Chapter 774 What Was She Going to Do?

Chapter 774 what would she do?

At the thought of this, her head ached again.

Then Ning Xiner asked her to buy a buffet and said that he had figured out a way. Wenren Zhen would divorce her soon.

But until now, Wenren Zhen had no intention of getting a divorce. She didn't know what Ning Xiner was thinking.

Should she look for Ning Xiner again and ask her to think of something?

Trying to get Wenren Zhen to divorce her earlier?

When she returned to Wenren Zhen's rented villa in Lu hu villa, it was already past ten in the evening, and Wen Yan fell asleep after drinking milk on the way back.

Gu nuan and aunt liu simply washed Wen Yan, put him on the bed, and looked at the child's finally calm face, Gu Nuan felt a wave of guilt.

She was really too nervous to scare the child, but her own actions scared the child.

Wen Yan was asleep, but gu nuan couldn't sleep. After washing up, she sat in the small hall outside the bedroom, her mind full of Jiang Ningyuan's words to her.

Wenren Zhen paid off Gu Qishan's debts for the Hengyuan, some of them even loan sharks. This was not a small amount.

Wenren Zhen is also a major shareholder of Hengyuan, holding more than 40 % of the shares of the Hengyuan, and he even has the right to sell the company.

Despite her personal grudges with Wenren Zhen, there was no doubt that Wenren Zhen was a big benefactor to the Hengyuan and the Hengyuan.

Now that Wenren Zhen was in trouble, it seemed reasonable that she could not stand by.

But how could she help Wenren Zhen?

Where would he find a rich man to buy shares in the Sheng Hong and get that person's shares to support Wenren Zhen?

Moreover, Jiang Ningyuan also said that the stock of Shenghong group is now very high, ordinary people, at this time, do not dare to buy the shares of the Sheng Hong.

Thinking about this, she couldn't sleep with a headache. For the first time, she realized that what seemed to be Wenren Zhen had nothing to do with her.

Not to mention that she and Wenren Zhen were still married, even if they were already divorced, knowing his current situation, thinking about his support for the Hengyuan, and unconditionally taking on all kinds of debt when grandma died, she couldn't just sit back and watch.

But what kind of methods are we going to think of? Could it be that she went to Zhu Boss again?

She shook her head at the thought of Zhu Boss, who was unreliable and unreliable.

Last year, she provided information to Zhu Boss on the condition that she and Wenren Zhen divorced, so that Zhu Jianshe could stand on Wenren Zhen's side and keep Wenren Zhen.

At that time, Zhu Boss was indeed on Wenren Zhen's side, but in the end, it was Wenren Zhen who woke up and completely suppressed wen renliang.

What made her most angry was that Zhu Boss promised to help her with the divorce certificate, but Zhu Boss gave her a fake divorce certificate, which showed that the lawyer general zhu had found couldn't help her with the real divorce.

Or, to be precise, the lawyer Zhu Jianshe was looking for actually didn't dare to offend Wenren Zhen.

Zhu Boss couldn't find it. He asked Cheng Yuner to lie to her with a fake divorce certificate last year. If she went to him again, Zhu Boss would definitely find a way to lie to her.

If she didn't look for Zhu Boss, who would she look for?

Who else has more shares in Shenghong group?

When Gu Nuanzheng had a headache, he heard the sound of the yard door downstairs, and then the sound of the garage door being opened.

It's so late. Hasn't Huo Weiwu returned yet?

Gu Nuan felt strange and hurried downstairs. As soon as he reached the door, he saw Huo Weiwu driving her red flag car out of the garage.

"Wu, it's so late. It's almost midnight. Where are you going?"

Gu Nuan walked to the car and gently tapped the driver's window.

"Young master just called and said that an employee of Shenghong group named wang liming has b blood. He asked me to pick him up in Tong shun hospital now."

Huo Weiwu said truthfully.

"Why did you take that man to Tong shun hospital?"

Gu Nuan had an ominous feeling about gu.

Sure enough, Huo Weiwu said,

"Miss Cheng had a massive hemorrhage during the operation. She's type b, and it looks like she's got some panda blood. There's no blood in the blood bank anyway. We're waiting for the blood to be saved."

"Type b, panda blood?"

Gu Nuan asked Huo Weiwu uncertainly.

"Yes, I heard so."

Huo Weiwu looked at gu nuan's changed face and couldn't help but ask:

"What's wrong, young madam?"


Gu Nuan regained his senses and quickly walked around the front of the car and opened the door.

"I'll go to the Hospital with you."

"Young madam, I'm going to pick up wang liming."

Huo Weiwu said quickly,

"Time is tight now..."

"Time is tight. Why don't you drive now?"

Gu Nuan did not wait for Huo Weiwu to finish her sentence, but immediately took her words and urged her to drive.


Huo Weiwu realized that he couldn't talk to Gu Nuan anymore and quickly drove out of the car.

Lu hu villa was not far from Sheng Hong group, and this wang liming was a security guard. He probably contacted huo weiwu before she went, so he waited at the door early.

Huo Weiwu picked up wang liming and drove quickly to Tong shun hospital. There was no traffic on the road. Half an hour later, they reached Tong shun hospital.

After getting out of the car, Gu Nuan realized that there were already many people at the entrance of the operating room, and many of them did not know each other. They must have heard that Cheng Yuner needed blood for emergency treatment, and then rushed over.

"Ziyou, have you found a suitable blood source?"

Gu Nuan saw Wenren Ziyou standing there and hurried over to ask.

"No... Ah, sister-in-law, why are you here again?"

Wenren Ziyou looked at her with wide eyes.

Before Gu Nuan could answer, Wenren Zhen had already walked towards her and looked at her with a frown.

"You're not at home with Wen Yan. Why are you here for nothing?"

"I heard that she was bleeding heavily during the operation?"

Gu Nuan looked at the door of the operating room, then looked at Wenren Ziyou and asked.

"Well, her blood is panda blood,"

Wenren Ziyou nodded and said,

"Blood type b, rh negative, this type of blood is relatively rare, so there are sometimes vacancies in the blood bank."

Gu Nuan nodded and was about to speak, but Wenren Zhen next to him spoke first.

"Fortunately, wang liming just came over. He has type b blood. I hope his blood is suitable."

When Gu Nuan heard that, she stopped talking. She also hoped that wang liming's blood would be suitable, so that Cheng Yuner could have his blood transfused earlier.

However, half an hour later, wang liming's blood test ended, and the comparison between his blood and Cheng Yuner's was unsuccessful, which was also the fifth blood donor to come tonight to end with a failed blood test.

"What should we do?"

The doctor in charge of searching for blood looked anxiously at Wenren Yunshuang and Zhu Jianshe.

"There's no b-type blood in the City g Hospital blood bank, and there's a Hospital in Jianghai, but it won't be delivered until tomorrow morning at the earliest."