was still small, and it was still too difficult to build a castle, so most of the time it was built by Wenren Zhen, while Wen Yan handed Wenren Zhen large blocks.

The castle was beautifully built, with walls around it, cattle and sheep in the manor, green trees, lawns, and clear river water.

Finally, after the construction was completed, Wenren Zhen had someone bring a camera to take pictures of the mother and son. Naturally, he took a picture of the beautiful castle.

Then, he sat next to Wen Yan and asked huo weiwu to take pictures of them.

Gu Nuan saw Wenren Zhen sitting next to Wen Yan and remembered that just as she was about to leave, Wenren Zhen had reached out from behind Wen Yan and grabbed her arm.

Huo Weiwu's shutter, on the other hand, was set at this moment - recording a family of three sitting side by side in a building block castle, looking very warm and harmonious scene.

After the photo was taken, gu nuan got up with Wen Yan and was just about to take Wen Yan away when Wen Yan had already shouted at aunt liu beside her.

"Hungry, drink..."

Well, the child was hungry and wanted to drink milk. Aunt liu quickly reached out and took wen yan over.

Huo weiwu took a picture of them and went to the courtyard. In the huge living room, Wenren Zhen and gu nuan were the only ones left.

Wenren Zhen picked up the tea on the coffee table and took a sip, then looked at Gu Nuan and asked:

"Have you seen her?"

"Yes," Gu Nuan nodded.

"How is it?"

Wenren Zhen looked at her.

"Miss Cheng seems to be a little seriously ill,"

Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen and said faintly,

"When I stopped by her bed, she kept calling out Wen Yan's name."

" Wenren Zhen did not say anything.

Just looking at her, her breathing became a little heavy.

"Miss Cheng's condition is so serious,"

Gu Nuan looked at Wenren Zhen and said,

"Why not send her abroad for treatment? People in europe and america are more prone to diseases like skin cancer, and they are more experienced in treating them."

" Wenren Zhen's eyes flashed, but he did not answer.

"After all, it's a disease. We should use advanced science and technology and better medicine to treat it. Wen Yan is a child under two years old. If he sees that face, it will only scare the child out of his mind. It shouldn't have any effect on Miss Cheng's condition, right?"

Wenren Zhen said after a moment of silence:

"My mother asked aunt liu to take Wen Yan there a few times. Every time she knew that Wen Yan was there, she would get someone to help her put on a mask and comb her hair. She wouldn't let herself scare Wen Yan."

After saying this, Wenren Zhen paused for a moment and then said,

"Experts have been invited, and so have foreign experts. But her illness is not only skin cancer, but also other diseases. Anyway... Now it is critical."


Gu nuan nodded, then smiled again.

"Since it's time to die, it's not impossible for her to take a look at Wen Yan. After all, it's also good deeds to fulfill the wishes of a person who is in critical condition. I also hope that Wen Yan will do more good deeds and more good deeds."

Hearing gu nuan say this, a glint of hope flashed in Wenren Zhen's eyes.

"But I have to have a condition,"

Gu Nuan continued.

"What terms?"

Wenren Zhen raised his eyebrows slightly.