Chapter 773 Who Should Apologize?

Chapter 773 who should apologize?

"Oh, it's okay, it's okay,"

Gu Nuan hurriedly coaxed the crying child who was still lying on his shoulder and said to Wenren Ziyou with a smile:

"I should have run too fast with him just now, scaring him, so he's a little nervous now."

"I think you scared him too much,"

Wenren Ziyou smiled and said,

"Wen Yan's strength is too weak. He took off the mask on Zhenge's face, but the mask only slipped off a little. It didn't fall off completely. His left face hasn't been exposed yet. Zhenge's face shouldn't have scared Wen Yan."

"..." Gu Nuanmo.

Well, it was true that she was too nervous just now for fear of scaring her son. In the end, she was too nervous and scared Wen Yan instead.

Fortunately, aunt liu brought the bottle over. Wen Yan stopped crying when she saw the bottle. She threw herself at aunt liu and held the bottle in both hands. She snuggled into aunt liu's arms and finally stopped crying, but her eyes were clearly filled with fear.

Gu Nuan looked at Wen Yan guiltily. Seeing the child like this, her heart ached.

She was too nervous just now, but she forgot that when Wen Yan was rescued by Wenren Zhen and the others two months ago, he was also carried and ran, and that time left a shadow in Wen Yan's heart.

In the last month or so, Wen Yan had taken his children to Early education centre three or four times a week, and his face was smiling, gradually returning to normal.

But tonight, when she was running with Wen Yan in her arms, it was obvious that she had frightened Wen Yan again. By this time, Wen Yan's face was completely devoid of laughter and even faintly frightened.

Just then, Cai Xirong and Zuo Yiran also came over and saw that Wen Yan was not crying. They almost breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

"Gu Nuan, Wen Yan, are you okay?"

Cai Xirong looked at Wen Yan in aunt liu's arms and wanted to reach out to hug him, but wen yan tightly shrank into aunt liu's arms and refused to let Cai Xirong hug him.

Gu Nuan knew that the shadow of fear in Wen Yan's heart was coming out again. Thinking about it, Wen Yan would have to rely on her and aunt liu for the next period of time and would not accept others easily.

"Since Miss Cheng has already seen Wen Yan, I'll take Wen Yan back."

Gu Nuan looked at Cai Xirong and Zuo Yiran and said.

As soon as Gu Nuan's words fell, Wenren Zhen came over, and the mask on his face had been rearranged.

"Wen Yan, come on, daddy." Wenren Zhen reached out to Wen Yan.

Wen Yan glanced at him, then turned his face to one side, and his tiny body lay in aunt liu's arms, as if afraid that aunt liu would pass him to Wenren Zhen.

"I'm sorry,"

Wenren Zhen looked at Gu Nuan apologetically.

"If I had known, you shouldn't have brought wenyan here. You were right..."

"What are you sorry about? She ran away with Wen Yan like a psychopath and scared the baby."

Before Wenren Zhen could finish his sentence, Zhu Meixiang, who had just walked over, answered angrily.

"Look at how rough she looked just now. How could she look like a mother? Wen Yan wants to give a woman like her..."

"Who are you?"

Before Zhu Meixiang could finish, Wenren Zhen took Zhu Meixiang's words with a cold face.


Zhu Meixiang obviously didn't react at once, and then quickly said,

"Zhenge, this is Mei Xiang? You won't lose your memory again and not know me, will you?"

"Why should I know you?"

Wenren Zhen raised his eyebrows.

"Are you important?"


Only then did Zhu Meixiang come to his senses and said angrily,

"Zhenge, I was just telling the truth. As you can see, Gu Nuan is like a psychopath..."

"Did you call Gu Nuan?"

Wenren Zhen's voice was colder than his face:

"I'm her husband. Don't I know what she looks like? Do you have to tell me? What are you?"

" This time, Zhu Meixiang was completely speechless.

"Come on, let's go back."

Wenren Zhen reached out, took Gu Nuan's hand, and turned to walk towards the elevator.

It was just two steps, but Zhu Jianshe stopped him, and Zhu Jianshe's face was cold and dark.

"Wenren Zhen, apologize to Mei Xiang!"

Zhu Jianshe's voice sounded cold.


Wenren Zhen looked at Zhu Jianshe.

"I really forgot if you didn't mention it. Zhu meixiang insulted my wife as soon as she came up. She should apologize to my wife instead of me. She should apologize to my wife."

"All right, yun' er is going to have an operation, but you guys are arguing over a small matter here. What do you look like?"

Aunt Wenren Yunshuang came up and scolded her with a dark face.

As a result, everyone quieted down and looked at the door of the ward. Cheng Yuner had already been pushed to the operating room by the nurses and nurses.

"Then aunt liu and I will take Wen Yan back."

Gu Nuan said to the dark-faced Wenren Zhen.

"I'll go back with you."

Wenren Zhen turned around and said.

"No, you stay here."

Gu Nuan quickly dissuaded him and said in a low voice:

"Don't clash with them. You need them now."

Wenren Zhen was slightly stunned and looked at Gu Nuan. Gu nuan took a deep breath and said,

"I'll take Wen Yan home first."

Wenren Zhen hesitated and was about to speak when Cai Xirong came over.

"Gu Nuan, you take Wen Yan back first. Ah Zhen and I will come back after yun er's operation is over."

Cai Xirong whispered to her.

"Okay, I got it."

Gu nuan nodded, then nodded at Zuo Yiran and wenrenzi. Then she and aunt liu took Wen Yan into the elevator where Wenren Ziyou helped them press the button.

Walking into the elevator door, Gu Nuan turned around and looked at the forbearance and fatigue on Cai Xirong's face. He only felt his nose ache and tears almost rolled down his face.

Cai Xirong hated Cheng Yuner the most, but now for the Shenghong group, she was able to tolerate it. Cheng Yuner's surgery, she actually came here to guard.

She did not know who Cheng Yuner's father was, nor did she see the mother of process yun. She knew that Cheng Yuner was Wei Yecheng's cousin, but Cheng Yuner was so sick that Cheng Yuner's parents never appeared.

At the thought of what Jiang Ningyuan had told her, Wenren Zhen was now facing three enemies, and sheng hong was likely to change his mind. Inexplicably, she also became sad.

In fact, apart from Wenren Zhen and Cheng Yuner and her personal matters, Wenren Zhen's ability and his daily life should not have ended up being kicked out of the Shenghong group.

If her divorce with Wenren Zhen could really save the Shenghong group -

But the point is, it's not that she doesn't divorce, it's that Wenren Zhen refuses to divorce.

At the thought of this, her head ached again.