Chapter 775 Hoping to Lose More

Chapter 775 hopes to lose more

"Tomorrow morning?"

Zhu Jianshe looked at the doctor and asked,

Yun' er, can she hold on till tomorrow morning?"

The doctor looked at Wenren Yunshuang and Zhu Jianshe and shook his head.

"She's in a critical condition. Even if she has blood, she might not be able to survive, let alone not have blood."

"Doctor, you must find a way to cure this child."

Wenren Yunshuang grabbed the doctor's hand and said,

"This child has had a hard life since she was a child. She's almost dead. This time, no matter what, we must find a way to save her."

"It's not that we don't know what to do,"

The doctor looked at Wenren Yunshuang and Zhu Jianshe helplessly.

"We've done our best. The surgery was a complete success, but there's no blood here. We can't go back to heaven, can we?"

"What do you mean there is no way back to heaven? Huh?"

Zhu Jianshe immediately roared at the doctor.

"You just said there's a Hospital in Jianghai that has b blood, right?"

"Yes, yes, yes," the doctor was startled by Zhu Jianshe and took three steps back before nodding in response.

"Wenren Zhen, don't you have a plane at home?"

Zhu Jianshe rushed right in front of them and shouted angrily,

"Get someone to fly to Shanghai to get blood."

"Even if we fly to Jianghai, it will take more than five hours for this plane to go back and forth. It will take the other side to send the blood to the airport in advance, and this side to the airport, and then to the Hospital. It will take more than six hours."

Wenren Zhen looked at Zhu Jianshe and frowned.

"More than six hours?"

Zhu Jianshe was a little stunned, then looked at the doctor:

"Six hours. Can she last six hours?"

"Well... I'm not sure."

The doctor shook his head and said,

"I can only say that the faster we find the blood, the better. If we really can't find it..."

"Then inform the driver who will help you fly the plane to Jianghai, and then inform Jianghai to send the blood to the airport immediately..."

Zhu Jianshe ordered in a hurry.

"Wait a minute."

Gu Nuan immediately shouted.

"What? You want to stop it?"

Zhu Jianshe glared at Gu Nuan immediately.

"What right do you have to stop me? Wenren Zhen's life was given by yun' er. If it weren't for yun' er, Wenren Zhen wouldn't have known where to die. Would he have lived long enough to marry you?"

Cai Xirong didn't want to hear this, so he couldn't help but say:

"Zhu Boss, don't bring this out every time, okay? Besides, the last time there was a fire in Zhenyuan, if it weren't for Ah Zhen, yun' er wouldn't be in the operating room now, but somewhere else, right?"

As soon as Cai Xirong spoke, Zhu Jianshe's face darkened and he couldn't help but say:

"Lady Cai, what are you saying? The last time there was a fire in Zhenyuan, yun' er's face was burned to the point of disfigurement, and now she has skin cancer. I didn't settle the score with you, but you..."

"That's enough."

Wenren Zhen couldn't help but roar:

"Isn't it just to get the blood? I'll just tell the driver to get on the plane, and you can let them..."

"Wait a minute."

Gu Nuan snatched Wenren Zhen's words.

"Wait a minute, Gu Nuan. What do you mean? Are you deliberately trying to delay?"

Zhu Meixiang shouted indignantly from the side:

"I've never seen anyone colder and heartless than you."


Wenren Yunshuang also picked up the conversation.

"It's obvious that yun' er needs to wait for the blood, but she just keeps shouting and waiting, obviously trying to delay time..."

Gu nuan had no time or mood to pay attention to the Wenren Yunshuang family. Instead, she looked at the nurse and said,

"I have type b blood, which is also known as panda blood. I also donated blood when I was in college. Please take me to have a blood test."

The nurse glanced at her, then at the Zhu family man, and then nodded.

"Yes, madam wen, please follow me."

"Gu Nuan,"

Wenren Zhen was the first to react. When she turned around, she couldn't help but call out to Gu Nuan, who was leaving with the nurse.

"Gu Nuan -"

"It's all right. I'm going to take a blood test. I hope it's appropriate for her to receive a blood transfusion."

Gu Nuan turned around, said this to Wenren Zhen, and left with the nurse.

It was not until Gu Nuan left with the nurse that Wenren Yunshuang and zhu meixiang came to their senses, then looked at each other in disbelief.

"Xi rong, what did gu nuan say just now?"

Wenren Yunshuang took two steps over, looked at Cai Xirong and asked with some doubt.

"Gu Nuan said that she is also type b, which is the so-called panda blood. She has donated blood before. Now she has gone to the nurse for a blood test to see if it is suitable for yun' er's blood transfusion." Cai Xirong said faintly.

"Oh, oh..."

It took Wenren Yunshuang a long time to react, and then he quickly said,

"I see. I just - I didn't understand the situation. It seems that... I was wrong about her."

Zhu Meixiang heard that yun shuang had just wronged Gu Nuan, so it was not easy to say anything now. He just stood aside and looked at the closed door of the operating room.

Zhu Jianshe naturally said nothing more.

Gu Nuan is type b panda blood, which is much faster than flying to Jianghai to get it.

"I'll go to the blood test."

Wenren Zhen dropped the sentence and turned to the other side of the aisle.

"I'll go with you,"

Wenren Ziyou followed quickly. She didn't like being with Zhu Meixiang's cousin.

Cai Xirong saw that ren zhen and Wenren Ziyou had left, and then he looked at Wenren Yunshuang and Zhu Jianshe and said:

"Yun' er is sick. We are all anxious. When we encounter blood problems, we are also searching for blood in the whole city. Sometimes, we are anxious not because we have to keep shouting about my anxiety, but because we have to act..."

"Just now, Mei Xiang was a little anxious,"

Wenren Yunshuang said quickly, then glared at Zhu Meixiang.

"In the future, don't always raise your voice when things happen. You have to find a way to solve them."

"All right, stop arguing,"

Zhu Jianshe looked at Wenren Yunshuang and zhu meixiang and said,

"Now that Gu Nuan has gone for a blood test, I hope her blood is suitable for yun' er. If it's suitable, I hope she can give more."

Cai Xirong's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. How much did he lose? How can this work?

Although gu nuan's body had grown better, she was no longer as windy as she was last year.

But after all, Gu Nuan is still very thin. How can her body withstand more blood?

So she quickly said,

"If we draw more blood and draw less, we still have to follow the doctor's instructions. Sometimes, if we give too much blood at one time, the patient may not be able to bear it."