Chapter 770 What Do You Think?

Chapter 770 what do you think?

"When I arrived at Miss Cheng's ward today, mei san and Miss happened to be there. She said that Miss Cheng's only wish was to marry you. Now that Miss Cheng is so sick, I still refuse to divorce you. I don't want to become Miss's wish the whole time."

Gu Nuan smiled and said,

"So, I think we should be generous and not be too stingy. It's just that Miss Cheng's wish to see Wen Yan is too stingy, and Miss Cheng's wish to be the president's wife should be met. That's magnanimity."

Wenren Zhen's face immediately turned cold and dark. He looked at Gu Nuan and said coldly,

"Then you'd better be stingier. You don't have to take Wen Yan to the hospital to see her."

Wenren Zhen said this and turned to walk out the door, leaving Gu Nuan alone in the living room.

Aunt liu was playing with Wen Yan and Huo Weiwu in her arms in the yard. When she heard that ren zhen walked out alone and even drove out of the yard, both aunt liu and Huo Weiwu were shocked.

"Big Miss, what's wrong?"

Auntie liu asked as she watched Gu Nuan slowly walk out the door.

Gu Nuan shook his head and said faintly:

"Nothing. It's just that we can't get together."

"..." Aunt liu and Huo Weiwu looked at each other.

"Then... Do you want to take little young master to the hospital to see Miss Cheng?"

Huo Weiwu asked.

Gu Nuan shook his head.

"No need. We, Wen Yan, are less than two years old. He can't cure Miss Cheng's illness even if he goes, and saving lives is a doctor's business."

Huo Weiwu didn't say anything when she said that, not to mention that she was a bodyguard who never liked to talk.

"Auntie liu, I'll take Wen Yan back to her mother's house today. Go and help Wen Yan prepare some things."

Gu Nuan reached out and took Wen Yan from aunt liu.


Auntie liu answered and turned to enter the house.

Gu nuan danced to huo wei.

"I'm going back to Wohuaxi. I don't think I need to consult anyone, do I?"

Huo wei smiled.

"I am your bodyguard, and I am directly under your command. I will send you wherever you want to go. I don't need to ask anyone for advice."

"..." Gu Nuanmo, she thought huo wei wanted to ask Wenren Zhen for advice.

In fact, it was a temporary decision to take Wen Yan back to Wohuaxi. She did not agree with Wen Yan going to Tong shun hospital, but she was worried that Wenren Zhen would take Wen Yan to Tong shun hospital to see cheng yun' er while she was not prepared.

Because she didn't call back to Wohuaxi in advance, at two o' clock in the afternoon, when she brought Wen Yan back to Wohuaxi, she really shocked Wangma. When I saw Wen Yan saying why he didn't call in advance, I wasn't prepared for anything.

Seeing a series of anxious Wangma, Gu Nuan laughed instead and said quickly:

"Wangma, what are you going to prepare? Just have food and drink at home?"

"How is that possible?"

Wangma hurriedly shouted,

"I'm Wen Yan's grandmother. I must prepare a gift for Wen Yan. Besides, my aunt also prepared a gift for Wen Yan."

Wangma was about to go upstairs to get the present when Gu Nuan reached out and grabbed her.

"Wangma, I brought Wen Yan back here for fun. Why did you have to eat dinner before leaving? It's not like you're leaving right away. Why are you in such a hurry to get a present for?"

When Wangma heard her say this, he felt a little embarrassed and quickly said:

"I'm not... Okay, I'll give the gift to Wen Yan when you leave."

Gu Nuan brought Wen Yan back to Wohuaxi for the first time because Wen Yan's fear had not fully recovered, and the last week was because the company was really too busy to have time.

Wangma had never given birth, so he liked children very much.

After Wen Yan arrived, she had always wanted to hug Wen Yan, but Wen Yan recognized her and refused to let her hug her. She could only look after Wen Yan with aunt liu.

Gu Nuan stayed in Wohuaxi for an afternoon. During dinner, Gu Yuanhang and Jiang Ningyuan came back. Naturally, they received a call from Wangma, knowing that she was back.

Wangma said that Gu Yuanhang would not come back for dinner on weekdays because he had been managing the Meishan clinic, and that the Meishan clinic usually closed at 9 pm, and that gu Yuanhang would only come back after closing.

Gu Yuanhang was very surprised to see Wen Yan. He looked at Wen Yan and said that he looked like Gu Nuan when he was young, especially his eyes.

Gu nuan smiled. It was obvious to everyone that Wen Yan's eyes resembled hers, and Wen Yan's face and facial features resembled Wenren Zhen's.

After the meal, Gu Nuan asked aunt liu and Wangma to coax Wen Yan, while she went upstairs with Jiang Ningyuan.

Although she did not work for the Hengyuan, the Hengyuan was also her father's business, and now it was entirely up to Jiang Ningyuan to take care of it. But when she came back, she should pay attention to it.

"When I saw you bring Wen Yan back tonight, I thought you and Wenren Zhen were divorced."

Walking into the study, Jiang Ningyuan looked at her and said.


Gu Nuan looked up at Jiang Ningyuan and frowned slightly.

"Why do you think so?"

"You don't know?"

Jiang Ningyuan looked at her in surprise.

"What do you know?"

Gu Nuan became even more confused.

"The Sheng Hong is under siege by barbarians."

Jiang Ningyuan was surprised and looked at gu nuan.

"You didn't know that wenhai group and Grand company bought shares of the Sheng Hong respectively. Wenhai group holds nearly 20 % of the shares, and Grand company holds nearly 10 % of the shares. The two companies hold nearly 30 % of the shares."


Gu Nuan looked at Jiang Ningyuan doubtfully.

"Which one is grand?"

Wen hai knew that it was a company founded by Yu Lishen.

Song had said before that this man was crazy about buying shares in Shenghong group, and Yu Lishen also said that he would surpass Wenren Zhen.

"It's Wenren Zhen's brother, Wenren Liang. After he split up with sheng hong, he founded a company called Grand company, which is now working with wen hai insurance to fight against the Shenghong group."

Jiang Ningyuan said in a low voice.

"So, did the two of them hold more shares in Sheng Hong than Wenren Zhen held in the Sheng Hong?"

Gu Nuan asked with a frown.

"The two of them don't have more than 35 % of the shares."

Jiang Ningyuan looked at Gu Nuan and said,

"However, if Zhu Jianshe is willing to support wenhai insurance, then they will hold more shares than the majority, and then they will call for the removal of the board of directors. The majority is likely to be kicked out of the Shenghong group."

"So serious?"

Gu Nuan was shocked at Jiang Ningyuan's words.

Jiang Ningyuan smiled.

"What do you think? Why did Yu Lishen go crazy buying Shenghong group stocks? Isn't it just to surpass the majority?"