Chapter 771 What A Stupid Pig!

Chapter 771 is really a stupid pig.

"Then why didn't Wenren Zhen increase his own shares?"

Gu Nuan frowned and looked at Jiang Ningyuan.

"I think there's no money left,"

Jiang Ningyuan sighed softly.

"The money from the Shenghong group is the group's money. He can't buy stocks with it. What about his personal money..."

Jiang Ningyuan paused at this point, and Gu Nuan's heart tightened, vaguely feeling that it might have something to do with him.

Sure enough, Jiang Ningyuan said,

"The Hengyuan originally owed a lot of debt. When my aunt died, many people were worried that the Hengyuan would not be able to hold on. They came to ask for debts one after another. He paid them off with money."

"And he is the largest shareholder of Hengyuan. When yu lishen sold his shares in the Hengyuan, he was bought by an american company. In fact, that company was rarely heard of."

"In the past year, there have been a lot of things going on in the Wenren Jia. The Wenren Jia has been attacked again, and he's looking for you and the kids..."

When Gu Nuan heard Jiang Ningyuan say this, he suddenly felt that Wenren Zhen had been very difficult the year she left.

"I thought he would divorce you,"

Jiang Ningyuan looked at Gu Nuan and said,

"After all, Zhu Jianshe is something he needs to fight for, and if he divorces you, Zhu Jianshe's 10 % stake will support him, then it's basically impossible for Yu Lishen and Wenren Liang to surpass him."

"He didn't mention the divorce to me,"

Gu Nuan bit the corner of his lower lip and said,

"And I did mention it to him, but he didn't want to leave."

"Then... He's probably in danger."

Jiang Ningyuan looked at Gu Nuan and sighed.

"Hengyuan... Don't you have any extra money?"

Gu Nuan asked with a frown.

Jiang Ningyuan shook his head.

"When my aunt passed away last year, she couldn't even pay her bills. She still took out a lot of money. After the construction of the central district, they took out land as collateral. Originally, they wanted to sell it by the end of this year, but the pre-sale certificate hasn't been taken down yet. If they can't take it down this year, they'll probably have to wait for next year. Now, Hengyuan can only maintain self-sufficiency and drag the payment from the previous three months to half a year. It's settled..."

When Gu Nuan heard Jiang Ningyuan say this, he knew in his heart that the Hengyuan really couldn't afford any extra money.

What's more, Shenghong group stocks are expensive, and buying tens of thousands of shares doesn't work at all, and if you buy too much, the Hengyuan doesn't have money.

No wonder Cai Xirong changed his attitude towards Cheng Yuner. Besides Cheng Yuner's illness, it was imperative to win Zhu Jianshe's support for Wenren Zhen.

Cheng Yuner's illness was undoubtedly Wenren Zhen's conscience. After all, he owed her a life.

Zhu Jianshe's uncertainty was a threat to Wenren Zhen's position as the president of Shenghong group, and it was related to whether he could still be in charge of the Shenghong group.

In such a situation, it would be wise for Wenren Zhen to divorce her and show Zhu Jianshe what she thinks.

But Wenren Zhen - he still refused to divorce!

What a stupid pig, Gu Nuan couldn't help cursing in his heart.

"Then I'll go back first."

Gu Nuan looked at Jiang Ningyuan and said,

"Dad and I are very relieved that the Hengyuan is in your hands, and I think he is also very relieved that he hopes to get better and better under your leadership."

Jiang Ningyuan smiled and looked at her.

"I will try my best. After all, the Hengyuan also let me use my strength to give me a bigger stage. I will definitely try my best to run the Hengyuan."

Gu Nuan nodded. Jiang Ningyuan was grandma Jiang Meiling's nephew and grandson. She was also a genuine jiang family, which was why she and her father trusted Jiang Ningyuan to take care of the Hengyuan.

Of course, the biggest shareholder of Hengyuan now is Wenren Zhen, and he did not raise any objections to Jiang Ningyuan, which shows that Jiang Ningyuan really has a way to manage the company.

Gu nuan took Wen Yan home. Gu Yuanhang and Wangma gave a lot of presents, especially Wangma. They also took out hand-made clothes and shoes.

"Thank you, Wangma."

Gu Nuan took the gift from Wangma. Her nose was sore and her voice was choked.

She knew that these gifts could not be bought with money, but Wangma sewed them one by one, especially the stomach pocket with five poisons. She didn't know how long it would take to embroider it properly.

"Thank you for what? Silly child,"

Mother wang put her hand on her shoulder and sighed.

"When you and Wenren Zhen have another child, give birth to a few more children, and take a child surnamed jiang."

Gu Nuan raised his eyes slightly at this and looked at Wangma. Wangma's face reddened slightly.

"I was getting older and wanted to take the risk of getting pregnant, but your father refused. He said I was 50 years old and it was very dangerous to have a child at this age. He didn't want me to take the risk."

Gu Nuan nodded and agreed.

"Wangma, my father is right. At your age, you shouldn't take the risk of having a child. It's best if you can stay with my father."

"But... There's no successor to the Jiang family."

Mother wang looked at Gu Nuan and said regretfully.


Gu Nuan hesitated, then quickly added,

"Don't I have Wen Yan? Wen Yan is also the heir to the Jiang family."

"Wen Yan, you even gave him the surname wen?"

Wangma whispered,

"You didn't give Wen Yan his surname, jiang yan."

" This time, Gu Nuan was completely at a loss for words.

"Drive to Tong shun hospital."

Gu nuan waited for the car to leave Wohuaxi before telling Huo Weiwu who was driving.

"Ah~" Huo Weiwu was obviously surprised.

"To Tong shun hospital."

Gu Nuan said softly again.


Huo Weiwu was sure that he had heard correctly just now.

Half an hour later, Huo Weiwu's car drove into Tong shun hospital and, under Gu Nuan's instructions, stopped directly at the building where Cheng Yuner was hospitalized.

"Do you want to take little young master up?"

Auntie liu asked beside Gu Nuan in her car.

"Well, bring it up."

Gu nuan answered and reached out to fetch Wen Yan. Huo Weiwu had already taken Wen Yan's cart out of the trunk.

At the beginning of december, although it was not cold in Bincheng, it was still a little cold at night. Aunt liu was worried that Wen Yan would catch a cold, so she quickly helped him put on his hat.

By the time they arrived, there were already a lot of people gathered at the door of Cheng Yuner's ward. Besides her aunt's family, there were also Cai Xirong, Wenren Zhen, Wenren Ziyou and Zuo Yiran.

Cai Xirong and Wenren Zhen were surprised to see her carrying Wen Yan.

They must all know that she did not agree to bring wen yan to visit Cheng Yuner.

In contrast to Cai Xirong and Wenren Zhen's surprise, the Zhu family seemed a little angry, especially Zhu Meixiang, who had an argument with Gu Nuan this morning.