Chapter 772 No, No

Chapter 772 no, no

Presumably, she didn't bring Wen Yan this afternoon to make Zhu Meixiang resentful. In Zhu Meixiang's mind, Gu Nuan was a cold-blooded and heartless person.

Gu Nuan ignored Zhu Meixiang's anger and did not look at her aunt Wenren Yunshuang's cold face or Zhu Jianshe's cold, dark face. She just carried Wen Yan to the ward.

"She's going to the operating room soon. What else are you bringing Wen Yan in for?"

Zhu Meixiang stopped Gu Nuan coldly at the door.

"Operating room?"

Gu Nuan looked up at Wenren Ziyou and Zuo Yiran.

"Yun' er's condition is a little serious. Surgery is a ray of hope."

Zuo Yiran looked at gu nuan and said,

"Without surgery, she might not be able to make it through tonight."

Gu Nuan nodded in understanding.

At this time, in fact, people do not do surgery, often not determined by the patient himself, but by the family members.

Besides knowing that Cheng Yuner had skin cancer, she didn't know what other diseases Cheng Yuner had, so she didn't know what kind of surgery Cheng Yuner was going to have.

However, she was too lazy to ask. Seeing that zhu meixiang was blocking her, she said faintly:

"Since I don't think it's necessary..."

Before Gu Nuan could finish his sentence, the door of the ward was pushed open, and the nurse pushed Cheng Yuner out. The crowd immediately surrounded him.

Gu Nuan held Wen Yan in his arms and stood by the bed, watching Cheng Yuner's face full of potholes and even some of it had been festered. He quickly pulled Wen Yan's head over his shoulder, not letting him look at Cheng Yuner.

"Um... Mom..."

Wen Yan's head was pressed down by Gu Nuan, and he felt a little uncomfortable and couldn't turn it around. He couldn't help but cry out to Gu Nuan.

Cheng Yuner, who was lying on the bed, did not know if he heard Wen Yan calling for his mother, but his body trembled slightly. His hand, which was lying flat on the bed, even lifted slightly. It was obvious that he wanted to touch Wen Yan.

Seeing this, zhu meixiang couldn't help but say excitedly:

"Zhenge, bring Wen Yan to the bed, even if sister yun touches Wen Yan with her hand."

"No, Wen Yan can't see her face."

Gu Nuan opened his mouth before Wenren Zhen could speak.

Wen Yan had been frightened when Wenren Zhen and the others saved him, and now she was basically back to normal. She could not let Wen Yan be frightened again.

Even Wenren Zhen was afraid of scaring Wen Yan. Whenever he met Wen Yan, he would always wear a soft mask, so he was afraid of scaring Wen Yan.

"Mouth... Mask..."

Cheng Yuner, who was on the bed, cried weakly.

Zhu Meixiang glared at Gu Nuan, and the nurse who took care of Cheng Yuner could only find a mask and put it on Cheng Yuner.

Gu nuan saw that Cheng Yuner had put on the mask, so she made Wen Yan turn around, and then Wen Yan's big clear eyes stared at Cheng Yuner without blinking.

"Wen... Wen Yan... Wen Yan..."

Cheng Yuner was a little excited. He raised his hand again, but it was barely ten centimeters high, and then fell down again.

Cheng Yuner had a fever for a week, and I heard that she had hardly eaten this week, so I don't think she had much energy at this time.

Finally, Gu Nuan bent down and handed Wen Yan to the bed. Zhu Meixiang quickly raised Cheng Yuner's hand and let her fingers gently touch Wen Yan's face.

"Ah... No... No..."

Wen Yan instinctively turned his head to the side and dodged Cheng Yuner's hand.

Cheng Yuner was visibly stunned, then a flash of disappointment flashed through her eyes. She must have heard Wen Yan's' no' just now.

At this moment, Wen Yan suddenly saw Wenren Zhen beside him and immediately giggled again. Her small hands reached out to Wenren Zhen and she kept shouting,

"Daddy, hug..."

Wenren Zhen hurriedly reached out to take Wen Yan, and then Wen Yan started giggling again. His laughter was clear and pleasant, breaking the heavy atmosphere in front of the ward.

Perhaps it was Wen Yan's laughter that reached Cheng Yuner's ears, and her disappointed eyes lit up with hope in an instant.

In fact, at this time, everyone's mood was a little serious, and Wen Yan's laughter let everyone's heavy heart release a little bit. Gu Nuan even noticed Wenren Ziyou's unexpected smile at the corner of his mouth.

Wenren Zhen hugged Wen Yan and looked down at him. Satisfied with his smile, he couldn't help but kiss Wen Yan on the cheek.

As if Wen Yan was not used to Wenren Zhen's kiss, he immediately reached out his small hand to push Wenren Zhen's face. This time, Wen Yan's small hand directly touched Wenren Zhen's nose, then grabbed it and pulled it.


With a cry, Gu Nuan hurriedly looked and found that the soft mask on Wenren Zhen's face had been taken off by Wen Yan.

"Wen Yan,"

Gu Nuan hurriedly stepped forward, grabbed Wen Yan from Wenren Zhen's hand, quickly covered his eyes with his hand, and then quickly ran to the side.

He ran to the front and quickly turned around the corner until he couldn't see Wenren Zhen. Gu Nuan then took his hand away from Wen Yan's eyes.

She didn't know if Wen Yan saw Wenren Zhen's left face just now, but she was moving too fast and turning too fast. She didn't see Wenren Zhen's left face herself.

It was said that Wenren Zhen would only wear a soft leather mask in front of Wen Yan. It was said that he would not wear that kind of thing normally. After all, it was very uncomfortable to wear a mask on his face.

Today, when she brought Wen Yan to the door of Cheng Yuner's ward, she saw that Wenren Zhen was wearing a soft mask. She didn't know if he knew Wen Yan was coming or if he was worried that Cheng Yuner was scared.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

Wen Yan in Gu Nuan's arms burst into tears.

Gu Nuan hurriedly and gently coaxed him along his back, not knowing if she had moved too much or if Wen Yan had just seen Wenren Zhen's hideous face.

"Big Miss, what's wrong with little young master?"

Aunt liu caught up and saw Wen Yan crying in Gu Nuan's arms. She quickly asked with concern.

"Maybe - I just ran too fast."

Gu Nuan guessed.

"I heard that young master didn't wear a mask before. It was our car that entered the Hospital. Then Wu sent young master a text message. Young master was in a hurry to wear a mask, so it was not stable on his face. Wen Yan little young master grabbed it off with his small hand." Auntie liu explained.

"Oh, no wonder."

Gu Nuan always said that Wenren Zhen was at home, and Wen Yan played with him. Father and son fought, and Wen Yan scratched his face, and the mask on his face never fell off.

"Is Wen Yan okay?"

Wenren Ziyou rushed up and asked with concern.